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Grant of the HoBB

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Welcome to Grant on Sunzu.

Whilst I sit back and watch the Sunzu rise you can say hello via my website for a news catch up  or copy/paste :

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Doug Smart

"Grant - excellent to make your acquaintance, albeit virally. I see from the comments of others you exude creativity. I look forward to knowing you for many years."

Lisa Bakker

"Dear Grant, I've known you now for eight online years...which I guess equals a quart of a century in real life... You were one of the first back then to welcome me into the online networked world, still in it's infancy... Now that Ecademy has morphed into Sunzu let me be the first to re welcome you into this new endeavour...with many more graphic possibilities for you to show your tremendous and authentic styles and share them with old and new audiences... And oh well...before I forget the most important reason for writing this...thank you for being such an inspirational and encouraging online longstanding friend Lutsaluv Lisa"

Lynda Cookson

"I met an elf dancing and prancing in a looooong, colourful, knitted hat at The Hobb recently .... and it was Grant! The welcome we (myself and about 9 other artists) received from him and his wife, Helen, was as if we had all met many moons ago and were old friends reunited. Generous, comfortable, friendly, oh-so-organised, with a home created from magic, is what I found on meeting this energetic and effervescent man. His carvings and creations from natural found materials are simply incredible and the enthusiasm he has for The Hobb and his work is totally rejuvenating. I suspect I'll be drawn back to The Hobb and Grant's company again and again! Thank you Grant."

Dr. Yael Stein

"Grant was my first contact at Ecademy - a happy, energetic guy, great to converse with. When I come to Wales, I will certainly stay at the HoBB... yael"

Melissa Galt

"Grant rocks and thats from a fellow design professional. Outrageously talented and a network maverick to boot. Cheers!"

Levent Gone

"Picasso of networking!"

Maki Kosaka

"He is a very special person for me now. It is difficult to explain about him. I love his GSOH a lot and his awareness is wonderful. "Enjoyment" yes, enjoy at this moment makes my life much richer. I really recommend him to have a connection NOW!! You will see what I mean!!! "

Andreja Lajh

"What to say about The Grand Grant? Look at his signature and probably you will understand a bit about his personality which is unique, strong, fascinating, carismatic, creative, crazy (in the best possible sense), sparkling, brillant, warm and so on (till eternity) :-) Grant is just one - so get to know him!"

Neil Urquhart

"My second testimonial for Grant...the man is a veritable font of ideas, warmth and hospitality and you should make a stop over at the HoBB a mandatory part of your visit to Wales, no the UK, no Europe. My friend and I spent a wonderful evening there in the company of Grant, his wife Helen and his 'familiar' Tuppence and it was one of the highlights of my year. If you're looking for a designer who can supply inspiring copy, graphics and ideas aplenty then call Grant!"

Jessica Goyder

"Definitely the best thing to come out of Ecademy for me so far. Grant DELIVERS. To quote the man himself 'I just roll up my sleeves and do it', and he's done just that. He is at the end of that phone line he's holding out in his image and can give you just that little extra push you need when your standing at the top of a black run, looking down. He's an enabler, is bursting with ideas, inspiration and encouragement.... I could go on but he'd probably rather I got on with the music mission of the moment. Thanks Grant, it doesn't go unappreciated! "

Lynda Cookson

"Grant has brought magic to my imagination and my mailbox! I open his messages with enjoyable anticipation. Lynda"

Diane Stafford

"Grant is a fast thinking (do I mention fast talking here Grant ;) ) inspirational, dynamic and exceptional creative. He enjoys people, communication and sharing ideas for overall benefit, a fabulous guy with an equally wonderful and intelligent partner in Helen - both adorable and charming people you should connect with."

Russ King

"Grant is one of the few people on Ecademy who will not just help you out once, he will keep thinking of you even when you haven't stopped by to say hello for ages. Thanks Grant - it's much appreciated!"

Michael McNulty

"Spending time with this wonderful man is a highlight of the year for me. Such wisdom - without tears - gentle, optimistic, funny, insightful, lateral, real. If you get a chance to visit him and his gang JUST DO IT! His artwork is inspirational and if you are looking for copy and graphics that make you stand out from the mundane world we choose to live in - pick up the phone and call Grant NOW!!!!"

Lesley Morrissey

"After three days with Grant (and Helen) my mind was exploding! What a fascinating man with ideas bursting forth, information flowing freely and so many talents I wouldn't know where to start describing them. Grant and Helen's generosity in welcoming me to their inspiring home made me feel right at home - I'll be back! If you have the opportunity to meet Grant (and Helen, Penny, Tuppence and Book Bod) I guarantee your life will change!"

Neil Urquhart

"Absolutely lovely man who goes out of his way to help. Vive le Grant! Vive la Hobb! Slainte Mhath! (A long life and good health in which to live it!) Neil"

Lucy Windsor

"Grant is one of those people who sweeps you instantly away into a world where everything is possible. When I first came across Grant, I felt an instant urge to connect with him - to really get what he's about, you should put some time aside to sit down with a cup of coffee and read his website. What he and Helen have created at The Hobb is nothing short of inspirational. Grant, you have supported and inspired me, and enabled me to channel my creativity through your skill. You are one of those special people who's advice I will always value and who I am so lucky to know. If you want to get more out of networking, get connected with Grant. "

Rory Woolridge

"A weekend with Grant and the team will be what I will need in 2006 Have fun Rory Woolridge"

Terry Toms

"I hope to get to know Grant better as he clearly has exceptional creative talent as well as a thoughtful and helpful approach. Also, I really appreciate the fact that he has gone to the soft selling school so is not rushing to push the expensive solution at you. He deserves to prosper on ecademy and I suspect he does. Well worth connecting to Grant. Terry"

Jeff Reader

"Very helpful and informative networker. Pleasure to have him as a connection."

Freddy Daems

"Grant is always prepared and ready to give a genuine vision of your business projects. Thanks Grant"

John Cave

"Artistic? Creative? Chaotic? Entusiastic? Energetic? - All good words to describe Grant, but I think a new word needs to be invented..... His messages are intelligent and witty (or at least I think so...) and I can't wait to visit the public house.... mines' a guinness."

David Corking

"Grant is helping my new social networking club, the Ecademy Space Exploration Club , by ideas and recruiting new members. Thanks Grant!"

Maurizio Morabito

"Grant does read one's profile thoroughly"

Leland Simpson

"Grant is free with his information and suggestions. He is a wealth of knowledge. I see a kind person who cares about his community and the world."

Luthien Lark

"Very interesting, helpful and informative!!"

Michael Stephen Ruiz

"Grant has an extremely intuitive insight to determine the true essence of my holistic security model platform. Such wisdom of enlightenness cannot go unnoticed by me. I would suggest anyone to contact Grant and determine a "connection", as he is a MUST on my personal networking contacts. Regards, Michael Stephen Ruiz"

Maggie Baldry

"Thank you Grant for your words of inspiration today. It's good to connect with a fellow traveller with passion, insight and a caring heart. You're amazing. Best Wishes Maggie"

Lee Gallacher

"I do not write testimonials that often, But Grant comes across as a man who cares, not just cares, but really cares about the planet in which we inhabit. We all go along quite often without a care of where our next much needed glass of water will come from, just expecting to turn a tap and whomph there it is. I take my hat off to a man who cares. Lee Gallacher - Challenge Sailing Team"

Veronica Lim

"Grant is a breath of fresh air, and has brightened my membership here at ecademy. Thank you Grant! Veronica"

Yvette Bekker

"Thank you Grant for signing my guest book. I will be keeping an eye on your Virtual site with keen interest in your progress. Yvette"

Jasmine Yeo

"Hi Grant, We have trees and grass in Singapore (but definitely a lot lesser) and no sheeps because there's no space for them to run! My complaints are endless but deep down inside I still love my country for what it is and I'm sure you feel the same way about yours as well. :) Warm greetings from Singapore to you and all the children in World of Water. It would be a great pleasure to write a short note about the sea life in Singapore. I would send them over to the email address you supplied when I've finished. I would be interested to learn more about World of Water. Is there a website that I can find out more information from? Cheers, Jasmine"


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