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I am a Wordsmith. I work with words as a Speaker, Author and Trainer/Coach in Executive Communication Skills. In additon, I write CVs or resumes for ambitious people on the move.



A co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association, I am the Inaugural UK Business Speaker of the Year and have won several other public speaking titles including UK Champion 7 times, Anglo Irish Champion 3 times and World Silver Medallist.

My current Keynotes are:

- Boring Doesn't Sell   - Selling Across Cultures   -  The Voice of Leadership

This is the feedback I received after a Keynote in Amsterdam called "Selling Across Cultures":Your insight into selling across diverse cultures was excellent. Those that did attend were full of praise for your presentation. I, alongside my other colleagues at ISSA would have no problem in recommending you as a keynote. -- ISSA Exhibitions Director EMEA

Here's a sample video clip, a speech I made at The Speechwriters Guild.

Here's another sample video clip.


Research reveals that over 80% of business presentations fail. My commitment to my clients is to improve their personal effectiveness and success. My expertise is in verbal and cross-cultural communication, as well as effective salesmanship. Let me help you to discover the story you should be telling, and to put that across more effectively than ever before.

If one of your greatest fears is public speaking, I'll help you to overcome that fear so that you can deliver the presentation you want to give, and one which others will want to hear. If we have a meeting of minds, I will guarantee to transform your speaking skills.


As a professional copywriter, I have written for leading advertising agencies as well as Reader's Digest, London, where I was Senior Copywriter for eight years. I am also the author of 8 business books, the latest one being The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations. Find it on Amazon.

One of my special skills is writing CVs and letters of application for senior people on the move. CVs that will greatly improve the chances of getting an interview. Let's meet for copy. Or for coffee.

Specialities > Copywriting > Public Speaking > Persuasive Presentations > Speech Writing > Cross Cultural Communication > CV Writing


My business background is in speciality selling, advertising and direct marketing. I was Senior Copywriter at Reader's Digest for eight years, and have probably won more public speaking titles than anyone in Europe. In August 2010, the BBC invited the public to submit mini speeches to the nation, to mark the 70th anniversary of Churchill's wartime rallying speech. They chose mine and placed it on the Home page of the BBC News website.

A national newspaper employed me to double classified ad revenue in a single year. Using daring tactics they had never seen before I tripled the revenue in just 10 months. I then joined a magazine publisher as advertisement manager and was Managing Director within a year.

As one of a handful of speakers who founded the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) in 1999, I was its Marketing Director for the first four years, establishing the fledgling organisation and building up its membership to a very healthy level.

These are my eight published books on communication skills:

  • The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations
  • Stand and deliver: leave them stirred not shaken •
  • Getting your point across •
  • 2-4-6-8 How do you communicate? •
  • Blank Page to first draft in 15 minutes •
  • Be the best Best Man and make a stunning speech •
  • Communicating across cultures (jointly with Dr Deborah Swallow) •
  • Make more sales with better presentations (jointly with Dr Deborah Swallow) 


I have run several marathons (London and New York) as a Blackheath Harrier, not realising that I had blocked arteries. It required a double bypass, almost as an emergency, after I fell asleep at the wheel on the motorway. As a teenager I ran the fastest half mile in the State of Bengal (unofficially), and was school boxing champion. Aged 18 I became All-India University Debating Champion.

I enjoy writing, and have published a slim volume of poems, Rhyme & Reason, some serious, some doggerel, some limericks, to go with my eight business books (see above). Born in Hong Kong and raised in India, I have worked in some 20 countries. I still speak some kitchen Hindi, and a smattering of French.

My Wealth Profile indicates that I am a CREATOR.



It was an honor to hear you speak. In my entire life I have not heard a better orator.

This is the best speaker I have ever heard

One of the most valuable courses I have been on.

Truly inspirational. Very interactive.

Phillip is an excellent comunicator who gives you the tools to best put together a presentation.



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Georgina Lester

"I have known Philip for a number of years now and always been charmed by his personable nature. He is clearly an expert in his field of helping people with their public speaking and presentation skills being a talented public speaker and writer himself. I am delighted that he has stepped up to contribute his valuable time and efforts to the community by setting up and running the ROSEE events. I have no doubt in my mind that his persistence will ensure that these will continue to benefit the Ecademy community as a whole for some time to come. I do hope that people appreciate this and support him wherever and whenever they can. I have always appreciated how Philip has valued my contributions to the community so can understand why he would want to 'give back' by hosting invaluable offline networking events for members. Thank you Philip."

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Phillip Khan Panni will make you money. He teaches you to create compelling communication that your leads prospects to buy from you now. Why? Because he will help you enter the conversations they are already having about what matters to them. He will lower your barrier to entry and help you pre-sell your prospects before you lift a finger or give away any of your know--how in the form of free consulting. You'll find the reasons your buyers have to invest in what you offer. He will help you attract, engage, make them comfortable with you and set you on the road to seducing willing prospects to becoming your willing clients and willing advocates so you encourage them to help you attract more clients just like themselves. Phillip is charming, easy to like and a master of his craft. Years of experience and genuine empathy for his clients, their real-world pressures and fears plus palpable integrity make him someone any CEO, MD or owner will value on their board fo trusted advisors. Invite Phillip in to help you if your business is doing well but you know that with some added visibility and momentum, with the right messages, delivered consistently at the right time to the right people, you can create the potential you want to take the profits in your business to the next level. You know you need Phillip's help if you're good at what you do but you aren't getting a fair bite of the cherry; if you hear about deals you could have and should have won .... But you didn't even know that business was on offer; if you keep coming a close second to less well qualified competitors; if you find yourself buying business through discounting instead of getting your full fees and working on your terms. Contact phillip on phillipATpkpcommunicatorsDOTcom or on 0845 165 9240. Do it now. Or wonder why your competition ares wining business from under your nose and threatening to steal away your best clients."

Graham Wilson

"There's a real skill in the ability to tell a story that people can relate to and learn from. If that skill is built on a platform of solid achievement and broad experience so much the better. If the individual is then sufficiently comfortable with themselves that they can hold back from trying to prove it, and instead relate to others as an equal, then they have that rare commodity - gravitas. Philip takes this one step further, by drawing out of people exactly what it is that makes THEM uniquely different and then enabling them to glow gently in their own light."

Mark Lee

"Phillip is a gent. He is beautifully spoken and gives a mean speech. Today he has done me a great service. He was aware I had sought some advice on the BlackStar group forum. He offered to provide me with his views privately - if I wanted them. I've long accepted the idea that 'feedback is the breakfast of champions' but was unsure what to expect. Maybe a few lines of critique? In fact Phillip sent me a full page of notes which showed he had spent more time on preparing his feedback than I could ever have expected. His advice and examples were very clear and much appreciated. He had drawn on his experience as a copywriter and his knowledge and expertise here shone through. I'm very grateful Phillip. Many thanks again"

Richard Flewitt

"I met Phillip yesterday and within a matter of minutes he had used his insight to help me find a more appropriate 3 word tag line for my business. It was his way of demonstrating how brilliant he is at understanding a situation, asking the right questions, then coming up with an effective solution. Phillip is a gentle and generous man with skills that most of us need at some point."

Ismael Kaaya

"Hi! Colleague It is an honor to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another. Best Regards, Ishmael Samuel. "

Lee Parent

"Hi, Phillip Cool video on your profile. I appreciate you reaching out to me here on Ecademy. I should enjoy getting to knowing you and learning from you. It would be nice to do something together to bring about positive change for people. Kind regards and best wishes, Lee"

Dominic Verbruggen

"Phillip, I sincerely think you are a valuable asset to any network! That's why I would like to invite you to join me on my website . That is, if you haven't already of course ;-). On the occasion of Labour Day 2009 I created the Pan European Recruitment Network. Why not take a look at"

Henry Christensen

" Hello Phillip Khan-Panni Thanks for joining my network here at ecademy! Hope to exchange some good business information with you. Kindest Regards, Henry Denmark/Philippines F5M-Millionaires Club "

Bunny Parkinson

"Hello Phillip~ I am truly pleased and honored to connect with you here on Ecademy~ Thank you~ HAVE A TERRIFIC TUESDAY NITE~ Bunny~"


"very important personnality like this man not more thanks sir to be my contact, it is honnor for me! Amoa Bourahima Ouattara mise en relation d'affaires internationales +22501188011 skype: kalia74"

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Click here >>> to watch my Video Testimonial about Phillip All the best and thank you for you help Antonio Magico "

Paul Harmer - Branding

"HI Phillip It is great to be a part of your professional world. I am looking forward to contact with you in the future. Don't hesitate to contact me should you have any question regarding branding. I am happy to answer questions or give my opinion on any branding or marketing idea or design to ecademy members gratis. Kind Regards Paul The Brandsurgeon"

Geary Jaco

"Thank you for the prompt acceptance. It speaks to being a good Ecademist. I'm pleased to be part of your network. Geary"

George Joseph

"Dear Philip, Thank you so much for accepting me as a network partner. I am happy to have found YOU, as a person not only interested in your life and profession but also interested in the life struggles of others. I am confident that you will one day visit us. In the meantime, please visit our website for a better understanding of my life and work: With much good wishes and looking forward to networking with you in the days to come. George "

Lucky Sadkong

"Sawasdee Ka Thank you for connecting with me here on the Ecademy network. My boss Julian Stanley is a marketing guy and he knows the power of networking. He has told me to concentrate on recommendations; they are the best form of advertising. He tells me nearly every day that if every person you know has 10 friends that they recommend you to and those 10 friends then recommend you to their 10 friends. That would mean that for every friend that trusts your recommendations, 1,000 people would know about you, Think of the possibilities. We currently market several projects here in Thailand. 1; A condo project with low capital cost, high ROI. 2; High quality serviced retirement homes. 3; High Tech Vehicle tracking systems.4; Exclusive high end sea view apartments. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Best regards Lucky lucky@condospattaya .com "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Phillip as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Jaimie Keane

"Phillip: It is an honor to have you as a connection. Jaimie"

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at"

Zahir shamsery

"He is a trainer, teacher. He is a potential gentleman, a genius. My pleasure to be connected with you. Hope to walk long way with you. "

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Honest welcome to my fast growing group! With you I'm also stronger! I'm very happy to see you in my network! I wish you good health! Andrea"

Saravjit Singh

"Phillip is a very dynamic and helpful networker. I greatly appreciate the fact that he lent me a helping hand within a short time of our becoming friends."

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"A brief Chat with Phillip resulted in a formula for remembering my mobile phone number, strange but true perhaps. I only read his response once but instantly can recall it. He is a great speaker, knows his stuff and is an all round good chap Thanks Philip Sharif George"

Jeremy Nicholas

"I had the pleasure of introducing Phillip onto the stage at the Ecademy London event. I enjoyed his speech so much, I asked him to sign my copy of his book, even though it was a library book. Don't tell anyone at Richmond library in case I get fined, but I think PKP's signature will have added value. "

Mark Orr

"I had the pleasure of reading Philip's Book whilst on Holiday and was really impressed with the clear message he put across. I would recommend it to anybody. Thanks Philip."


"Phillip is not only a great speaker he is a great listener!"

Penny Power

"Phillip gave an excellent talk to Ecademy Members at our May Event, he was clear, inspiring and very engaging in his talk. Leaving the audience with many ideas for the future and knowledge of the importance of how you communicate and the effect it can and does have. Thank you Phillip, you are a fine man."

Claude Bonte

"Philip is a world class public speaker. A true expert in his field. He's generous with his wisdom and takes no prisoners, he's a very straight talking person without the waffle. He's contributed enormously to the professional speaking community and it's a pleasure to know him. "

Mike Ogilvie

"I have known Phillip for many years He was an important part of helping set up the Professional Speakers Association and is highly respected throughout the world for his intellect and humour, as well as his ability to deliver great oratory "

Andy Ferguson

"Thanks very much for your time. Great advise freely given, what more could one ask for. Excellent. andy"

Amanda Hamilton

"Phillip is a deliverer. He doesn't do waffling or pay lip service. If he can help you, he helps you with no fuss, no bother, just absolute straightforward generosity of spirit and desire to help improve your life, and those around you. I highly recommend you connect with such a great "do-er". Thanks Phillip xx Amanda"

Victor Marques

"I met a a fantastic and patient networker that folow the law giving without thinking of receiving anything in return! Thank you so much for understand my passion for people and my wines! You are in my heart forever! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Rod Sloane

"For anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills then I would encourage you to spend time with Phillip Khan-Panni. I used to think I was good, then I saw PKP speak. I have attended his excellent training and have his content-packed books too. Phillip, thanks for inspiring me to improve. "

Gulfraz Muwas

"It is worth becoming a Blackstar just to meet people like Phillip and his partner. They are a lovely couple. I have met them twice and on both occasions I could have talked to them for days. I really enjoyed their company Phillip is the best example of a peoples person. Keep up the hard work"

Ian McKechnie

"I recently met Phillip and was extremely impressed. What a nice man and so generous with his knowledge about what it takes to move and influence people when you make a presentation. You can't help but learn just by being in his presence."

Francis West

"Philip is underselling himself. Please teach us all more."

Milton Rodrigues

" Apart from being a World-Class Speaker who has spoken in places as far as Vancouver, Oslo, Malawi, London and India, PHILLIP is a very astute & straight talking person. I left him a message & he called me straight back - we had a long serious discussion & I was left full of admiration for a man of articulate skills & experience in the professional Speaking business. - A man of action; a great ECADEMY Member & BlackStar !"

Thomas Power

"Up and coming in the BlackStar world Philip is a powerful watcher, observer, thinker and analyser. Like an iceberg there is more power hidden than shown. A strong connector with an eye for people and ideas. One to watch. Recommended. "

Nikhil Wad

"Phillip was very kind & helpful person I came across on Ecademy. Hats off to you Phillip. Regards, Nikhil"

Heike Hokamp-Krumme

"Phillip gave me a very warm welcome on Ecademy and helped me to find my way around. Thanks for that! all the best. Heike"

Andy Lopata

"I first saw Phillip present in Bromley in 2003. His was an excellent presentation, very memorable and with a lot of 'takeaways'. Phillip has an excellent reputation within the Professional Speakers Association and is highly respected by his peers. He is passionate about his subject area. "

Jonathan Chase

"Phillip you're a gent, Thanks for your time and advice. Smiles JonC"


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