William Buist

William Buist

Owner, Abelard Management Services limited

Chepstow/United Kingdom



What I do

I work with established entrepreneurial business owners uncovering insights that build business performance at its best. Building a profitable business is difficult and challenging, and many find the business never achieves its full potential. Successful businesses have clarity; clarity about the products and services, clarity about cash, and clarity about implementation capability. Over the last seven years we have helped entrepreneurial business owners to develop and grow successfully. You will get clarity about your business, develop the right strategies for success and implement them exceptionally well.


Businesses with clarity about the products and services they provide consistently perform better. They know how what they provide fits in to their  customers' lives and the value that they see from buying from you in particular as opposed to buying a product like yours.


Your clarity allows you to take an overview of the business, identifying where you are and where you need to be so as to provide the value and support that your customers need and expect.


Market leaders have world class implementation capability. When released from the constraints caused by lack of knowledge, skills, experience, and with clarity and strategy, then great results will follow.

How did I get here?

I was Head of Business Risk Management for Lloyds TSB where I delivered major business growth projects. I formed Abelard 8 years ago to work with entrepreneurs and organisations like the Association of British Insurance and Ecademy.

What's the issue?

A lot of businesses are held back because they don't have clarity about who their customers are, why they buy, or how to reach them effectively.

The approach

We create clarity about the business model, develops key strategies for marketing, sales, and operations, and rapidly implement change. Our proven metrics ensure the business quantifies (and can celebrate) success.

What do our clients say?

I'm known for being on the side of my clients and my mission is to leave them feel inspired, motivated and confident.
Our business has been developing specialist tools and services for technical companies using new technologies. By applying the principles of the CSI Mentoring methodology we were able to quickly identify new target markets and opportunities that we would have otherwise missed. We are opening new doors to opportunity every day and we've taken, as a result of the clarity that we have, a decision to set up a new company specifically to target this new market. Without the clarity and strategy that we now got I think we would still be toying with ideas rather than implementing and gaining real business. Chris Bose

Join us at Abelard

Register for membership of the Abelard website with the form here > (and get access to free resources and information). We will mail you about every 3 weeks and no more than twice a month with information about the Societal Web, Social Media tools, Business Models, Clarity, Strategy and Implementation approaches for your business and similar, high value, information.

Abelard : More information:

Find out how Abelard acquired its name here > In the matrix below you'll find a number of articles that you might find interesting and, I hope, useful.



Email: wmb@abelard-uk.com
Phone: +44 1291 622598
Mobile: +44 7880 794127
Twitter: @Williambuist
Facebook: Profile
Skype: wbuist
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Website URL: http://www.Abelard-uk.com
Blog URL: http://www.abelard-uk.com/blog/

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Gina Minton

"I attended his seminar on Blogging and he was very warm and welcoming. The seminar was packed and full of useful information. There seems to be no end to William's capacity for dealing with problems and fixing them."

Carolyn Williams

"It's the end of one era and the beginning of something new for William. That new is exciting and whatever it is you get an appetite for, I'm very sure you will excel and smile looking back at where you started. Meeting you offline a few times, I still get the gut feeling you hold back that inner connectedness. Your USP is a ball of fire, so may I suggest you trust your core beliefs and allow people to get closer to you. Phil seems to sum up your qualities well and that in itself a testimonial to YOU. Wishing you everything you richly deserve. Carolyn x "

Angus Whitton

"William has been here forever, or so it seems, however he has certainly not outstayed his welcome and is a mainstay of the ecademy community in accomplishing the almost impossible twin tasks of being all things to all men, and in all places at once. Considering that he runs his own successful business, the fact that he can devote so much time and effort to helping Ecademy and its many members, is testament to his ability, generosity, energy and of course unswerving loyalty. Amidst the trials of provocation and constant criticism (more often than not unjustified) William remains patient, understanding, and helpful, yet where and when he thinks necessary, stands resolute in his beliefs and commitment and will not relinquish his point of view just to pacify 'noise-makers.' Please ensure that you make contact with William and that when applicable, you seek his advice - and not just on ecademy matters."

Fred Rutgers

"I have known William for more than 5 years now! He is extremely helpful and loyal! Very honnest and experienced and above all somebody who always tries to make the difference! I'm proud to call him a friend! Fred Rutgers"

Sharon Eden

"I first met William when he invited me to visit his Boardroom in Central London... one visit and I was impressed and joined. William guided me as a newbie and is a constant source of information and both business and personal help given oh so generously. Even more than that... William is someone I respect and love as a colleague and friend."

Nic Oliver

"I've known William since I joined academy and every time I've met him I've come away with new ideas and having had a great time. In the world of social media that is full of self-publicists who talk a lot but don't walk their talk, William is the real deal. If you need help with your social media presence, or in using social media marketing to boost your business, connecting and engaging with William can only be beneficial to you. Peace, Light, Love and Peace Nic Oliver"

Carolyn Williams

"Thank you William for joining in and adding energy to Andrew Horder's OSBSD edutainment slot See you Aug 3rd at *BS Lunch C:)x"

Jo Berry

"I have known William for over a year and had a 1-1 with him soon after I joined Ecademy. I then attended his Boardroom in Wilmslow. Since I have been on Ecademy and especially in William's Boardroom, I have grown in confidence and I recognise and am thankful for William's wonderful support and the compassionate way he empowers me. He is very skilled in human relationships, is empathic and perceptive as well as having an innate knowing in people's potential. He has a depth in him and that facilitates others to safely look at the root causes in their own behaviour so they can see where they need to change. He is very generous with his time and with sharing his experience and knowledge of the business world.. He is genuinely interested in everyone and has a wicked sense of humour! He models leadership with his combination of being a visionary and his humbleness. I know I am stronger and more able to be successful with the positive input I have received and do receive from William, for that I am eternally grateful. "

catherine kaplan

"I attended my first networking event on Friday, and found William to be an excellent communicator, friendly, open and encouraging. I am looking forward to the next Ecademy event! Best wishes Catherine"

Fiona Brownsell

"Attending his seminar on Blogging was my first face to face meeting with William. He is very warm and welcoming and the seminar was packed full of useful information. If you haven't yet done so then grab the next opportunity you can. I can't recommend him highly enough!!!"

Nick Wallington

"What can I say, once again William was just amazing. His level headed objective advice hits all the right notes just when you need them. William conducts his boardrooms in a professional but light manner, making all feel welcome and gets to the guts of the issues quickly. Anyone looking to share and learn must come to the boardroom meetings held by William. Thank you William, I truly aspire to be half as effective as you are in the years coming. See you soon Nick"

Nick Wallington

"What a great person. William is always engaging and has a clarity about him. He has an ability to make abstract principles easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to. He has a real passion for what he does and it shows in his lectures and 1-2-1s. I look forward to engaging with him for a long time to come."

Richard Derham

"William recently ran a session on Blogging that was open to all of the Ecademy membership. He kept the audience engaged, interested and entertained for the whole day giving people the skills and confidence to start or improve their blogging. It also demonstrates that Ecademy is an extremely valuable resource as a Social Business Place and gives you access world class talents such as William. "

Brendan Cullen

"Yesterday William posted a blog about Klout. The subject matter intrigued me and in a private message I asked William for some deeper detail. William took the time to put together a diagram that, when combined with his words, explained a concept perfectly to me. I was struck firstly by his responsiveness and the friendliness of his tone but also by the succinctness and clarity of what he was explaining. In summary, William is widely knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and has outstanding communication skills! "

Helen Bassett

"Todays webinar by William was exactly what I needed for my next step on Ecademy and the promotion of my new online store via the Ecademy Network and Facebook. His explaination of the many applications was brilliant. Though I knew of some of them, I din't know the power of these tools and what one could achieve by using them. I was surprised the Marketing resource was not used at all, by any of those who attended. It is something I will be addressing, along with creating a group and looking into Boardrooms. The many benefits of Black Star membership, make it a group one should be a member of. William's presentation covered a lot of information in an easy to understand format. Thank you William, you have given me a greater understanding of what I can acheive on and through Ecademy. It was great! Many thanks, Helen"

Andy Lopata

"William's expertise and enthusiasm for social media and collaboration helped me to make a success of an impromptu charity auction this month. Having received two offers for an autographed advance copy of my new book, I decided to invite further offers, with the winning bid being donated to a Children's charity. I wrote to William for his support and he threw himself into the project with unmatched enthusiasm. William not only participated very actively but he brought his social media expertise to the auction. As a result, the blog on Ecademy announcing the auction was one of the most 'liked' blogs of all time on the network, and has, in one week, reached just short of 4,000 views. This is quite remarkable in a time of so many different things scrambling for our attention. We raised £400 for the charity for a book that retails for £14.99. A lot of that was thanks to William. "

Nedko Aldev

"I have just attended William's Webinar 'Making the most of Ecademy'. Well structured, very informative and easy to understand How To Presentation! Thank You William. Best regards, Nedko Aldev "

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Practical to the core. Brilliant."

Strashimir Yosifov

"Thank you for the good presentation of Ecademy."

George Artz

"Thanks William, for the excellent overview of Ecademy. "

Andrew Wilmot

"Thank you again William - this time for a reorientation seminar to eCademy. Best wishes Andrew   an antioxidant agent Striving for optimal cellular health through nutritional supplementation which provides antioxidants to overcome the dark side of oxygen - oxidative stress and free radicals ... i.e. a slayer of the dark side!! "

Kevin Gosling

"Attended William's online presentation of "Making the most of Ecademy" last Thursday. I found it very informative and picked up some excellent tips on how to find my way around etc.., all the information may be available elsewhere, however, to have it all in one hour was excellent value so thank you William for your effort in putting this together. Was also very interested in the online survey tools used to capture real time answers from participants to identify the topics most important to the audience. Highly recommend the presentation and look forward to future invites. "

George Artz

"William Buist held a webinar on Thursday 28th and it was very informative and interesting. I attended from Australia and it was almost as if I was there right in the room with him in England! Thanks again for inviting me, looking forward to the next one!"

Geoff Kirkwood

"This week I attended my second Ecademy Boardroom in London UK. And again I was impressed. Under the capable chairmanship of William Buist we achieved great value on 2 issues of substance and still had time for several smaller issues to be processed. William allowed great discussion, questions and solutions while keeping us on track and often coming back to his "what are you afraid of" trademark question. And then there was the real networking and relationship just up the road over some cool amber liquid. British beer is still not my taste. Again an absolutely brilliant concept, which will revolutionise the Ecademy market presence. Fantastic William! "

Shelley Fishel

"Hello William I can't quite believe that I have not yet posted a testimonial for you so here goes: "William is one of the most helpful and genuine people you will ever meet. He has an exceptional mind which gets to the bottom of things very quickly and he is a fantastically supportive person. I first met William when I joined Blackstar of which he is chairman and the welcome I received and the support I have had has been consistent and second to none. William DOES things he does not just talk. I am a member of the Business Boardroom that William runs, and sadly have not made it there over the past few months. When in attendance you can be sure of a warm welcome and incisive helpful comments." Thanks William for all your help and support and I really value your friendship. Kindest regards Shelley"

Richard Greenacre

"I've known William through Ecademy and he's always been most engaging and helpful. Today's webinar was really useful to understand how to get the most out of Ecademy membership with the many features which he explained well. With all the Groups he leads and is involved with he does well to fit it all in... Just goes to show how busy people are always the one's you can count on to get things done. Thanks William."

Terry Mumford

"I have just attended William's webinar 'Making the most of ecademy'. Although I've come across William before via the ecademy User Group this is the first time that I've heard him speak. The webinar was well structured in that William analysed the audience's requirements instead of just giving us information that he thought we would like to hear. The pace was just about right which meant that I was able take in what was being said before moving on to the next topic. He also responded to questions dynaically throughout the webinar which kept the topics meaningful. The level of knowledge that William imparted to us was spot on - any more detailed and I think I would have got lost. 10/10 - excellent Thanks again Terry Mumford Computopia Bespoke Computer Systems"

Stefania Lintonbon

"I've known William for a while during my ecademy membership, and was delighted when I found that he was a hosting a webinar on "Using Ecademy". At the Webinar this morning, I picked up a lot of tips and found the information on how to work with and take advantage the 'Progress' function of our ecademy profile page most helpful.This was my first event of this kind so I found it a splendid introduction to the world of Webinars. Thank you so much! Stefania Stef's Voice 4 U - Voiceover Services http://www.stefsvoice4u.co.uk"

Dann Sommer

""I have met William Buist in his role of being a teacher on the Ecademy Digital School where he shared some of his own personal business experiences. Already being an active networker myself for many years, William in a very short time inspired me to make a radical shift of paradigm, encouraging me to support people in my network, much more … ! I.e. revealing the unseen & unused potential lying just in front of me, just by being significantly more supportive. Or, to put it in another way : Consciously focusing on creating results, revenue & success for people of all kind in my network ! I highly recommend William Buist for you as a source of inspiration in the fields of Business Networking & Business Development""

Georgina Lester

"If you want to REALLY get to know how to work the Ecademy platform and make the most of the tools and resources available then I definitely recommend taking part in William's webinars. Effectively constructed sessions that are presented well. "Making the Most of Ecademy" - very comprehensive, informative, logical, easy to understand, succinct, clear and very, very useful. Even if you have been using the platform for a while, there is a chance that you will still learn something new. If you are a BlackStar - then I would say that it is imperative that you take part in as many of these webinars as you can. William's in-depth understanding of the system & technology behind Ecademy is superb showing us there is a great deal more to the facilities within groups, marketplace, blogging and the search function than is visible to most users. His understanding enables him to offer some excellent advice on how to develop an effective engagement strategy which cannot fail to get you results in connecting with your network. His skills as a trainer and his expertise ensure that every session is going to offer superb value. They are well worth the investment."

Julian Hinton

"William, Thank you for a great Webinar this morning on 'Making the most of Ecademy'. The hour went so quickly it seemed as if it was just 5 minutes! The information you covered was great and very well explained. I took loads of notes and look forward to actioning them. Thanks again and I look forward to your next webinar and would definately recommend them to Ecademy members. Regards, Julian Hinton julian@messagesupermarket.com 0844 555 2197 www.messagesupermarket.com"

Jane Lewis

"Having just come off a call Willliam held on making the most of ecademy, I'd thoroughly recommend it for anyone new to Ecademy. It was short, focused and pragmatic, and certainly had me thinking about aspects of the blogging, groups and marketplace facilities that I hadn't thought of before. Thanks William. Jane Dr Jane P Lewis "

David Holroyd-Doveton

"William, I have just taken part on your webinar titled "Making the most of Ecademy" You really came over fantastically well. I really learnt a great deal in the 60 minutes. Where did the time fly. I look forward to more of the same. Best regards David"

Dinah Liversidge

"This morning I took part in my first ecademy webinar, hosted by William. He managed the call superbly and within 2 minutes I was learning new ways to maximise my use of the site. Having self-taught I had missed many details that will make searching the site and connecting with people much faster and more straight-forward. Thank you William for sharing such great information. I really enjoyed the call and will be booking the next one. Warm regards Dinah"

Milton Rodrigues

"I have always found William to be very Helpful & Fair, especially when there was a lot of debate and dispute. When it comes down to the Mechanics and Process of how exactly to get the most of your Business Networking, he is a real Master ! He is also a very friendly guy and has been there consistently to explain things & discuss issues in a nice logical way. A great person to meet OffLine with a Sense of Humour ! :) Top Man & an Excellent President of BlackStar !"

Roddy Herbert

"I have been a "lapsed" PowerNetworker member of Ecademy for several years, pondered about rejoining then attended William's recent Teleconference on the benefits. Very clear, concise delivery of information and tips which answered the questions I had, and more. The end result - with renewed interest and curiosity, and the shared belief in serendipity through connecting with people from differing backgrounds and cultures, has resulted in me signing up again, not for PowerNetworker, but for Blackstar! Perhaps for now, that's the best testimonial I can give William. All the best Roddy "

Fraser Paterson

"I received an invitation from William to join a teleconference on improving my Ecademy activity. The advice he gave was down to earth, easily understandable, and straight forward to instigate, which I have now started doing. The small cost of said conference was worth every penny."

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"William - I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time last week - a bit delayed but the light finally switched on :) You have really helped me to understand (on a new level) how I can take my face to face networking online - not just for the obvious business benefits but more importantly as a way to connect and help other people - thank you very much and see you soon :) "

Maurice Poole

"There seems to be no end to William's capacity for dealing with problems and fixing them. From seeing right through deep personal issues to providing practical solutions that raise spirits instantly, he is one person to whom his network can turn with confidence. I am privileged to consider myself a friend of his."

Peter"Health and Safety" Hodgson

"William Wanted to post a note regards how you constantly strive to see the best in all situations and are always there to help. we have known each other now for a good 10 years and in that time we have crossed paths many times and in many places and always you were there to add your professional help and advice, you were there as a friend and as a mentor. You were always generous with your time and good spirits. We have started the process of working more together as we now share the same Blackstar board room, which is powerful enough in its own right, but add that to the power you bring well we are onto a winner. Waffled enough, integrity, professionalism and friendship what more can one ask from his fellow man. All the best for the future; good luck and be safe regards peter "

David Food

"William connects people, helping them to then become sustainable societal people. He practices what he preaches, so you can learn a lot by watching him. If you want a turbo boost give him a call, organize a 121 and then go from there. It will be well worth your while! Dave Food"

Demos Flouri

"William is a fantastic guy, he has a world of knowledge and has helped me dearly since my come to Ecademy and Blackstar. He hosts great pub nights :-) Thank you William, keep up the good work! Demos "

John Grasty ABR SRES Relocation Canada

" I really appreciated the way that you moderated today's Boardroom William. It was great to be speaking with everyone, even if it was by phone. I can see the possibilities and anticipate investing some time participating in more Boardrooms in the future. I'm looking forward to the BlackStar Boardroom in March, and as mentioned I'm already registered. Thank you. John"

Rupert Honywood

"I just wanted to thank William for his help and support. I have been a member of Ecademy for about 18 months and then became a Blackstar about 2 months ago after listening to a presentation from William and Thomas, I decided to join as a Blackstar on the spot - this has been one of the best things I have done! Both Thomas and William have been incredibly helpful (I would also like to thank Jude too) and in particular I have been particularly impressed by how William is so hands on with members and how he chooses to engage, help and be involved. I have also had a great 2 hour, 121 with William where he was genuinely interested and wanted to help. He has provided much support and encouragement since and he and Jude run great Blackstar meetings of which I have been a willing participant (and contributor) and I have seen his true professionalism come through. Best of luck William in everything you do and keep up the good work in Ecademy. Kind regards, Rupert"

Joanne Tinsley

"William has always been helpful, offering advice where needed, especially with regard to BlackStar membership."

Demos Flouri

"William has been very helpful to me and helped me out a lot getting onto blackstar, thank you very much and I wish you all the best Demos"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend William The pleasure is on my side for being you fiend here In Ecademy... If will be needed I will be more than a happy to be of the help to you in a next year too :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Our Regards from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary :) Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

Melinda M. Sörensson

"William is a fantastic leader. Always attends to the matter at hand and always answers the questions directly. He is someone people will benefit from as a business mentor. Melinda M. Sorensson, Ph.D. Author, My Journey to An Integrated Life Self Growth Expert Ezine Articles Expert Author Creator and co-administrator Manifesting Magical Moments"

Paul Clegg

"Always generous with his one2one help, William, in a seminar, demonstrates an authority over his subject combined with a quiet respect for his audience, whatever stage they are at. It was interesting to watch our audiences today at Network Central. Eager for information but not quite knowing how they are going to use it. Exciting, eh!"

Chinnababu Sangani

"Hello William, I feel delighted and thankful to be connected with you and thank you for being in my network. You are one of my respected contacts Please keep in touch, and if there is anything I can do for you, please contact me anytime. I look forward to network with you. Fell free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think I can do for you. Regards Chinnibabu Premier Furniture (Bham) Ltd "

Maurice Poole

"William is a very fair-minded gentleman and a diplomat. I have recent experience of this. I recommend him and his service to any and all. Ecademy is fortunate to have his services. It may well be that the BlackStar Team is just as fair-minded as it could have been a joint decision that has impressed me but my relations with William confirm the impression I have gained from our communication. Thank you, William."

louis ''The Mortgage Explorer'' d'Espagnac

"This morning I attended a Black Star Open Day and although I have known William for ever since I joined Ecademy over 5 years ago, it was the first time I had attended one of his workshops. The delivery of the lecture was very instructive but what impressed me more was William's passion for what he had to say. The man is a giver and I benefited much from that generosity. Thank you William Louis d'Espagnac"

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"I have known William since we both joined BlackStar on the same day in April 2005. He is incredibly knowledgeable about business, Ecademy and the latest technology and social media trends. William really knows his stuff and was a key contributor to the BusinessWise project. I have already recommended him to other businesses but I really became aware of his special value today when he helped me resolve an issue with photos on my profile. I had been confused and struggling with this issue for over 18 months and Willima figured it out in about 5 minutes! I am very grateful to him for his expertise and even more for his generosity. He is definitely a person worth knowing and I encourage you to connect with him."

Victor Marques


David Shirley

"I have come to know WIlliam firstly by joining Ecademy and subsequently from engaging him to provide social media services via his company Abelard. The service was first class, the systems set up are proving reliable and WIlliam does what he says he will do. I thoroughly recommend both his company and William the man."

Roger Vanstone

" William and I disagree often on many things but our 'clashes' are never nasty or personal and we always manager to have a beer together and laugh about it when we meet. He does an excellent job (one that I wouldn't do for anything) and always manages to see both sides of a situation and deal with it fairly. Always happy to network, help people and look at a situation or issue in a balanced way he's well worth connecting with. Just don't go to a gig with him or you'll end up on the stage singing before you can say 'what you drinking William'"

Rob Killen

"What a thoroughly charming man William is. Caught up as one of the faces of Ecademy Management and managing the balance of interests for users and colleagues alike, he does a terrific job in a deeply demanding environment. Good on you William - you make a difference."

Josef Maxwell

"William! You are one of the gr8 colleagues here and now ... we respect you so much."

Andrea Prince :-)

"William has always been supportive and a gentleman - thank-you Andrea"

Marc 'InfusionSoft' Summers

"Supportive and Helpful - even at 11pm - Thanks William."

Naseem Ahmed

"William Buist is an experienced professional in the field of "Management Consulting" but he possess, by gift of the God, a lot of specialties on which I hereby trying to cover a few important and prime ones like "Social Media Mentor, Expert in Business Management and Consultation, A good Speaker and best Author, Enhanced Command on Communication, Best Reading, Listening and Sharing Capabilities, Collaboration Expert and a lots….". He is a nice, wise, kind, deep evaluator, Leading capabilities, Author, Sensitive, Speaker, Boldness, Grip on his natural characteristics and bright positive soul and thought, and the most important that he has the quality to mold the way of thinking of a group of Mentors and social Medians. I like him very much. Assessed on 12.06.2009 at 3:30 PM "Ecademy Marine Consultants and Officials Group" [EMCOG] "

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"William networks and presents at Ecademy events where we meet. William is an expert in business matters, highly professional and down-to-earth man."

mark wing

"I can see I'm not the first from our BIG session yesterday on "how to use Social Media to build awareness" to post you a testimonial. But I am not surprised by this. William you were absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing so much useful stuff. In truth there was so much that I'd like to go though it all again with you at some point. However, I did get a real sense that you have begun to open the lid on this subject for me. It is a new and exciting area of marketing. Speaking as a brand consultant I understand the importance of using marketing channels to build closer, more intimate, relations with your brand followers. However, the way you described the role of social media and the many tools available for us to use online to do exactly this was mind blowing! In the past Sqidoo and Bit.ly were just more examples of the peculiar names being invented for online brands. But now they mean something to me; I now understand why they exist, their place in the cyber universe, and how they relate to and support each other. I only hope I will be able to put some of this learning to good use. Thank you. "

Rod Sloane

"The King of The Societal Web. Just spent a day listening to William share his wisdom, experience and knowledge on how to develop a web 2.0 presence. This guy is the top 1% of people who know how to exploit this stuff. Listen to him, buy his book and take advantage of what William is doing. A true Star! "

Mark Eaton

"Having known William now for some three years I have found him to be consistently a supporter of others and a giver of his time and expertise. Today I spent perhaps one of the most productive development days I have ever had as William took myself and four others through a highly personalised review of how to effectively market ourselves using social media. William is a true genius in this area and I cannot believe that he gave me so much value and required nothing in return which is a true measure of his generosity. The only problem is I came away with four new online profiles and a list three pages long..........."

Mario Faustino

"Munich, 5/5/2009 I am glad to have to have William Buist as an ecademy contact! Thank you William for the friendly advice and Information! I wish you Success! Yours sincerely, mjf "


"Good luck ...see it is a good start please visit PINDARE.COM homepage"

Peter Foster

"Echte klootzak."

John Dierckx

"Genuinely a great guy! and what a fantastic connector. Thanks so much for you great advice !"

Kenneth Payne

"Dear Explorer, Where water meets the sand many a sailor came home. Here's to you William Buist. To the keen and trained ear evermore seeking the virtue Aristotle calls magnificence. William Buist is a teacher, a star in our time - with integrity shining in ease with brillance. No worries mate, his is without effort in ryhme - listen to the shell you will hear the ocean. Calling you to follow your bliss in cadenced melody - ever present without preconceived notion. Artistic elocution with powerfully simple creed - holding the standard high to create harmony. William is a friend to many who seek the trust of now - an excellent writer of social prosperity. In times of trouble when your chips are down put more on his courage, no better bet be found. Walking on our beach William's shell does speak, listen to his heart for his integrity does not leak. We are home now. Thank you William. Lets "Party with Certainty". In kind with Godspeed! Ken "

PeopleCoach Elizabeth M. Lengyel

"It is evident that William is a visionary leader within our global village. With passion for diversity and variety, and nurturing connections through ecademies of business, humanities and arts, he uplifts the many. We can hear his soul-filled music even across the ocean. With warm gratitude."

Cally Jones

"Thank you William, To sum you up in one word......" WOW " Regards Carolyn Marketing-Leaders "

Andy Preston

"When you first meet William, you immediately 'get' his playfulness, his sense of fun, and his relaxed nature. Don't be fooled! This man is thoughtful, sharp and insightful when it comes to business. I've lost count of the times I've called him to say he was 'right' about a particular course of action he recommended in a brief conversation about an issue. A seemingly innocuous conversation with William often leads to business ideas, tools and strategies that you only truly begin to appreciate the value of when you implement them - and then watch the results that they generate for you. Thank you William for the value you have added to both myself and my business since the day we first met."

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"William is one of the top visionary futurists in the UK at the moment. His new material on The Societal Web draws together many important strands from social marketing and business in general, to give a comprehensive view of what business leaders should be doing to share their best ideas and connect with like-minded people. William is also very generous with his time and information, so if you need help with your business strategy, contact him today!"

Brendan Merrick

"William, you are a credit to the black stars group. An inspiring person with good integrity and a willingness to help. The world needs more people like you Warm Regards, Brendan"

Lesley Ellis

"William, Thank you for your generosity of time and patience when explaining the Blackstar meetings concept. I sincerely hope that our prospective club members decide to follow the Blackstar route so that we may become colleagues in the near future. Its so refreshing to find like-minded people who share the vision of global collaboration. Lesley Ellis Expos Costa Blanca / CNA / WIBC / and possibly even Blackstar Costa Blanca?"

Anthony Moell

"Dear William, Thank you for connecting with me and reading my profile. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship with hopes that our connection will benefits us both. Cheers! Your EcademyPartner, Anthony Moell apmoell@gmail.com"

George Joseph

"Dear William, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with over a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: http://www.csatrust.com. Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George"

Angela Leuice

"Your information is so very helpful! I don't know much about HTML so I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for helping people in this way. :) If you want to look at my website, you can do so at this link here ! Wooohoooo! I did it!"

Shabbir Hussain

"William is a highly talented and inspirational person. wish him all the success in the coming days Danny "


"Dear William, Profoundity seems to be elusive these days. When people had forgotten how history had shaped the present and how the present would create the future; it is a pleasure to have met someone who in one way or another has what it takes to lead this present generation into a better world. May your "breed" multiply. Looking at your profile brougth smiles into my face because I felt that you are one person who has the substance enough to shape younger enterpreneurs who are struggling to reach their goals. Further, your refined taste for books, music, arts, and culture is another thing we, in this younger generation must emulate. You are WHOLESOME, PROFOUND, DYNAMIC, INTELLIGENT, MODERN, POWERFUL. Those are six words that characterize you. Let me say this again, MAY YOUR EXCEPTIONAL BREED MULTIPLY. For what you have done and for who you are, I wanted to give you a SUPERB rating but we are only limited to give GOOD at ecademy . So..... Thanks for the legacy. Respectfully, Mary www.englishwithmarymoore.com P. S. By the way, thanks for inviting me to join ecademy's debating club. I already had acepted your invitation and pretty excited to be there. Hope I won't be the "bleeding heart or the fiery orator/writer as my former professors and friends would say. "

Pratyush Agarwal

"William is fair perosn and this is best part is that he gives all the people a chance to express and understand the issues and peoples's thoughts. Its open hand and democratic nature. Regards Pratyush "

Neil Davidson

"William has been a fantastic, caring guide since I became a Blackstar. He has been immensely patient and understanding in explaining the mechanics oif the site to a non techie. "

Chris Aguilar

"Provided a fantastic amount of help in a previous networking endeavour. Enjoyed working with him, patient,very helpful and always positive. My fellow networkers and myself benefited tremendously from his knowledge and expertise."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear William for being a fantastic friend... for me it is a great honor to have you near my side ... I will be friends for life.. Ecademy is a journey.. Have a fantastic Christmas and raise a glass of Red velvet on christmas day.. Happy farming. Your wine heart friend. Victor Marques"

Edmon Sy

"Dear William, Thank you for adding me as your contact. i am very glad to connect w/ you. Thanks again. keep in touch"

Jean Liggett

"William led a seminar on 'Building Visibility Using BlackStar Tools' last Monday. He was very clear and thorough in his presentation and training. I am much more sussed on where to put my efforts as a Black Star in ecademy, and the tools on ecademy that enable me to do this. There were only 5 of us at the seminar. I was very shocked as this seminar is mandatory for all Black Stars. We are privileged to have William as our leader of Black Star! "

Nicola Cairncross

"I attended a "Using the features of Ecademy as a Blackstar" day today, hosted by William Buist. Not only was it a very enjoyable experience, as always, with William's friendly, laid back but focused style making us all feel at home, but I learned around 15 new things about how Ecademy works, that I can immediately put into action. These ranged from how to improve my Ecademy profile, search engine ranking, and networking online to how to enhance the experience of visitors to my profile and marketplace ads, through to how to measure the improvements I'll be making. I'm delighted with the practical skills I learned from William today and it was well worth my time and the travelling up from Sussex. Nicola Cairncross, The Money Gym"

Jimmy Dennis

"William has been a great help to me here at ecademy! I suggest you get involved with him and his network if you want to make the most of your ecademy experience! Thank you, Jimmy Dennis"

Rickie Scott

"Willian introduced me to the Swiss club and has made me feel very welcome. He is a very pro-active networker as his ranking clearly denotes"

Mary Dent

"Thank you William for your warm welcome and it is an honor for me to be connected with you!! kind regards Mary"

Torsten Kinzelt

"William, you are special! William is an extreme helpful person, with all knowledge available regarding ecademy and beyond it seems. I am so honored to be part of his network. My suggestion: Do network with William! Torsten Kinzelt"

Fatma Kaya

"I am pleased to be able to rank you among my contacts. Kind regards, Fatma Kaya"

Patrick Nelson

"William is a rare breed indeed - very intelligent, honest, forthright - understands Ecademy like few others do and has some simple, profound but very powerful insights to share on how to get the most out of it. An excellent businessman."

Christopher Storey

"William Thanks for your contact and for your help in making more of ecademy. It is always good to receive assistance in understanding the benefits of anything we are involved in and your message hits the important points that easily identifies how best to use this. Thanks again Chris"

David Gardner

"William is a great networker , I'm Looking forward to developing our connection"

Sidali MELZI

"Salam William, My gratitude for thei mportant message you have sent me. I am impressed by the professionalism and the welcoming message with details . happy to be part of the group. best regards Sidali"

Christian Brunet Levitan

"Thanks to much William for your introduction, recommandation and... helping the new member what I am. I'm happy for the connection with you. "

Luiz Felipe Klein

"Some lights are really special. William I'm gratefull about your dedication. It's a pleasure to me be connected with you! Luiz Felipe Klein Names Master Brazil "

Mona Youssef

"Hello William, My gratitude for the professional and well thought message you have sent me. I am impressed by the professionalism and the welcoming message with all details of how to be an effective member. It is my honor to be part of the group and great meeting you. Kind wishes, Mona Youssef Canadian Fine artist"


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