Andrew Wilcox

Andrew Wilcox

Director, Cabre Limited


My principal business Cabre provides services to users of mind mapping software e.g. Mindjet (was MindManager) and iMindMap. Cabre sells the software, trains users in the classroom and online, and helps individuals, businesses and organisations to get the most out of these applications.  Personally I use mind mapping software to organise my business, develop web sites, plan projects and, record and publish events.  The latter has grown in to a branded service called ConferenceREACTION.  This records speeches, meetings, annual conferences, ... and publishes them as rich media web sites with mind maps, images, video, sound recordings, forums, documents, slide shows, ...

An example of my work is A Map of SunZu. It will help you find your way around and show you some the areas I am active in.

My presentation at Biggerplate Unplugged - a gathering of mind mapping software vendors and exploiters in London, January 2013

I have been buying and selling at auction for many years. I joined eBay in 1999.  Its has been the principal source of 15 Tablets PCs since 2004 saving more than half the list price.  They all worked!  I also Aucquire equipment for individuals and organisations. I have bought laboratory equipment worth in excess of £200,000 for around £20,000 for a medical research company.  Once a month I run a local auction with some friends called Auctions in Day. A hobby that has been running since 2004!

I live in the Hampshire market town called New Alresford (new in the 12th century) famous for watercress and a the Watercress Line (a steam railway).  In 2012 I was chairman of the Alresford Pigs Association, a local charity that raises money by organising (biennial Duck Race next 2013) and assisting at events (annual Alresford Show) to provide funds for those in need in the locale.

I have always been a cyclist but in the last 5 years I have taken it more seriously (partly because we downcared to one).  I have been restoring cycles and riding them, 2,500 miles in 2012.  Unfortunately the touring bike broke after four 100 mile day trips, so I might buy a new frame for a change.  I have a heavy (you couldn't possibly want to nick me) bike for commuting 9 miles to Winchester railway station, a lightweight Raleigh Road Ace from the early 80s and few others.



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David Shirley

" What a very helpful person - assisted me with some social media issues I was having with Android - sorted me out in no time flat. Thanks Andrew."

Maurice Poole

"On 17 Sep 10, Andrew was a speaker at the Mindjet® MindManager® 9 Road Show in Birmingham and characteristically was one of the best. He was talking on Turning Ideas Into Accessible Information through use of the software, a field in which I believe he is pre-eminent, and of the subjects he offered, the popular choices were Project Management and Inspiration. The latter is appropriate - he was inspiring. I am happy to say that I turned my then somewhat ailing Tablet PC to good use in noting much of his delivery and expect the sources of inspiration will yet be just that. Mention of Tablet PCs and my ailing one the case in point, "After The Event" (so to speak, a reference to Andrew's conferenceREACTION brand) he gave time to the cure of its foibles. We are fellow engineers, so with my observation of symptoms and his knowledge of the products and solutions it ails no more! Thank you very much indeed, Andrew! You published the opportunity to hear from specialists in the know about the software's new version, gave as good a presentation and recommendation as anyone and not for the first time helped me over a problem. Anyone who needs enlightening about MindManager® and its uses or Tablet PCs need look no further. Andrew is your man! And if you want to get the presentations I did, there's Manchester on Tuesday."

Marc 'InfusionSoft' Summers

"Andrew helped me understand mind mapping which I now use on a daily basis - I strongly recommend Andrew for mindmapping training"

Doug Holman

"Another excellent course, Andrew! Not only do I now understand how to use iMindMap but you have also motivated me to venture into mind mapping applications I'd not previously considered. A thoroughly enlightening and highly enjoyable afternoon in the delightful village of "New" Alresford which will bring huge benefits! Cheers, Doug "

Rupert Honywood

"I got to know Andrew through Blackstar and Ecademy and after looking at his experience decided to go on his mind mapping course. I also had the pleasure of having a drink with him beforehand. I found his course to be very well structured with the principles of mind mapping and how to use the software clear and concise, I have long been a fan of mind mapping and Andrew has put a whole new dimension on it for me and i would highly recommend him to others. Many thanks Andrew for a great afternoon. It was much appreciated Best Rupert "

George Watts

"Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that since I started mindmaping in my journal and using MindManager software my earnings have almost doubled in just eight months. And to make matters even better, I'm working 12 hours a week less than I was eight months ago. Your blogs have been nothing short of life changing. Thanks! "

Chinnagouder Thiruvenkatam

"I am very happy to connected with this person. It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another. C Thiruvenkatam "

Maurice Poole

"It is not often that I post a second, let alone a third testimonial for someone as in this case. Andrew deserves this distinction, if that is what it is! Andrew today gave generously of his time and expertise to assist me towards a special project, greatly stretching my own capability with MindManager®. I hope it will result in increased business, not only my own but his too, and that of maybe several other Ecademists, for it is also a part of his collaborative interests. What more can be expected of Ecademy membership? To my mind, this is an excellent example of the collaboration that is possible on Ecademy. Not every business can collaborate with Andrew's Cabre, but many could emulate his attitude and behaviour. I hope many will take notice and do so, to the benefit of many."

Maurice Poole

"Andrew is a great trainer. He is pre-eminent in his Mindjet® expertise and will train people well in the basics, but since I was an established user before our acquaintance it has been in more advanced practice that he helped (and helps) me. Lately it has been to diversify my skills into audio editing for embedding of links in MindManager® maps prior to web publishing, and in both sharing of files and conferring through Catalyst® - opening my eyes to possibilities and engaging our mutual support. I am very grateful to Andrew and recommend both his services in training and his enlightened approach to business, bringing collaboration of multi-skilled independents to bear on organisations' records and conferenceREACTION."

Jan Mulder

"Andrew has proven himself as a great debater and as someone who cares. In life, her on Ecademy and at the Blackstar Foundation group. It's a pleasure and privelage to know Andrew Jan Mulder"

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

"I met Andrew online in Ecademy. Andrew presents himself in his own blogs or comments on others very well. He is kind and articulate. What triggered this testimonial was to see his wonderful contribution in the mind mapping club where he has a number of amazing and very creative mind maps. I am connected with this great member and recommend him my contacts here."

Jon Stow

"Andrew gave generously of his time for a thoughtful, well presented demonstration of MindManager and mind mapping, which was a great revelation to me. I learned a great deal and will follow up. I first met Andrew through Ecademy, and it is a privilege to know him. Make sure you connect with him. He is a really nice, kind and knowledgeable guy!"

Shamus Doherty

"One of those all round top guys who is a giver. Has always been approachable and whenever the mention of mindmaps is brought up I instantly think of Andrew as I know be it me or someone else will benefit from his help. Networking as it should be and a valuable addition to my network."

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Andrew, Its great to have you as an Ecademy contact - I love the diagrams on your profile page especially the one with the plane. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you especially re marketing using video streaming. All the best, Antonio Magico "

Edward Bell

"Andy thanks for the one to one yesterday, it was great to get my first under my belt and I could not have chosen a better person to do this with. I will follow up on the leads we discussed later today. Your mind mapping software is awe inspiring, the way you can create a map and then develop it into a web page or presentation and develop a Gantt chart is quit astonishing. It is on my list of things I need to get for my company as I develop it to the next phase over the coming months. You're a good example to me of what it means to be a Blackstar. Thanks Ted "

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"Sorry this is a bit belated Andrew!! I went to one of Andrew's training sessions on Mindmanager about 2 years ago. It was only today when I had to get a project completed quickly, a project I had no idea how to tackle or even what to do - that I realised the full value of the training. thanks andrew, it was very much worthwhile"

Andrew Morgan

"At the recent BlackStar meeting Andrew was our table moderator. His personality and professionalism lent itself very well to this role and all the members of the table were able to gain a great deal of benefit from the session. Furthermore, the notes Andrew made on Mind Manager are very comprehensive and straightforward to use - an excellent advertisement for his product and service."

Russell Henley

"Andrew ran our Blackstar Boardroom and not only was the meeting well run, but the notes (written in Mind Manager, funnily enough) were comprehensive and better than mine."

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Rarely do I write a second testimonial for a person and I think this is the first time ever that I have written a third testimonial but Andrew deserves every one! Andrew has been a brilliant supplier to our company but most importantly he is a great friend. When having difficulty and in the hospital critically ill he took of his time to come visit and reassure me that we would get through our internal business problems and he was there to help, yet again! A real hero! A true friend! Best wishes and smiles to you always Andrew!"

Charles Stuart

"I did a MindManager course that Andrew ran early 2008. Beletedly, I recommend Andrew - great content, great style. You want MindManager - look no further! Charles"

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"Andrew is an amazing person, he brings with him an extra ordinary positive attitude with great professionalism. Extremely pleased to connect with you. Look forward to collaborations. Best wishes. Larisa Varenikova Independent Executive Search Consultant Head Hunter Ukraine-Russia-CIS "

Andrew Sansom

"You only need to view one of Andrew's excellent mindmaps to see how skilled he is at clarifying and summarising information from any source, and on any subject. He is also an excellent networker, as illustrated by his bringing together of a diverse range of Ecademists under his ConferenceReaction banner. Sourcing, coordinating and marketing an eclectic band of mindmappers, videographers, webcasters, and photographers as a product/service appears easy for Andrew. A pleasure to know and work with Andrew"

Vicky Cargill

"A very effective trainer and nice guy! I have recently spent a day on Andrew's Mindjet course and it is proving invaluable to me in my business. Vicky Cargill"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Andrew is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when asked for his opinion. You would be wise to link up with Andrew - highly recommended! Smiles and best wishes, always Bill Moore"

Jackie Mackay

"Andrew helped me a lot in the early days and I admire his consistency and solid friendship on Ecademy. There's a new expression on the street (according to my sons) for amazing or awesome. ' INTERNET. So lets say then, that Andrew is internet! Thanks Andrew."

Linda Primos

"From the moment I connected with Andrew, he sent through relevant advice on how to get the best from Ecademy and improve my profile. Thank you Andrew for taking the time, I'm very glad to be part of your network!"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"I just took my team through Andrew's MindJet Course and I was again amazed at the knowledge and insight Andrew shares of this product and how to implement it into your business. It was my second time through the course (sat in with the team) and I still learned even more and gained new ideas. If you don't use MindJet you probably should and most of all if you don't know Andrew, you definately should get to know him... Great Guy, Great Resource and A Real Joy To Know! Smiles and Best Wishes Always Andrew!"

Ian McKenzie

"Andrew was very helpful to me as a "newby" on ecademy. His MindMap of the web site is a great tool. Thanks Andrew!"

Hans Terhurne

"It was a great pleasure to have 4 days together with you Andrew! Listening to the music of the Stokes Bay Festival (you attended me on my first music festival in the UK ...) with some bicycling and talking inbetween was the environment and I appreciate it very much to have you as a new (mindmap) friend. It will be nice to see eachother more often to drink a pint and/or do some mindmapping. Thanx Andrew!"

Boris Martin Arnez Fernandez

"Mind Mapping andrew you are terrific, what a great idea plase visit creatingcorp site we would create a hole new world. My Best and Kind Regards Boris."

Jim Culverwell

"Andrew, I am writing to thank you for the great opportunity you gave me last week to attend your summer party on the Hispaniola. I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some very interesting people. It was illustrated to me that Ecademy gives one the chance to create a lot of contacts and that enables easy face to face meetings when the opportunity arises. I seem to be quite good at recognising people from their Ecademy Photos so I was able to name people I had never actually met. For example, Mark Shaw? The wine is worthy of a mention. It would have been all to easy to have served a synthetic, oily new world wine but the choice of a Spanish white and red, the white served well chilled was a mark of quality of the whole event. I had a delightful interview with Simon challenging us about our "argument" and running the video at the same time. I must ask him if any of it survived the edit software! Of course, as you predicted, having to leave and get a train home meant that I left as it was all getting going and no doubt I would have enjoyed the latter half of the evening as much as I did the first half. I did have an early start the next day, though so I really stayed as late as I could. Thanks again for inviting me. I hope it was as successful for you as it appeared to be. I suppose it will have to be an annual event, now! Best wishes and see you next Friday? "

Wojciech Korsak

"Master of Mind Mapping ... as James Hetfield could sing :)"

Alex Truchot

"Without knowing much about me other than I had contacted him, Andrew Wilcox took the time to suggest other members that I could contact and sent emails to them and me when he replied. Mr. Wilcox, thank you."

David VanAmburg

"There are reasons why you ask your questions of experts who care. Andrew is one of those rare individuals. Andrew, I look forward to ongoing conversations for a long time to come. Thank you. David"

Derek Bishop

"I've recently had the benefit of Andrew working with me on a 2 day Senior Leadership team workshop, one of the objectives of which was for the team to have produced their Operational Plan for the next financial year. Whilst I lead and facilitated the workshop, Andrew captured all the emerging outputs/discussions. As each session finished he was able to quickly print and post detailed discussion maps around the room for frequent reference to throughout the workshop. He captured details of the operational plan tasks, dates, dependencies, resources etc and convert them into a project plan which the team were then able to review and refine before finally committing to its implementation. All of this was achieved through Andrew's skills of using MindManager to map discussions, and meant the client was in a strong position of not losing any time or pace after the event (where business often take days to document what's been written on flip charts etc) This proved to be an extremely powerful approach, particularly as by the end of the workshop we had also agreed what was going to be communicated throughout the business, by whom, how and when - and they had all the content material available, ready for briefings to start on the Monday morning following the weekend workshop. Andrew also created a static web site with all the discussion maps, plans and documents which was available for both the attendees and the rest of the business to use, assisting with consistency of communication As the facilitator for the event, it was a pleasure to work with Andrew and having him dealing with all the documentation allowed me to focus on my role and ensuring the client achieved the objectives and got the most out of the weekend. So, if you're running events or workshops where you have lots of discussion groups and outputs to be documented, I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Andrew - I know I will be using his skills again. Thank you Andrew"

Sue Searle

"I met Andrew at his Winchester Ecademy meeting. He is very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. Mind mapping is new to me but fascinating, I look forward to learning much more. It was a pleasure to meet him. Best wishes, Sue"

John Atkinson

"Andrew brings mindmapping to an ever increasing audience and his skills and experience means he is able to deliver added value and benefits to new sectors. If you have a project to undertake, are holding or hosting a corporate meeting or event or just need clarity on a new business strategy talk to Andrew - you will be amazed by the results!"

Rob Killen

"Another gem unearthed in Ecademy - well, to me anyway. A lovely man with a great take on networking who also possesses a genuine interest in his fellow networker's success within Ecademy and beyond it. A business brain, great facilitator and a trustworthy disposition. Recommended without hesitation."

Alex Schamelhout

"Andrew is a warm specialist wine drinker.He 's also a fantastic networker.What are you waiting for to connect with this genuine gentleman... Best regards Alex"

Claude Bonte

"Andrew is calm, professional and innovative. I've met him at various events and his enthusiasm shines through. He is a contributor with a genuine interest in people. It's a pleasure to know you Andrew. "

Mariéme Jamme

"Knowledge is Power and Andrew shares his knowledge generously. Impressive! Thank you very much Andrew for the clarifications! I am looking forward to a long term working relationship with Cabre!"

Jamie Roy

"Andrew is a fantastic person who is a real contributor. I met him at one of his organised Ecademy events in Winchester. Andrew made a point to connect with every one on the night. Very nice guy who looks to add value where ever he can. "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Meetings with Andrew are always special...Unique celebrations of knowledge and mind mapping revelations...Insight and wisdom with a clear path: successful interactions and powerful information... paradigms management! Most delightful...I am a fan! Best, MuZ+afa "

Fraser Hay

"The consummate professional networker, and his mindmapping solutions are excellent. He recently mindmapped one of my talks at a speaking engagement. Fascinating stuff, and very very helpful and useful. if you are planning an event, then definitely get Andrew and his team involved to help plan and record both on video and with his mindmapping solution. All in all, He has the perfect solution for creating a permanent record for corporate events, ands so that the information shared by the speakers can be assimilated easily - A very valuable service and highly recommended. 10/10."

Tom Mursell

"Great organiser - great time had by all on wednesday!"

Rory Woolridge

"If you need Mind Mapping expertise there is only one place to go... Contact Andrew now. Warm regards Rory Woolridge "

Tom Mursell

"Very kind and helpful - made me feel welcome! Looking forward to networking on wednesday (and the food!)!"

Patrick Moore

"In a world of "me-too" products and cookie-cutter services, Andrew has created something genuinely new and exceptionally valuable. His ConferenceReaction service is a way of multiplying the output value of any conference by a large multiple, for only a small increase in the overall budget. Pure genius! Add to that the fact that he's one of the most thoughtful, charming and professional people you could ever hope to meet, and you've got an irresistible package, and someone I'm proud and delighted to call a friend. :-) "

Giorgio Burlini

"In a world were everybody talks faster and faster, Andrew calm and professional approach is truly an asset. Looking forward to work with you. Ciao"

Mark Sinclair

"Andrew - thank you for the instant tip, which could well be of huge benefit to me in the coming months. Much appreciated."

Roland Bullivant

"Andrew Thank you for your generous help and comments. You are a true asset to ecademy. Best regards Roland"

Paul Bryson

"Andrew is a very proficient trainer who measures the pace of his sessions to best meet the needs of his delegates. Having attended his Mind Manager course today, I can thoroughtly recommend it to anyone who wishes to use the power of Mind Mapping to improve their codification of ideas."

Keith Lawrence

"I'm currently sitting in a 'classroom' where Andrew is helping us to get more value from our MindManager mind mapping software. Having been a user for about 5 years I've always found it reasonably easy and intuitive to use. However, the tips and hints Andrew is able to share with us (he has used it for more than 10 years and is a real expert!) are extremely powerful and will definitely help me to make significantly more valuable use of this tool. If you haven't yet had the opportunity of getting to know Andrew I recommend you do so soon! And if you want to know about this great software I know he'll be more than happy to chat to you about it... "

Airships & Zeppelins Ute Christopher

"Andrew is most generous in sharing his knowledge freely, a rare quality in today's age of competitiveness and USPs, making him a true ambassador for Ecademy. Furthermore his wonderful ways of applying MindManager's mind maps to record conversations and illustrate connection are very impressive indeed. I am truly grateful for his support and feel priviledged to be part of his network. Many thanks, Andrew, for helping me grow. Best Regards Ute"

Malgorzata Krukowska

"Andrew is very nice and professional. We met at Ecademy meeting in London in October 2007 where he showed us his Ecademy MindMap. There is structure to everything he does but at the same time he's very interested in people behind actions, words and events. If I had a BIG project I would love to work with Andrew :-) ."

Mark Lee

"This is my second testimonial for Andrew as I've just experienced another side of his skills. At the launch of BountyNet last night he interviewed me for a promo piece. He did it with no prior set up and with no prior knowledge of my reasons for attending - which were unique. he wasn't thrown however and asked intelligent and relevant follow up questions. What a skill! And the very next morning I find* I'm on Youtube and the BountyNet website too. This man moves fast! Many thanks and well done Andrew. Mark Lee * - because Andrew's effiiciency extended to advising me of what he'd done so promptly."

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Andrew is a great man, kind and generous with his time. Thank you Andrew I really appreciate your help very best wishes Vicki :)"

Jeni Hooper

" Andrew was a real help when I first joined .His mind map of ecademy got me started and gave me confidence to explore .I had contacted Andrew from the Buddy list and got a prompt and welcomimg reply even though he was on holiday at the time. Jeni Hooper "

Karen Skidmore

"Thanks, Andrew for all your tips on how to get more out of Ecademy. I still cant seem to get my blessed alerts to work :) but I will leave that for another month. Seriously, you seem to offer support tirelessly in this online and offline community and I know that I, for one, appreciate your words of wisdom."

Mikael Baghammar

"Andrew has a clear focus and he communicates his solution very well. During the dealings I have had with him he comes across as solid, reliable and dedicated to what he does. He uses his software, MindManager, all the time and with such ease! It's a pleasure to know Andrew."

Donnie MacNicol

"A few weeks ago Andrew helped me deliver what the client said was one of the most enjoyable and valuable 1 day forums they had ran. Andrew captured the day not only in terms of creating mindmaps for many of the sessions but also through coordinating associates who took photographs and video interviews. The web based record of the event was there 2 days later - an excellent piece of work. So far all I have mentioned is what he did. It is how he did it that was even more impressive - professionally but with humour and lightness. Oh, and I may have forgotten something even more important - an incredibly helpful and above all nice guy. I am now actively seeking other ways of involving Andrew in what we do."

Philip M Williams

"Won' t complicate things Just a simple message to reflect the way that Andrew makes things so simple to understand. Andrew is passionate about the important things and really does know his stuff. Spend some time with him and you'll see what I mean."

Thomas Power

"The mindmap Guru in this place Andrew is a Master of the ear, the pen and the screen and can combine all three at the same time. Rare. A delightful man, perfectly mannered, delightful company and a true friend at least to me. Thoroughly recommended for his charm, sophistication, engineers mind and output. "

Brian Marcel

"I really enjoyed Andrew's Mind Manager Class and found him an excellent teacher and hugely passionate about what he does. However what impressed me more was the after sales service when he went out of his way to help me with my presentations and inexperience. I know as a Mac user I am considered rather a freak! Many thanks Andrew and look forward to further challenges on the golf course!"

Maurice Poole

"Andrew has repeatedly shown himself to be a great collaborator in business most encouraging extremely helpful very kind which go together with other character traits to make a networker of deservedly high repute. "

Mark Lee

"As others have noted Andrew is generous with his time and knowledge. We ran through a new project I am developing during a 121 this afternoon. During our chat Andrew was offering insightful observations and ideas. He also mapped the discussion and highlighted the benefits of funnel timelines which I suspect could be an invaluable service to many novice project managers. I have just factored one of his simple suggestions into my cashflow forecasts. As he predicted it makes an enormous difference and should help to ensure I get the project of the ground quicker and more easily than I had previously thought. Many, many thanks Andrew. What a bright man - and good company too. "

Victor Marques

"He is a fair man, looking around, helping you! He his brave and his name is Andrew! I gave to him a bottle of my my lovely Xara , and he said its ok, its fine! Sorry:"hasnt had the wine, he gave it to "the Naked Grape" Such a kind gesture! I will be grateful for life to such a wonderful mate."

Noel Austin

"I have now attended two of Andrew's Master Classes. As a long time, but not very sophisticated, user of Mind Manager, I wanted to develop my competence and extend my use of the product into new areas, and Andrew's workshops fit the bill. His events are of high value, well structured and competitively priced, and I recommend them unreservedly. Thank you Andrew."

Mike "Magic" Segall

"Andrew is true networker who really understands how to apply his theoretical skills to practical applications. The person who has finally got me to understand the visual art of mind mapping and apply it to my knowledge of business process engineering. I could not recommend Andrew more highly as a thinker and designer of processes and procedures that are repeatable and work. He is genuine, thoughtful and as has been mentioned before has a very dry sense of humour and great intelligence. Thank you for your help to date Andrew and in advance for the future. Mike "

Sal Assiri

"Andrew is a fascinating and passionate man . I would advise you to visit his profile , clubs he is leading or involving with. Then , you will know in deed what I mean...By the way I'm alwsys known to have right and sound prediction of others' personalities... so take it as a fact from me .. Keep the good work Andrew .. Thank you Sal "

Neil Urquhart

"I asked for help on BlackStar skype chat and Andrew got back to me quickly. He very helpfully pointed out some things I hadn't been aware of in terms of webpages and helped me plan my website better. Thank you, Andrew!"

Duncan Taylor

"Andrew is very generous with both his knowledge and time. Many thanks! Duncan"

Kevin Woodward

"Thank you Andrew - within hours of crossing paths, Andrew was already looking out for me. Fantastic - thankyou again"

Michael Beale

"Very impressed with Andrew's 90 minute session on the Ecademy website. I believe the website is is one of Ecademy's plus points and understanding how to use it is key to get full value out of Ecademy. Thanks Andrew,"

James Coakes

"Thank you for the very useful advice, Andrew. "

Philip M Williams

"Andrew Many thanks for the afternoon session on how to get the most out of ecademy - it was very useful and thought provoking. ...and I now know that I have a lot to do to get things set up properly. Look forward to catching up again soon and have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Regards Philip"

James McCurrach

"I went along to tonight's Accessing and Exploiting the Ecademy Web Site session as a relative newcomer. Andrew painted a clear picture of what ecademy can offer, how it works and how to use it to your best advantage (recognising that we might all want something different from it). Through his use of mind-maps he helped visualise both what we wanted to get out of it and how it could help us. He clearly knows his stuff and has a great teaching style, the two hours flew by... Thanks, James"

Christine Miller

"Andrew is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun - his understanding of ecademy and his clarity make him a great teacher, and as a fellow Mind Mapper I applaud his use of Mind Manager to simplify and illustrate. Definitely a man to cultivate! best wishes, Andrew, Christine"

Sally Kavanagh

"My two hours spent learning more about ecademy from Andrew were two hours very well spent, as well as being very interesting and enjoyable. Like many things, I had been meaning to do more with ecademy but had never quite got around to it - Andrew took me clearly and concisely through the opportunities that ecademy offers which saved me many hours of finding out for myself. I have already started and am really enthusiastic to do much more - I shall be blogging! I also got a quick insight into Mindmaps which was a real bonus. Thank you Andrew Sally Kavanagh, Atracks Ltd"

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Never met Andrew, but sure am looking forward to meeting him someday. He is a very caring person and an essential member of this great community. God Bless you Andrew. Love Rajesh +44 (0) 1785 256797 07837 895052"

Mark Lee

"I first met Andrew some months back and much enjoyed our chat, his warm personality and his dry, quiet humour. Since then I have seen Andrew many times and have witnessed him sharing his mindmaps and ideas to benefit other people. Earlier today we were part of a teleconference call with Fraser Hay. Of his own volition Andrew created a quick mindmap of the call including all off the links to documents and resources to which reference was made. This is a great example of the benefits of what Andrew does. The speed of his willingness to freely share it with everyone who was on the call also says a lot about the kind of guy he is too. Many thanks Andrew."

John Holden

"Andrew trained me on web export from MindManager using screen sharing and Skype. This is a really cost-effective, energy efficient and time-saving way to meet and share material, and I can't recommend the approach highly enough. Web export is an area that I'd only dabbled in, despite several years' intensive use of MindManager and around 500 mind maps, most produced in customer situations including live meetings. The training provoked lots of ideas, and I'm still discovering new ways to use the tools and techniques that we discussed. MindManager can bring ideas from your head to the web quickly, in an organised way, and then give you the power to maintain, revise and refresh your ideas with economy of effort and time. Andrew can get you there sooner! He also pointed me in the direction of Consulting Ecademists Network. Thanks Andrew - it was a very valuable hour."

John Cave

"We have only bumped into each other a briefly few times but I feel I must write this........Andrews' mind must be one big mind-map...... Why? He has sent a few good contacts my way by understanding my business instantly (unusual...), and through one of them I am writing for the leading magazine for my target audience - fantastic! I say once more, thanks Andrew!"

Kris Vanhoutte

"Even in his first mail, Andrew helped me by giving tips to improve my profile on Ecademy. I think this kind of persons are the backbone of Ecademy. Thanks a lot Andrew :-) "

Charles Cockburn

"Andrew is great. After eight months as a power networker he provided me with three hours' training on intermediate use of the ecademy website which has made me understand the potential of the site so much better than before. This vital training was undertaken at a special rate for ecademists. I have long been aware of the power of mindmaps, and generally use them to plan just about everything - business and personal. But I've never seen mindmapping done on a Mac until now. Life enhancing stuff - Thanks Andrew!"

Graham Jones

"Andrew's understanding of mind mapping and MindManager is absolutely brilliant. He can distill down complex messages into easy to understand mind maps. But more than this he can help you benefit from mind mapping. If you run a business, go to meetings or need to take notes, make sure you speak to Andrew first. He'll help you revolutionise the way you work. "

Simon Morice

"Andrew is a man of his word. He wastes no time fulfilling promises. He also looks for ways of making helpful promises..."

Younas Aamir

"MindManger is an amazing tool from Andrew. Younas Aamir"

Mike Turner

"Swift to connect Andrew is an asset to Ecademy and I wish him every success for the future - ALLCALMA"

Sally Bean

"Andrew's new series of online Mindmanager events is well worth checking out. Without leaving your desk, you can listen and watch as he demonstrates the power of the tool on your pc screen, and ask him questions about how to make the most of it. I'm a seasoned mindmanager user, but am now making the transition to using a tablet PC. Having just seen Andrew's Tablet Mindmanager demo, I now feel much more confident to get the most out of this technology."

Michael Birley

"Andrew has been a real help and introduced me to MindManager. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it properly to save me lots of time in all sorts of areas. Thank you for being so pro-active Andrew. Best regards Michael "

Fiona Howarth

"I have just done a totally amazing course on MindManager and websites with Andrew. I was exhausted (brain ache), gobsmacked and inspired all at the same time at the end of the course. Not only will it save me loads of money on setting up websites (or doing website planning for clients), it will help in so many ways...including helping to organise my presentations and my grand plans for future world domination (only joking here!!). It was so good, I told him to put his prices for training up! So get in there quick! Many thanks - "I'll be back"!!"

Amanda Simpson

"Andrew has been fantastic at giving me support in getting my profile sorted and also advice on getting the most from ecademy. A very professional and supportive approach that I feel lucky to have found at the start of my journey with ecademy. Thanks Andrew youre a star!"

David Hain

"A generous guy who responded promptly and provide the simplest guide to Ecademy that I've beenable to find. Thanks Andrew"

Michael McNulty

"Andrew attended my Petersfield Ecademy talk last week and of course had his Mind Manager Tablet with him. I didn't think any more of it other than wishing I was better at mind mapping than I currently am. Anyway, to my surprise, I got home yesterday to a message from Andrew that contained the Creative Communications Toolkit that we send out translated as a Mind Map - this was unprompted and shows you how generous Andrew is - Thank you Andrew - you under promise and over-deliver. I will be seeing you on Thursday at the golf and want to discuss ways in using your immense skill in making messy things simple!!!!!!!!! All good wishes Michael"

Terry Toms

"I wrote Andrew a short testimonial before I really knew him. I was talking with Maurice Poole about Andrew and was motivated to check as he had given me valuable assistance when I spoke at Haslemere ecademy. He not only runs a great club but his use of mind mapping has been a constant reminder to me of the varied value of this software tool - in helping to organise muddled thinking and review the logic behind courses of action. He will also provide objective feedback if you ask him - this is rare and valuable. He is someone you should network with if you can. Terry "

Ben Boverman

"I am very happy to network with Andrew. Thank you so much."

Kim Searle

"Andrew a very knowleadgeable person regarding e-cademy. The training event I attended recently, provided a really good overview to allow new starters to get up and running quickly, particularly as it was tailored to the needs of the group - so if you need to make better use of the e-network, then get yourself along to one of these events! "

Mark Lythgoe

"I recently attended Andrew's Ecademy workshop in Alton and found it to be hugely beneficial. I now feel more able to utilise the massive potential that Ecademy offers, and found Andrew's style to be friendly, professional and engaging. I definately recommend these workshops to anyone who has just joined, or feels slightly daunted by the range of opportunities Ecademy offers."

Maurice Poole

"Andrew is the one that showed Ecademy and the BBC R4 'In Business' programme on networking featuring its leaders to another network and it all encouraged me to come and try. I've travelled miles to see and hear him talk on MindManager which I already used, and would do so again. He has challenged and encouraged me here and I hope that will continue. Thank you, Andrew."


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