Alfred Armstrong

Alfred Armstrong

Technical Director, Figure W Limited


Alfred Armstrong is a web developer specialising in PHP/MySQL technologies such as Drupal and Wordpress.

Conscientious Web Development

Getting the best value from your developer

Choosing the right person to develop your web site can be tricky. Sharp practices and shoddy workmanship are all too common. That's why I strive to develop an open, transparent relationship with each of my clients, keeping them always informed and in control. There are no hidden extras nor tie-ins and I warranty my work fully against faults. I specialise in the development of sites based on open source software including Drupal (the engine behind Ecademy) and WordPress. I use these in particular because they enable me to create sites that are flexible, search-engine friendly, accessible, and easy for my customers to maintain for themselves. With around three decades of commercial IT experience, (summarised on my LinkedIn profile) I know how to understand your needs and turn them into working form. I won't try to blind you with jargon, but instead I'll endeavour to explain any options clearly so you can make an informed choice. To discuss your requirements, call me on 07783 386951.

Don't just take my word for it

Working with Alfred from Figure W was great, he knows how to use Drupal to do what is needed and make the project happen. I am very happy with his insight into what features will be useful to the end user without laboring on what will not be as effective.
— Yates Buckley, unit9.
Alfred's a great PHP guy, with an instinctive grasp of database structures that means he can get dynamic data-driven websites working in short order. (Well, I'm talking about a three-hour deadline here!) Also a thoroughly nice bloke!
Chris Worth.
Having chosen Figure W to work on the build of our website I immediately knew we had made the correct choice. Figure W were friendly, helpful beyond the call of duty and uncompromisingly professional in their approach to our needs. I would recommend Figure W wholeheartedly to everyone.
— Simon Williams, drinkmilk.

A bit of a life

In 1976 I was the only punk at the Polytechnic of Central London, although I stupidly failed to see the Sex Pistols perform at the 100 Club, only a short walk from my digs. In 1978 I was playing bass in the justly forgotten Worthing-based band Twist and Shout, and starting my programming career at Sun Alliance at Horsham. In those days it was all Cobol and punched cards. Turnaround times meant it could take days just to get a program to compile, let alone working to spec. Since those days, I've acquired an awful lot of records and a lot of awful books (some of which you can read about on my Odd Books site), continued to do stuff with computers and turned into the sort of middle-aged man I would have decried in my youth: a settled family man with partner, daughter and two dogs. (The dogs are the only ones that'll consent to my naming them here: Bernie and Lola, wayward German Shepherds. Their interests are sleeping, eating and bothering rabbits). We all live, not in a yellow submarine, but in a crumbling 300-year-old house in Great Torrington, North Devon. It's a small market town with a friendly atmosphere and a justified reputation for mild eccentricity, noted for burning things in the name of charity. In the middle of 2006 I was made redundant so I took advantage of the opportunity to set up my own company, Figure W.

Call me

Phone Alfred Armstrong now on 07783 386951 for expert guidance on your web site needs.



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Dan "Green Internet" Knowlson

"Ever helpful and friendly, Alfred is a great source of advice and help with WordPress. He definitely knows his stuff and is always keen to help people out. A great connection to have and a thoroughly nice chap to boot :-)"


"Speedy interaction and attention to detail! Thumbs up for Al!"

Robert Zarywacz

"It's always enjoyable to meet Alfred and he participates enthusiastically to North Devon club events. Alfred knows his stuff when it comes to internet development and applications and I'd have no hesitation asking him for his services in these areas."

Richard Derwent Cooke

"Alfred very kindly came ot my rescue when my blog was doing weird things. He clearly understand ohow WordPress works and was very generous with his help and expertise. I certainly appreciated his help and attitude and would commend him to you"

Redouane Zizi

"The Joy of Being in Academy is when you meet true professionals and caring people like Alfred. Always ready to help, to answer questions, and provide solution. If you are looking for trust, go no further, contact Alfred, he is gracious and terribly helpful. Only through referrals can we truly trust the source. Thanks Alfred for being there for us all. :) "

Lee Smallwood - changing perceptions

"What Alfred doesn't know about web development, isn't worth knowing! He continues to be a wealth of knowledge and even though my questions keep coming he always has an answer to my problems. Thank you alfred. I can't recommend you enough. "

Andrew Wilcox

"Alfred Has been very helpful in a blog about Problem with file download from my web site. This morning over the phone and via desktop sharing for 45 minutes, we resolved the issue of displaying the file size for a trial software download from my web site. If you need help with PHP seek out Alfred"


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