This club is your gateway to Europe. Through networks like Ecademy the whole world is just one big city, but there are still big differences in behaviour and cultures between all countries and continents. We want to be your hub and gateway for your business- and social relations to and from Europe ... and even within Europe. We have members from all around the world. It should help to get to know each other - our cultural and national differences and the values that we share. It's about understanding the differences, respecting them, building the bridges and collaborations. Please let us know who you are, what are you doing, what drives you and what are you searching for. Tell us the interesting news to discuss, provoke, inspire, move. The quality of the club and the results depend on you, so JUST DO IT. Be here, be active, be yourself, make this club yours and enjoy!
P.S.: This is not a business club. All commercial offers will be deleted. We suggest you to use marketplace for those. Thank you for your understanding.