Cathleen Wilk

Cathleen Wilk

Writing, Tourism Management, Hotels, Commercial Recreation, Systems Engineer, Ms.




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Jennie Lawrence

"Hello Cathleen!! Nice to have you here on Ecademy .. I do hope that you find the people here very helpful and That you are doing well during this economic downturn, recession, depression We find ourselves in .. Hopefully Ecademy will do as it promises and Lead you to make many great and Full-filling relationships with others I did find a few good new friends off of this network and For the most part people are delightful here also When I got to Ecademy in Aug. 2008 or there abouts Free Ecademy allowed much more freedom and use than it does today. But it was also more expensive to be orange $10+ or blackstar $140 per month So I prefer to remain free with restrictions .. Have a good day and weekend coming, Warmest wishes, Jennie skype: jennie.lou.lawrence phone: 703 666 8381 "

Elio Assuncao

"Cathleen is an excellent fellow networker, and I have been highly impressed on the quality of her work. "


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