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Andrew Horder

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Who am I & Why am I here?

A little background about Andrew Horder…

We're all on this earth for a purpose. I recently had my Core Process done, and what I do when I'm at the top of my game is: "Encouraging Potential" I love to encourage people, businesses, and people in businesses, to achieve the very best that they can - to fulfil their potential to the full.
How do I do that? I use a talent that I call "Inquisitive Analysis™" to get people to focus on what's really important to them, and to find ways to help them get to their objectives. It might be as simple as identifying that their idea or plan has value and should be pursued, or that they have a special ability that they should make full use of. Or it might be reminding them of what they were passionate about last time they spoke to me, or putting them in touch with something or someone who can help them take advantage of what they've got.
My networking style is varied - I like to form strong relationships with a relatively small group who share my take on things, but I also like, and need, to expose myself to people with other viewpoints and experience. I firmly believe that "in variety lies opportunity", so I am as likely to connect with someone totally different to me, and with whom there's no obvious business synergy, just to see what might fall out. For me, the strength of Ecademy is the variety of types of people on it, and the variety of reasons for being here - from pure business to pure altruism and everything in between. I subscribe fully to Leon Benjamin's "Winning by Sharing" approach - the days of seeing other individuals as competitors are over. We are all different, so even if several of us appear to be addressing the same needs of the same customers, each of us will do it in slightly different ways - ways that could be added together to give a better solution to the customer's needs.

I also subscribe to the "Pay It Forward" principle - I don't wait until somebody does something for me before I do what I can for them. Overall in my life I hope I've given as much as I've been given (which is a lot) - but I don't keep a tally.
So if I owe you a favour, don't hold your breath for it to be repaid - I've probably already repaid it to someone else! But if you need a favour, don't be shy to ask - if I can help, I will.
My wealth profile is "Accumulator" See here for more information on Wealth Profiles. For me, that means "combining and refining" what already exists, to make a whole that's greater than its parts. It's not necessarily a quick win, more usually a long-term gain. These days I mainly help business owners focus on their best opportunities, and I use a combination of hard analysis tools and NLP 'coaching' for that. My last corporate experience was in Key Accounts in the DIY industry, and I'd been selling things since my first Saturday job, selling ladies crimplene dresses on Windsor market at age 14! After a spell at Durham University, where I had to 'sell' the professors on my concept of 'residential distance learning' - or staying in bed and not going to lectures, as they saw it, I did a stint in furniture retail, working my way up to management, before I "hopped the fence" onto the supplier side with a number of retail-facing National Accounts roles.


About My Work Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is all about focus - on making the most of your best opportunities, and everyone in your business enjoying themselves while doing it. Opportunities that need managing range from ideas for a new business or to grow an existing one, through to getting the most from your best customers - Key Account Management. The value I add ranges from analysing opportunities and setting strategy, through to ideas implementation and advice on what markets or customers to focus on. At the core of my work is a simple but very effective tool based on multiple criteria decision analysis and a two-dimensional matrix that provides a framework for analysing and focusing on your best opportunities. It's called Opportunity Matrix™ and it's used to identify the business ideas that the people in your business want to do, and you can make money at. In other words to answer the only questions you need to ask in business:
  • "How much do I want to do this?"
  • "Will I make any money at it?"

Opportunity Matrix

My talent of "Inquisitive Analysis™" brought to life.


OPPORTUNITY MATRIX™ gives you an easy way to analyse and prioritise all your opportunities and projects.

You just focus on the best...

Best for cash

Best for enjoyment

Best for your future

To see in detail what it does, and how it can help businesses get more focus, go to the website Opportunity Matrix™was conceived when a colleague was asking for help to analyse and then prioritise all the opportunities he had, and I realised that the analysis engine I had developed as part of my Key Accounts work - the guts of the KAMpro tool - could be adapted to help do just that.
Many meetings and trials later, Opportunity Matrix was born.
It's a real-life example of Blackstar cooperation - with the help of many fellow-Blackstars it went from concept to launch in just two months. Here's a brief (5min) video that explains a bit more about it:


I started my business after leaving the corporate world in 2003, then I took on a full time contract in early 2004 that didn't end until early 2007. I started the company because I believe business shouldn't be as hard as we make it - and the main reason for that is because people don't focus on their best opportunities. My experience in a number of public and private companies was that the most hassle came from the times when companies were least focused on the things that would best take them where they wanted to go. The reason I do what I do, is that I hate to see people making their lives more complicated and stressful than they need to.

About The People I Work With & For

Here are a selection of some of the people I'm regularly working with, either as clients or collaborators:
  • Cloudberry This is a start-up opportunity - we offer a complete PC support service for independent consultants who have been used to IT that just works (or if it doesn't, they just have to call internal IT). The package includes managed back-ups, file synchronisation, remote access to files, server-synced e-mail, helpdesk and guaranteed next working day replacement laptop - with all software and data pre-installed - all for a low monthly payment. My role here is to make sure that internal systems support subscribers effectively, and to translate market needs into a spec that the techies can work with. In other words, getting the focus right.
  • Risk and Safety Plus Owned & managed by ex-senior Fire Officer, fellow-Blackstar, "cynical safety advisor" and all-round good egg, Malcolm Tullett, (and his co-director, Chris Hilder) RS+ provides advice and training on Safety, Health, Environment & Fire (SHEF) to companies ranging from SMEs to major construction companies. I help to focus on the retained clients, to free Malcolm up to see new clients and to work on the strategic methodology he's developed, PROPA™ (Profit through Positive Action)


Life's a learning journey anyway...

I believe in lifelong learning, both informal and formal. I seriously messed up my traditional further education - St Cuthberts Society the non-resident college of Durham University, was a great place to spend my student years in the early 80's, but the great social life meant I didn't attend as many lectures as perhaps I should have. I suppose spending a good chunk of my first year, and part of my third, recovering from a broken leg (Durham's a very hilly place when you're on crutches) didn't help! ....... That and the beer.
Can you tell how proud we all were that day? So my best achievement was to get my MBA with the Open University at the same time as holding down demanding full time roles (and changing jobs 3 times!). I am proud of that achievement. I got a pretty poor first degree (which the whole family agreed it wasn't worth traveling back to Durham to collect), so I was delighted to be able to give my very proud father the chance to see me graduate in full regalia in Ely cathedral twenty years later.
The areas I covered on the MBA (Open University Business School) were:

  • Strategy
  • Financial Strategy (merit - well, I am an Accumulator after all!)
  • Marketing (a bit of a cop-out, I thought, given my background, but I still learned a lot)
  • Managing Knowledge (essential to good opportunity management)


Personal Details

A little about what makes me tick

I live in Horley (Surrey), with my wife, Daniela. She's a qualified NLP Results Coach and Performance Consultant - well, she's been coaching me for years! Her "day job" is in Human Resources, and worked in international banks in the City for many years, now in engineering. She's also a trained Reiki healer - comes in very useful when I'm doing DIY (why is it you only whack your thumb with the hammer when you've taken your gloves off?). We both learned Transcendental Meditation a few years ago, and we try to meditate at least once a day, often twice, and I do find it helps to keep me grounded.
We love to have friends round for dinner parties, when I can indulge my love of red wine. I am not a great fan of white, for reasons involving an extended New Year celebration, a very cold flat, and an extremely poor bottle of Australian Chardonnay, when I was single. We have a plan to move to France where I'll have a proper cellar ('proper' in both location - under the house, not under the stairs - and quantity).
I'm also learning to play my saxophones - I've got an alto and a tenor - and my great ambition is to get a paid gig at Smollensky's on the Strand in London under my playing name of Brew Horber (long story, don't ask - unless it's over a beer!). Click on the video below to see quite how ready I am (not) for that gig!

What really makes me proud?

Two things I have done, and one thing someone said...

Personally: obtaining my MBA at the same time as holding down demanding full-time jobs.
Business: (this was when I was employed) regaining the B&Q business for an employer - and then winning it again when the factory couldn't create the new range in time. I got B&Q to put off a range review by over 6 months, with very little financial cost to the company.
"Andrew… was instrumental in winning, retaining and implementing the £4m intruder alarms business in B&Q" - Mark Finnie, Retail Director, Novar Electrical Devices & Systems.


Here is how I might help you...


  • Getting you or your clients better business from your best opportunities - 'more profit, more fun, less hassle'
  • I have a highly analytical bent, so: putting together customer propositions, analysing proposals and doing cost-benefit-analysis (I did get a merit in Finance on the MBA!), spreadsheets to carry out "what-if" and sensitivity analyses


and how you might help me...


  • Referrals to business owners struggling to stay focused (or to their advisors, who they're driving mad :))
  • Introductions to consultants, coaches and advisors who could use the Opportunity Matrix™ tool or the Inquisitive Analysis™ apporach
  • Anyone who can get me that gig at Smollenskys (though I may need a little time to practice first!)


Real People Who Inspire Me…

If you want to understand the kind of person that inspires me, have a look at these:


Quotes I identify with:


  • "My definition of being successful is contributing something to the world ... and being happy while doing it. .... You have to enjoy what you're doing. You won't be very good if you don't. ... And secondly you have to feel that you are contributing something worthwhile." (Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin)


Finally, it's true - Sax Sells!

Play this clip of me on the Saxophone...

Some key words about me...

Encouraging Potential - my core process fits very well with what I do for work - it's all about helping people get the most out of their business
Penny On - a fantastic concept for charity fundraising by adding a penny to the price of each item you purchase; founder Martin Dewhurst estimates that this could raise £180m for charities
Helpful - if I can help someone with a problem, I probably will
Determined - I'm not easily put off by problems, though there are some who might call me stubborn
Resilient - I firmly believe that everything that happens is for a reason, even if you can't see it at immediately
Open minded - I tend to assume the best of people - and theories - until I'm proved wrong
Persuasive - you can't spend as many years dealing with Key Accounts as I have without learning a bit about persuasion, though for me it only really works if I'm persuaded myself that the customer is better off with my solution.
DIY industry, retail, sales, national accounts, account management: these are all my stock-in-trade - I started in retail, then specialised in Key Accounts in the DIY sector.
Marketing, CRM, relationship management, stakeholder relationship management, category management - I spent several years working with the consumer marketing manager of a major brand, and set up the category analysis function.
Knowledge management - I studied this on my MBA, and I think Knowledge Management is a major part of good Key Account Management - making sure all the appropriate knowledge you have about the account is available to the appropriate team members.
SME - I am interested in getting good Key Account Management into the SME sector
MBA, Open University - did my MBA with the OU.
St Cuthberts Society the non-resident college of Durham University
Over 40 - Like many ecademists, I'm not in the first flush of youth, and just starting out on the journey of being a real businessman, rather than a corporate clone.
Saxophone, jazz, Led Zeppelin - my musical tastes are fairly varied, but as a sax player I couldn't really not like Jazz.
Meditation, reiki - My spiritual side: I try to meditate at least once a day, often twice. Daniela, my wife, is a trained Reiki healer.
Red wine - I love red wine, and plan to move to France where I'll have a proper cellar
Surrey is where I live - for now, until we get the France thing sorted.


    Ima High Blue

Ima High Blue - What colour are you ?

Tips on how to get to know me better

  • Be pleasant
  • Be non assertive
  • Be consistent
  • Be selfless
  • Be open
  • Be supportive of my feelings
  • Be sincere


And finally, a bit of fun:

I'm a Mandarin!

You're an intellectual, and you've worked hard to get where you are now. You're a strong believer in education, and you think many of the world's problems could be solved if people were more informed and more rational. You have no tolerance for sloppy or lazy thinking. It frustrates you when people who are ignorant or dishonest rise to positions of power. You believe that people can make a difference in the world, and you're determined to try.

Talent: 44%
Lifer: 33%
Mandarin: 62%
Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

My EQ is 147

You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
You are warm and open. Even when life gets you down, you're unafraid of the world and its challenges.
You are comfortable with who you are. And you accept your weaknesses - as well as the weaknesses of others.
While you are quite stable, you don't respond perfectly to every bad situation that comes up.
But you have enough emotional intelligence to know when you need a course correction.

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Clare Gillbanks

"I have spent time with Andrew over the last few years in possibly a hundred bars, networking meetings and at most of the OSBSD events that he organises wonderfully. It was when I had a specific client issue to work through a few months ago that he stepped up and offered fantastic advice. That did the trick. A great chap to talk to about many things, connect with and get invaluable support from. I hope it's returned in bucket loads by all the people he helps. Thanks Andrew."

Beth Burgess

"A big thank you to Andrew - we met at a Black Star working lunch and we talked about something I had been stuck on re my business. He immediately picked up on a pattern I had been running that was unhelpful for my business. I had been aware of this pattern but had not yet found an effective way to change it and really believe in the change. Andrew helped me to actually see things in a new way and believe in that rather than feeling like I was pushing myself to believe it. In fact I now feel extremely comfortable with my new belief, which I'd never have thought possible. This has been of enormous help to me personally in being able to grow my business. If anyone's stuck, I'd recommend a chat with Andrew. A very wise 'fool' ;)"

David Shirley

"Organiser of terrific OSBSD - great enthusiasm, excellent content, good food and a valuable experience for me (and I'd be fairly sure I'm not the only one) - will definitely look to attend again. Well done Andrew and thanks. Dave Shirley"

Benn Abdy-Collins

""I'd like to tell you a story about Andrew Horder. I met Andrew at an event he was running in December, 2010. At a face-to-face meeting in January, Andrew took me under his wing and has mentored me by challenging my business and thinking processes. Andrew loves concepts, how systems and structures work, and how to enable them to be more effective. He does this through a clever combination of an wholistic overview and an incisive insight of specifics. I have no idea how Andrew does this but, it is a truly effective process that can only follow a clarity of thought and a determined kindness to enable individuals and organisations to flourish." Thank you for your help, Andrew, Benn"

Richard Bellars

"I was at an excellent Nick Williams evening for the launch of his latest book and had the pleasure to re-connect with Andrew for the first time in months. What a pleasure! It was like we'd spoken only last week. Andrew is a man of sincerity and integrity, he is interesting and interested, he listens fully before coming up with an absolute nugget of a discerning reflection or distinction...and he does so with a heart-felt twinkle in the eye! His blog 'The Busy Fool' shares invaluable insights from the personal investments of research, experience, intellect and a healthy dose of humour. His business projects always represent him - a man of values, value and service. I am grateful to know him and highly recommend."

Roger Vanstone

" I've known Mr H for a couple of years or so and have worked with him on an ongoing project. Andrew is exceptionally talented, reliable, honest and very good Company. He also organised a wonderful 'Old Style' BS day yesterday which was probably the best Black Star day I've been to. It's an honour to be part of Andrew's network."

Georgeanne Lamont

"Andrew is enlightening; read his newlsetter and see for yourself. I recommend it and Andrew. Yours Georgeanne"

Chris Batten

"I found Andrew on the site and I am so glad I did, the newsletter was really well written and made much sense and for that reason I wanted to let you all know that if you do nothing else take a look at the newsletter link. Kind Regards Chris Batten"

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Andrew for being great ...I wish great abundance for you and the ones that you care and love. One of my poems: Every day is a new day… It doesn't matter what you had in the past, The millions that for you can last, Your heart was broken in a different way. Our God just says" stay and pray…" The old time doesn't come back again with pain, Plant the seeds that you can in the same lain, Without seeds flowers you can't see, Be alive with care and cosmic energy. Mere words can't talk or describe, What you have inside, Close your eyes and tell me what you see? A great smile always for free… Kindest regards. Victor Marques "

Huw Williams

"Andrew gave Croydon Ecademy an excellent talk last night, describing how his Opportunity Matrix concept works to help you focus on what matters. Illustrated with examples about buying a Jaguar, the talk generated a lot of discussion and led to a lively an interesting evening. Andrew is clearly someone who thinks deeply about decision-making and I am sure is an excellent coach and support. Thanks Andrew."

Eddie Mullen

"Andrew is a real professional who doesn't let BS get in his way. He is excellent company and I always enjoy meeting up with him for a pint and a good chinwag."

William Buist

"I left a testimonial for Andrew in August 2007 and since then we have continued to interact and discuss many things. I've got to know him much better and I think he has got to know more about me too. He's been a support, and a positive critic, two attributes which few people manage to do effectively, yet Andrew does so effortlessly. Andrew has been an immense help to me personally and I hope that we will continue to grow and challenge each other in the years to come, and that I can return the favour. I recently spent time with him to really get under the skin of Opportunity Matrix and realise how much depth and usefulness this tool has in sorting out priorities and where to focus effort. His style and approach makes the interaction easy and the tool focuses on getting the answers rather than controlling the process, that makes is quite special. If you need to know what to focus on then speak to Andrew and use Opportunity Matrix."

Jon Hunt

"Andrew offers meaningful contact with an eye to opportunities for mutual benefit. Many thanks Jon"

Linda Primos

"I just connected with Andrew, and received a personal messge from him that I thought was automated - silly me!! Andrew clearly takes personal care of his contacts, and even when they're as ignorant as me, he has the time for guidance to aid better networkers on this site. Andrew, thanks a stack for very valuable guidance which produced zero immediate revenue for you - here's hoping I can repay your contribution to my growth!"

Rob Killen

"While Andrew and I plot world domination, and whether or not it happens, it's been my absolute pleasure to work with someone who is not only so damned nice, but a master of understatement, insightful, as Alan says below, intelligent, astute and very smart at what he does. A clever lateral thinker with an eye for an opportunity and the ability to transfer the lessons of business into meaningful messages for customers. Highly recommended and a credit to the Blackstar brand."

Alan Rae - Business Communicator

"I have got to know Andrew quite well over the last 2 or 3 years and worked with him in a couple of situations. I have found him insightful, clear minded and always seeks to generate a positive outcome from the situations he finds himself in. He has a really strong set of principles and a wicked sense of humour. Highly recommended."

Victor Marques

"Andrew is a master of people ...I was very happy to see you in Guildford Event...I wish that all your dreams will come true at once! Kindest reagrds from the best region for Port! Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

John F Galvin

"Excellent service, delivered very very professionally, money very well spent. We hired Andrew to bring us through his opportunity analysis methodology, it was genuinely fantastic. We gained real insights and clarity that will help us for a long time to come. Highly recommended"

Ivor Murray

"Andrew is a lovely person - warm, funny, intelligent and he has an inner strength and integrity that comes shining through. Andrew was kind enough to share his experience with mail order companies when I asked for help in a forum about presenting to a catalogue company. His advice is proving invaluable in helping me to prepare for the presentation and I am very grateful for the time he gave to me. Andrew is without doubt one of the best (and nicest !) people in Ecademy."

Nicole Bachmann

"Andrew is one of those rare people who can talk to both people who love process, and those who hate it, plus understand them as well as be understood by them. - And he can 'translate' the 'language' from one to the other. So in addition to his considerable analytical abilities, he adds the skill to look for and discover insights for the people he speaks and works with. And what's even better, he's developed a process via Opportunity Matrix to illustrate those insights and make the tangible. So if you haven't spoken to him, do so asap. And if you're an entrepreneur struggling with too many opportunities and making a decision which one to go for, stop procrastinating and work with him now. You'll be astounded by the result - and you'll have fun all the way. - Because on top of all his skills and talents he's a joy to be with - and that twinkle in the eye makes my day every time we meet. "

Christine Clacey

"If you are having trouble working out which of the many interesting opportunities you are currently progressing is actually going to be profitable for you AND give you the lifestyle you desire, then Andrew is definitely the person you should be speaking to! He has neatly captured his own ability to make smart decisions in his Opportunity Matrix package - a must-have for those of us that struggle to focus our activities in a way that will reap the rewards we are after. Andrew's honesty and integrity shine through as soon as you meet him. With his wealth of expertise in Key Account Management and his calm, centered, pragmatic, no-nonsense approach it is no wonder he excels at helping his clients manage those challenging customer relationships. Andrew is a real pleasure to know, someone who you just know is on your side and looking out for your best interests, a safe pair of hands and definitely someone you want in your team as a trusted advisor if you really want to succeed in business. "

Ian J Rogers

"I had the previlage of spending some more time with Andrew today. He is a very knowledgeable person and is very keen to help any business owner work out what they should be focussing on when they have many opportunities in front of them. I would therefore not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who needs to work out what they should be doing with their business."

Penny Power

"Today I was very fortunate to have time with Andrew to learn about why so many people like him, talk about him and thank him for what they have done for them. I now understand. Andrew has an awesome understanding of key account management and can apply this to large organisations and SME's with the same passion and determination to make a difference. I was particularly excited by the fact that he helps business owners focus on the right clients and opportunities, an area that can be hard to achieve when opportunities flow and it is tough to say NO. Andrew has made a significant difference to a number of members on Ecademy and I would be very happy to recommend him if you are needing to talk through and understand more about how to manage important clients, maintain their business and focus on what will get you the success you are aiming for."

Stuart Beattie

"A pleasure to know and work with. Andrew's ability to translate ideas and expectations into meaningful numbers within a usable spreadsheet is phenomenal. A very welcome steadying hand in any team. He inspires trust and confidence."

Pierre Demesmaeker

"I only comunicated with Andrew couple of times over the last few days, but I'm happy and honored to know him. He's a true networker and professional, a appreciate and value his opinion and how he brings them forward."

Robert "Profit Magician" Umpleby

"Andrew, Andrew is an unusual type very analytical but warm as well , he has a personality that you immediately warm to. He is a great person to have on your side. It is a pity that we did not get more time to work together in corporate life. I first met Andrew over 15 years ago and it was no surprise to me he has come up with Opportunity Matrix. Don't hesitate to connect with him. Andrew it's great to be back in touch "

Mark Lee

"I've just realised that although I sent Andrew a testimonial after using his opportunity matrix last year I didn't post it here. I've now copied it below. Since then I have got to know Andrew even better and would simply confirm that I share the views of all those who have heaped praise on his positive personal qualities in earlier testimonials. "I offered to test out Andrew's Opportunity Matrix as I was conscious I was juggling too many balls and not focusing sufficiently on any one of them. The matrix was quite easy to use and required me to consider objective criteria for comparing the various avenues I could pursue as a self employed consultant, trainer, mentor, speaker, writer etc. The matrix cleverly distinguishes the financial side of things from the other issues that might affect your choice. I liked the fact that I was able to go back and reappraise my categorisation and rankings of the options and criteria. Ultimately though I found that the choices I needed to make were quite stark. It was really helpful to know that I had been through what is, I suppose, a scientific process. I particularly liked the colour coding and the different sized balls that appeared in each of the four boxes on the final graph. What was interesting for me was not that the confirmation that my new venture was worthy of the time I have spent developing it but that I needed to face up to real life. The matrix has helped me to rationalise my various activities and to focus on those that best meet my various criteria. The matrix is a sophisticated decision making tool that I guess every entrepreneur, consultant and trainer would find very useful if they do not yet focus on a specific niche." "

David Walters

"I recently completed the Opportunity Matrix analysis and coaching with Andrew - and what an amazing experience it was! The system is incredibly easy to use, flexible and provides an intuitive graphical output. The results easily passed the "gut feel" test. Best of all, Andrew's questions really get you thinking about what is important to you as an individual, to your business and to your profitability For the first time in over 4 years I have real clarity about my product line - what needs to be developed, where the opportunities really are - and more importantly where the money will be coming from! We discovered a possible £150k product line that I was ignoring and identified the most mature products to bring to market first to get best leverage for the whole range of services. If you have a too many projects up in the air and not enough resources to land any of them Opportunity Matrix is an essential tool to help you get the clarity, focus and direction you need to take confident action. Call Andrew today because it'll be well worth your time! "

Fraser Hay

"Andrew is understated in every way, and theres more to this professional sales and innovation strategist than meets the eye. It's taken me a while to get to know him, but now that I have, I'm glad I made the effort. Creative. Candid. Curious and Collaborative in every sense of the word, and a "must have" in your network. Rating: 10/10. "

Patrick Moore

"Andrew epitomises everything that's good about the ACCUMULATOR profile: calm, grounded, thoughtful and candid. For all of us on the right-hand side of the model, the STARs, SUPPORTERs and DEALMAKERs, he's the perfect man to "hold the kite strings" and keep us in the real world ;-) Do yourself a favour and connect with someone who'll make sure all that great talk turns into something real.... "

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"Thank You Andrew. . . . Andrew has been helping us get our systems into place and he has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter, we have had excellent service which has always been timely, professional and extremely helpful. We are a lot better organised now than we ever were before. Sharif "

Amanda Edney

"Thank you Andrew for your presentation on 'The Opportunity Matrix' - a fascinating tool which I am sure would be valuable to anyone who, like me has loads of ideas about loads of things but just can't decide what to do first! I hope to meet you again at future events! "

Barbara Dobrinsky Holtzman

"Andrew is a lovely fellow, although far away from me, not too far to reach out to a newcomer. I also can't say enough about his "Opportunity Matrix." I was chosen to help him evaluate the program, and I'm pleased to say my comments made a difference! The new "tarted up" version (I love that term, "tarted up"!) is even better than the original. It's a marvelous tool to calm down all the static in your head that keeps you from finding a clear path to developing and implementing your ideas. I can't wait to integrate it into my personal consulting practice - stay tuned for more glowing success reports!"

Joan Callaghan

"I met up with Andrew the other day to learn about one of his consultancy tools - Opportunity Matrix. I spent several hours with him not only because this product is so helpful to me but because he is such a great guy. So patient, honest and clear - not afraid to provide business challenges - but most of all, a good, honest bloke whom I like very much. His Opportunity Matrix tool, like KAMpro, is only what you would expect from him, thought provoking, challenging and spot on! If you don't kow Andrew or what his business is about and the tools he uses - you are missing out!!!! Book some time with him - he will certainly save you time and money - and you will enjoy it! Thank you for your patience Andrew, and keep on doing what you are doing!"

William Buist

"Andrew is one of the best people I know, his honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and commitment to others is second to none. He is THE expert in Key Account Management, and has developed great products to support prioritisation of key accounts (KAMpro) and of business goals (Opportunity Matrix), that every business can benefit from. Seek this man out today."

Muchina Thuo

"Hello Everybody, Andrew would like to see businesses in Africa given much support.For that, he is a kind person."

Nadia Choudhary

"A place for everything and everything in it's place. Andrew can find the system that can help put everything in its place. Also, an accumulator with the last name Horder, which sounds like Hoarder! This mnemonic device will remind me that he's the man when I need an accumulator! :)"

Ian Plumbley

"What can I say, open honest genuine guy, meet him, he takes awhile to get to know but do it and it will be worth the effort..."

Neil Urquhart

"I spent several hours with Andrew discussing my various projects, potential and actual, and using his Opportunity Matrix™ tool. It has been extremely helpful in determining which projects should be given my top priority and will consequently save and make me a lot of money. If you need clarity from all the different business options you have in front of you, then Andrew is your man."

Anthony Mellor FCA, Tel 0121 314 4750

"A man of flexible mind open to new things and to agreeing to disagree, leaving the space open for anything to happen. I find you very interesting to know. Anthony"

Nigel Whittaker

"Go and talk business with Andrew, he is a great guy who helped me find more clarity in my business vision, even if the conversation was very late at night in the bar after a Blackstar Dinner!"

Viktor Jovanovic

"I enjoyed meeting Andrew at an Ecademy event. I found him intelligent, supportive and helpful. He is interesting, has great ideas and you will enjoy meeting him. Thanks Andrew Viktor A. Jovanovic"

David Walters

"Andrew provided the advice I needed in just the right way to help me clarify my thoughts and get moving in the right direction. Thanks Andrew."

Jean Loyens

"Some people only notice it when others are doing bad things. Some people not only notice it, but they gossip about it with others. Some people notice it when others are doing good things. Some people not only notice it, but they make a comment about it. Some people are like Andrew: they come back and thank you for it... Thank you my friend! Jean"

Hazel-Ann Willson

"Andrew is knowledgeable and passionate with a refreshingly different attitude to business. It's a pleasure to hear him speak. Hazel-Ann"

Jeremy Rush Builders Italy

"I met Andrew, for the first time very interesting guy with some great ideas and I recommend contacting him Regards Jeremy Fix My"

Laurence Lowne

"Insightful, passionate about the needs of others and pretty good company too. What more could a person ask for in a contact? Delighted to have Andrew in my network."

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Andrew is a very professional and smart man. I look forward to working closely with him in the near future. I would recommend that you get to know him personally. Best wishes, Bill"

Ron Bates

"Andrew has been very kind to reach out to me and offer assistance in coming up to speed on Ecademy. I'm very glad to have made the connection."

Nick Heap

"Kind, thoughtful, gentle supportive and an excellent listener - a rare combination."

Thomas Power

"Solid, steady, insightful, reliable. A great connection for anyone seeking an Accumulator. "

John Cave

"I love this site.... How else can you connect with such a wealth of experience and expertise? It's just as well that Costa Coffee have to close at some point, as we'd probably still be talking.... I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and I have a good feeling about it. I don't know when or how, but I think we will work together sometime. He is an excellent advisor, impartial, experienced, giving, and will tell you how it is. If you are in any way involved in retail/manufacturing you need to have Andrew in your network. He also has good taste in music ;)"

Trevor Tierney

"First contact, which I have had with Andrew, was for him to offer me a little criticism. This in it’s self must be hard, more so that it is done on the first point of contact. Thanks Andrew as your views were well founded. Regards Trevor "

William Buist

"Andrew is ready to step forward and be counted - thanks Andrew"

Jackie Arnold

"Andy has many qualities that make him an excellent consultant. He has a wealth of experience and I have found him to be an empathetic listener and someone who is not afraid to call a spade a spade! Kind regards Jackie Arnold"

alan coutts

"Interesting, thoughtful, analytical, constructive. Thanks, Alan"


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