Andrew Widgery

Andrew Widgery

Group operations director, i-Cast


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  • Commercial consultancy or Interim management on an agreed per day basis
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    The family in Italy August 2010 Italy; me and my beautiful girls :)

    I love people; I love connecting people to ideas to the good and benefit of all I can reach. My core process is "Inspiring success" and I still find it fascinating when I look back at my working life, the roles I have really excelled in were all around inspiring success in others. So that's why I like to be active in anything that does just that as I know it will give me the greatest rewards but that doesn't always relate to financial ones - that's OK.
  • I'm available to assist your business by using my many years of commercial experience to assist other organisations in their commercial objectives, whether providing practical assistance and guidance on ideas of progressing their services and products and how to take this to market or recruitment and sales training and management. I offer these on an agreed number of days per month to provide flexibility and financial affordability
  • Having come from what I now realise was a very privileged and stable background I have much to thank my dear parents who although have sadly passed away, I will always hold most dear to me.
  • I would be delighted to connect with you and to know how I can introduce you to either those you seek or opportunities your business needs whether it is contacts, those with key business knowledge or you are seeking a trusted and reputable source of supply or service, I will endeavour to assist you.
  • I was closely involved in the management team of the former owners of this platform (Ecademy business network) for over three years as National UK Director which I loved and ran training courses throughout this period on how to network where I trained over 2,500 members, I feel I have a strong empathy for fellow Networkers and those investigating its benefits and how to do it.
  • For those just starting their Networking journey here, can I suggest you read this blog of mine and hope it helps you.
    • This year's focus.
    • Developing a wider awareness of our Internet broadcasting platform to solo artists and bands and similarly to the coverage of various sporting events and other events.
    • Secondly to find and support up and coming artists who have the talent and need that helping hand through our broadcasting technology and give them a global reach to all their fan base as well as extending the longevity of very established artists too.
      • My commercial activity
      • One of my commercial hats is working with a team of very clever individuals into the launching of several channels to offer HD  quality broadcasting LIVE in REAL-TIME of events whether sporting, music concerts or any other where there is a broad global or national interest and delivering this to i-phones, i-pads, PCs etc and other portable equipment on a pay to view basis.
      • Many sporting events for example have hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world but cannot watch their favourite team or player live; only a downloadable post production of an edited version usually from the club's web site or not at all if their team isn't in the top echelon of the sport.
      • Behind the scenes footage and player interviews will be also be included to add a greater dimension to the event or occasion. We are also engaging with many singers both very established ones and emerging stars who although perform to several thousand, the majority of their fan base never gain entry either because seats are sold out or they live overseas. So the artists ask us to broadcast live to their global audience via the Internet with the artist getting additional substantial income and the fans get to see their idols LIVE where ever they are in the world providing they have Internet access. The commercial interest has taken us a little by surprise though we never doubted the potential.
    • Ultimately I want the platform used to broadcast a series of educational channels to the world, to those who do not have a school or University near them; those in the third world countries; they too deserve access to knowledge and education.


        • A little about my home life
        • Working primarily from my home office, it allows me to see plenty of the children, which always has a wonderful grounding effect the moment I enter the front door from work or a hectic day. I melt when they are close to me. I hold the belief that it is not until you have your own children do you ever really understand the depth and extent of love that your parents held for you. Whilst you might never have doubted it, the extent and unquestionable and unconditional love I find very profound. I am blessed with having four daughters, Rosanna who is 23 and last year left Gloucestershire Uni in Cheltenham with a 2:1 in Advertising and now secured a great role with a mjor advertising company in London. 
        • Georgia who is 21 and reading Psychology at Leeds is spending her third year in industry and returns to Leeds in Sept 2013 to do her finals, Florence 15 and Mimi 12 who are both at my old school Seaford College and doing great. My family below are my raison d'etre. Throughout my life, I have always had a love of women but never dreamt I'd be living with five!! They are to me a constant source of wonderment and I cherish and love them all and through them, I have found the value in being a daddy and a husband which motivates me to do my best. They are all different but wonderful in their own special way - they are my life.



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Flavio Silva

"Very nice work. I found the profile very active and interesting. Beautiful family. Congratulations!"

Tina Jonasen

" I had the great pleasure of meeting Andrew IRL at the "Social Media SM2 Reseller Retreat" at Warren House on the 28th of January 2010 - a meeting I had been looking very much forward to, since we have been corresponding for years now! Unfortunately we didnt find the time for an actual 121, but you can feel, a mile away - how interesting and gentle a man Andrew is! On top of that Andrew is a Super Networker (and so say all of us :-) - so do yourself the favor and get to know this man!!! With these words I will leave you to a continued Glorious Day with wishes for future Prosperous common Networking, "

Lucas Wyrsch

"Andrew is an open, random and supportive networker who offered me three years ago to take the lead on Ecademy Switzerland at a moment when there were only 46 members on board. I was very enthousiastic with Andrew's offer and promised him to develop Ecademy Switzerland. Thanks to Andrew's support Ecademy Switzerland has now over 9,000 members and is actually global N° 6 and the largest country group in Europe on Ecademy! I know Andrew as an open, honest, reliable, trustworthy, helpful and proactive friend who freely and generously shares ideas, thoughts, knowledge and wisdom to help his friends achieve their goals. I am very happy, proud and privileged to work with him and to be his friend. If you ever need a hand on networking, Andrew is a great expert and an amazing guru you always can trust on! He has an amazing network of contacts and knows many people in all sorts of industries and geographical areas. Andrew is an example of a great, wonderful and altruistic support. Networking is all about giving and Andrew offers you his assistance without counting. Andrew is one of the best networkers I know! I warmly recommend Andrew to all my colleagues, peers and friends. Kind regards Lucas Swiss Business Club"

Bunny Parkinson


Davina Nicholas

"Hi Andrew What beautiful pictures of you and your whole family, rich in love and joy. That is what life's experiences should be like. I wish you even more happiness and God's blessing. Davina Here is my new UTube video, which I am very proud off - hope you enjoy it. "

Susan Valentine

"Dear Andrew - Your profile impressed me!! I can see you are a successful man, and with all those stunning ladies behind you - we can only imagine! Reflecting a joyful, loving family life that runs over into business! Excellent! May you continue to be blessed ! "

Christian Brunet Levitan

"Love is here"

Harold Smith

"Hello Andrew: Thank you for your personal qualifications and the people to confirm it. I am in sunny California.and have not been to England since 1943. I have made good contacts with Ecademy all over the world but I am selective in accepting invitations. I accept yours. Thank you!. I am a worldwide facilitator in Currency, Gold, and Financial instruments. Always seeking honest people. Every day is still a new experiience. Harold J. Smith SKYPE: hjay30911. "

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Andrew, Its great having you as an Ecademy contact - your profile inspires me and I love your style. All the best, Antonio Magico"

Victor Marques

"Andrew is a great friend that i have in UK. I will be happy to meet you soon and have a glass with you. One of my poems. A rainbow will lend in my land, You are clear like the palm of your hand, The world sometimes is unkind, Friends you always will find...! Just carry on with candles in the night, Traditional way of making light... The stars and angles are true, God loves you...! When the roads are uncertain or vain,, Don't think about your pain, Just love the same way that you do, Flowers in the fields are for you... Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Tord Sand

"Andrew, an honour to be a part of your network! I can feel at this early stage that you are a real intresting and honest personality, and i will for sure recommend you to my network any time you need a good contact or backup in Sweden or International. I also rated you as good! Feel free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think i can do for you? Respectfully yours Tord WellnessCoach"

Angie Davies

"I found Andrew to be a genuine and professional businessman. I was lucky enough to attend the Business Scene network event in Guildford at the Mercedes Benz showroom, which was excellent. I made some valuable contacts and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would strongly recommend Andrew and also the events he organises to anyone and everyone in business. regards Angela Davies The Set Up - graphic design services "

David Nunn

"I have known Andrew now for many years and can tell you he is open, honest, reliable, trustworthy, helpful and indeed I am proud and priveleged to say a good friend. If you ever need a hand on almost any subject (or just to bounce some ideas), especially on networking, Andrew's your man! He knows so many people in all sorts of industries and geographical areas. His current work in Business Scene is also complimentary to networking in Ecademy, LinkedIn etc. and their meetings are well worth attending! Here's an example of his unselfish support. A few years ago, Andrew helped me acquire a new business contract by sending an email out to all Surrey ecademy networkers! 6 hours later (and that's fast!), with 8 responses, I agreed a new contract which lasted nearly 2 years! I will always be indebted to Andrew for that! Networking is all about 'giving', and Andrew does just that. Keep up your fantastic support Andrew - you're a golden networker! Warmest regards, David"

Pratyush Agarwal

"Andrew is very quick for Networking and very decent way to communicate. Regards Pratyush"

Andrea Prince :-)

"Thanks for being in my network!! I am so impressed with your profile... Hope you have a very prosperous New Year!! Kind regards Andrea"

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"Welcome to my network, Andrew, for now that´s all I can say... hoping that our friendship starts not tomorrow, but today Looking forward to hearing from you. Claudia visual artist "

Angga Tanuwijaya

"It's a privilege to know Andrew Widgery. Thanks for being connected"

Cammile K.

" Mr. Andrew is a great networker , friend , kind helper a true Ecademist ! My advise is to add him in your networking! Blesses and Warm Regards to you and to your family , Cammile"

Victor Marques

"Just carry on with candles in the night, Traditional way of making light... The stars and angles are true, God loves you...! When the roads are uncertain or vain,, Dont think about your pain, Just love the same way that you do, Flowers in the fields are for you... Andrew is someone that you cant never forget... a good heart man that just love true people.. A big hug to you and the ones that you love... Warmest regards. Victor Marques "

Sadie Murray

"I only just met Andrew, and while this is not my normal mode of operation, I could not wait...I just had to write this testimonial now, this very moment! Why? I was so inspired by the warmth and sincerity in the short note of welcome I received. I went immediately to Andrew's profile and when I was finished reading through it, he and his family were no longer strangers! It is difficult to describe, and perhaps would seem self-serving if I tried! Like Mustapha says "You touched me...You touched my world...You touched my soul". You have a beautiful family and an extraordinary gift of sharing who you are with words,written and spoken. I am glad we met! Our journey has just begun. Cheers! "

Victor Marques

"Thanks a lot dear friend Andrew for your very kind just love people...and your birth right is prosperity because you help others with a sincere smile ....your daughter is superb....I will be very pleased to be on your side and celebrate your victories with a glass of wine... Douro Valley and small producers love you as well the ones that you love... Kindest regards from the best region for port Wine! Victor Marques"

Victor Marques

"I met Andrew several times in UK and Im very happy to have such a fantastic master of people...Thanks dear Andrew for being great asset for any networking group! Life is a fantastic way of showing the power of the relationship... I wish that all yor dreams come true at once! From the best region for vitiviculture i raise my full glass of wine to you and the ones that you love... Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Mariéme Jamme

"My intuition proved me right today! I had the Honour to meet Andrew. Wow! What a gentleman! Andrew is honest, kind, respectful, supportive, knowledgeable, connected and very much focused on what he wants to achieve! He is ready to give before receiving! A really nice guy! Highly recommended! "

Matthew Newnham

"Andrew is one of those people you just click with instantly. He has a depth of business development experience, knowledge and insight - and he isn't afraid to share these generously. He has an impressive track record that he wears lightly, with a very upbeat approach to business. It's also clear that Andrew has a very strong set of grounded values - something that I find an increasing number of people value highly. Andrew's style is relaxed but focused, and I find him a pleasure to do business with, as he really epitomises the 'Winning by Sharing' ethos."

Melanie König

"Andrew has been such a good support on ecademy and in "real" life. He is very patient in explaining all the technical details and has always got a friendly word for you, even if he is in a hurry. To know him and his family has enriched my life. Thank you for everything."

Severin Cazanescu

"Andrew is a very kind and warm person. When I joined the Ecademy, several months ago, he offered me his full support and guidance. Thank you Andrew! Severin "

Helena Marshall

"Firstly Andrew answered my message, secondly he provided a fantastic contact and thirdly he did this quickly. He is clearly efficient, energised and passionate about effective networking, an asset to ecademy. Thank you."

David Nunn

"Andrew has always been supportive - not only from an Ecademy standpoint but also from a personal one. You can always rely on Andrew to deliver what he promises. At relatively short notice, he recently presented to Weybridge Ecademy Club on the latest Ecademy activities and how to get the best form the web site. The feedback from our members has been very positive! I can highly recommend Andrew as an excellent networker - not only do I count on him as a colleague but also as a friend! Warmest regards, David"


"WOW! Magical, refreshing and respect! These were my first words when meeting Andrew for the first time... Next to being a great listener, he is a genuine expert with a magical networking attitude. Talk to him and experience what an exceptional 'giver' he is! For me, he IS the perfect example of a networker! I am honoured to be part of his vast network... All the best with Business Scene! Enjoy every day, Bert Bert VERDONCK Create, Connect & Contribute Clubleader : Ecademy Antwerp, Ecademy Mumbai and BlackStar Belgium! Read my blog: "

Rosie Hatton

"Andrew is one of the most genuine, kind and selfless people I've ever met. In all the years I've had the pleasure of his friendship, I've never heard him say a negative thing. That's not to say that he doesn't have strong opinions, but that he's respectful and diplomatic about even the thorniest of subjects. Many a difficult issue would benefit from his gentle wisdom. He goes out of his way to ensure that YOU get the most from any time you spend with him and I urge you to connect with Andrew, as soon as you can. "

Michael McNulty

"Having met up with Andrew this week, I feel that I now have a new friend and not just an acquaintance. We only had time to scrape the surface and I already know that Andrew is one of the good guys! He exudes integrity. His values are rock solid and he has a generosity of spirit that makes you reluctant to leave his company. His wealth of business acumen is going to create a formidable force in partnership with Warren Cass and Business Scene. Keep close to Andrew - maybe some of his magic will rub off on you."

Suzanne Cauchi

"I was privileged to meet this warm, charming and altruistic gentleman yesterday. Eric says it all so well below but he's also given me loads of great ideas about how to improve my online reputation and credibility. Wow! What he doesn't know about networking isn't worth knowing. It was such a pleasure meeting someone who genuinely gets so much out of helping others. Thanks Andrew."

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"I am deeply indebted to Andrew who is helping me to understand my profile, what it says about me and how it says it. It would be insulting to say that Andrew "knows" Ecademy and "understands social networking". He has a great depth of knowledge of the mechanics, the interactions and the tools that make Ecademy work so well together with all the tips and tricks to make it work better. Thank you."

Nick Ingram

"It's not often you can sum up what a man is in one word, and you try things like 'professional', 'dedicated', 'knowledgeable', and others to try to convey their worth. Think about Andrew, and the word, for me, that springs most easily to mind is: "GENUINE" Wanna bet? Have a conversation and make your own mind up. Nick"

Max Blumberg

"I've known Andrew for some time now. Ever a gentleman, ever knowledgeable, and ever wise. If you ever need advice on personal finance, networking, or even your life in general, I recommend Andrew without reserve. "

Ann Moore

"A warm, worldly, wonderful man, Andrew is thoughtful, considerate and caring but also straight-talking and straight-thinking - dedicated and disciplined in both his business and personal life, he's understated, discreet and full of integrity. His excellent reputation and the affection and respect that people genuinely feel for him is thoroughly deserved. Andrew is a pleasure to know and to spend time with, I like and trust him enormously. "

Steve Carvill

"Andrew is a very likeable person, very relaxed and easy to talk to. He is very professional and dedicated to give good advice to help all succeed. A pleasure to know you Andrew :-)"

Eric the meta-coach Van Camp

"I had the opportunity to meet with Andrew two times in Belgium. Both of the times I was charmed by his dedication his eloquence and passion for what he does. We spoke about his sports carreer as a Manager for the UK Triathlon team and in that context too, one can see that he is a perfect team leader... A man , one can be proud to know. "

Fabian Bullen DipPFS

"Andrew is probably one of the quickest msg respondents in Ecadamy - which is more than likely why he is ranked no 7 in UK. I also rate him very highly as gentleman & one whose Ecad knowledge can be relied upon."

Lynn Tulip

"Thank you Andrew for responding to the ecademy 'hiccup', your support and understanding is much appreciated. [especially in the South of England!]"

Polly Sheldon

"Thank you Andrew for your help and offer of support. Makes a huge difference when joining a community as large as ecademy, as it all seems a lot to take in at first. I look forward to joining my local group - thanks for the pointers!"

Odille Rault

"I so appreciate Andrew's warm and supportive advice. Thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to give me advice and feedback, I really value it. Love and Light and Magic Odille xxx"

Matthew Stainer

"My first contact with Andrew was when he answered a posting I had made concerning the financing of a property development. He introduced me to a (non ecademy) contact experienced in this field. I met Andrew's contact, he talked a lot of sense and the whole experience has significantly progressed my thinking. Moreover, just one meeting with this contact has probably already had a positive impact upon the amount of money I am likely to make from the deal. At the same time it has prompted a few ideas of my own which will reduce the associated risks. Nice one Andrew!"

Terry Toms

"I should have written this some time ago as I have known Andrew ever since he joined ecademy, I attended and thoroughly enjoyed a "Widgery Workshop" and felt that he has made an enormous contribution to making ecademy what it is today. Andrew has a great set of values, warmth, enthusiasm and an ability to talk and listen in an inspiring way. His selling style is so soft it is hardly felt, but it is hard to resist someone who really believes his message, has great integrity and strong emphathy. The words "consumate professional" or "one of life's gentlemen" or "helpful friend" spring to mind. He does what he does with a great deal of passion. This inspires others. Terry "

simon alldridge

"As a new boy to ecademy I needed help in finding my feet. Andrew gave up his time to take me through the ropes and made it sound really fresh and exciting. He must be asked the same questions by so many novices, so I have the utmost admiration for his patience as well as his advice. "

Anthony Mellor FCA, Tel 0121 314 4750

"An instantly giving person, honest in giving his opinions and gentle with it. Anthony"


"Not having met Andrew, I have missed meeting one of the most personable, very helpful and genuinely concerned human beings.Always ready to help, support and be there, one of my first connections on Ecademy, I look forward to meet him some day. Andrew,You have been so great from a distance, wondering what you would be like in person ;-) You can only be more not less than what I know of you.Good to be in your network. Wish you all the best Abha"

Jenny Littlejohn

"It's always a pleasure to meet Andrew, a warm and gentle man with a huge love and passion for his family. Andrew's new venture contrives to benefit people in both the developed and under-developed worlds in the same business and I'm sure he will be hugely successful. Look forward to getting to know you better and seeing your business thrive. Warmest regards Jenny x"

john bancroft

"Andrew is open, personable and very helpful. Thank you Andrew and I wish you all the best. John Bancroft"

Victor Marques

"Andrew he is a very friendly person. It was for me a great pleasure to talk with him in my first blackStar day. He is in my memory book. He is a kind of man that with such a lovely smile can motivate you and everyone that is around. Thank you so much for your precious help."

Juhi Rai

"When I saw, Andrew's profile for the first time, I knew he is a powerful person. He is someone who understands the true sentiment of ecademy! He told me that its the person people are interested in, not the business. Thank you for making me understand the true essence of ecademy. I am very happy I came across you! You words are precious and mean a lot to budding entrepreneurs like me! Please keep the inspiration coming. :):)"

Jayne 'Corsets & Lingerie' Lainé

"Andrew is such a lovely person, and a pleasure to do business with ! He is always very helpful and ready to answer and questions. This is what 'ecademy' is all about. Thank you Andrew and all the best for 2007 Jayne"

Rory ROR Murray

"Andrew is a great asset in any network. He works tirelessly and often thanklessly to ensure that people get the most out of Ecademy and, in the wider context, will do almost anything he can to help someone out. I recently had a 1-2-1 with him and suddenly realised we'd been chatting for about 3 1/2 hours............ Great guy!"

Paul Patience

"I found Andrew's workshop extremely worthwhile, and there are now a number of actions that I have on my to-do list. I feel confident that acting on Andrew's advice will ensure that I will optimise my membership of Ecademy, enhance and grow my Network and as a consequence benefit my business both inside and outside of Ecademy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I suggest you register for a "Widgery Workshop", it will certainly be a worthwhile investment in yourself and your business. Kind regards, Paul Patience"

Lindsay Hart

"Andrew, thankyou for the workshop yesterday. So much information and so well delivered - I really liked your style. Easy to digest - bite sized chunks and to a technophobe like me, well what more can I say...... I managed to leave this didn't I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jørgen Johansen

"I had the pleasure to meet with Andrew in Copenhagen. He came over from London to attend our local Ecademy X-MAS Party and allocated even time in a busy schedule to talk to me and a few others before the party. Andrew is the third great member of the Ecademy Management Team I have had the pleasure to meet personally. His views about networking, warm personality and commitment to Ecademy have further convinced me, to recommend Ecademy to others. I highly recommend Andrew due to his insight and knowledge about Ecademy, and dedication to support to others."

Brian Freeston

"Andrew is inspirational. He has a warm easy way that makes it a pleasure to know him. His creativity, professionalism and dedication to the success of the network overall and to any individual who seeks his help means that I cannot recommend him more highly."

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrew on a few occasions. He is passionate in helping people with his talent and many gifts. I am grateful to be part of his network and wish him every success. I sincerely recommend that every new member take time out to attend his wonderful workshop. Robert De Souza"

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Andrew as yet, but do look forward to it and also attending one of his workshops. Sincere appreciation to Andrew and all the Executive Staff at Ecademy for the wonderful gift of upgrading my membership. God Bless You Andrew, your family and all at Ecademy. Best wishes Rajesh +44 (0) 1785 256797 07837 895052"

Mark Bowring

"Andrew's workshops are a must. Informative, interesting and extremely helpful. If anybody needs help on ecademy or wants to learn more then this is the man to come to."

Fabian Bullen DipPFS

"If you have not been on Andrew's PowerNetwork session I sincerely believe you should do a soon as possible. Because you will learn quickly how Ecademy can be a valued part of your life"

Richard Sacks

"Fantasitc seminar and alll round great guy. Gave me a lot of inspiration!!"

Sam Rahzi

"Andrew has been very helpful to me with showing me how to utilze the benefits of ecademy. He can be very calm and genine in explaining the benefits of ecademy. I appreciate his efforts. "

Kathy Simmons

"Andrew has been a great help to the NETSHARE members - making sense of the many benefits of Ecademy. It is a pleasure to work with him."

Chris Menlove-Platt

"His presentation and voice in the tutorial made the learning a pleasure to listen to and absorb and I did not feel that he was trying to ram it down my throat but to gently persuade me of the benfits of the Club. Chris Menlove-Platt"

David Guzmán

"I have seen Andrew provide appropriate wisdom when it was needed most. A good man."

Anita Dale

"I found Andrew to be a warm, approachable, caring, genuine individual (I could go on) who has what it takes to be a great mentor. Having attended the Power Networkers Open Day I came away feeling truely uplifted and excited about what Ecademy can mean to my business. One of the true qualities I found really valuable was the fact that he treated everyone as individuals. I am very new to the business world and he made me feel so at ease throughout. He answered my questions and pointed me in the right direction to further my knowledge. I look forward to attending more open days and trainging sessions. Thank you Andrew. "

Andy "A&P" Szebeni

"A blinding session that Andrew offers for new Power Networkers with some true nuggets of gold. Thanks for helping me leverage the tiny financial investment needed for Ecademy to get the most from the huge range of possibilities on Ecademy."

John Jeffrey

"Andrews 2 hour training session was relaxed, interesting, interactive and informative. It is a must for anybody joining Ecademy, to understand how it is set up, how to use it most effectively and the importance of building large networks. Get one in the diary."

Edwin Hoek

"There's no doubt: Andrew loves people and is a true giver! He's been of great help showing me the 'basics' of Ecademy. Go see him when you have even half a chance."

Mullene Cato

"Great afternoon with Andrew at his workshop Anyone just starting Ecademy should attend. You would be a fool if you miss this."

Stuart Harris

"W is for WIdgery and it's also fittingly for Wordly Wise and Warm. From my dealings with him as part of Ecademy management, I've been delighted to learn that Andrew is a gentlemanly man in the best sense of the word. Thoughtful, measured, considerate yet absolutely straight-talking and straight-thinking - quiet, discreet,unegotistical integrity personified. All in all, Andrew is a pleasure to know and to deal with, and a man whom I like and trust enormously."

Mike Jones

"A pleasure to meet him and he definitely gave me food for thought. "

Nicole Bachmann

"Andrew has a gift for and with people - which makes him an excellent choice for the role he has in ecademy. - It's obvious that he will succeed - his supportive attitude, whilst at the same time getting people focused on what they have to do to get the most out of ecademy - paired with the charm in how he goes about it, will ensure that. Looking forward to many more encounters, and thank you, again, for encouraging me to 'get my act together' & get my profile up! - all best - Nicole Nicole Bachmann Brook & Mann Business Development Coaching"

Antonio Falco

"More Andrew Widgery's please!!! For some time now I have had the enormous pleasure of being able to meet and talk to Andrew on a number and variety of occasions. He has always afforded me his time and has always been helpful, instructive and friendly. I'd love to say that he's been like that just with me - but I can't. If you have an issue, question or just want to have a conversation with a decent and warm human being - Andrew Widgery is your man. More Andrew Widgery's please! "

Andy Preston

"Met Andrew for the first time tonight - great guy, great presentation. Highly Recommended"

Liz Z i t z o w

"Andrew makes good things better. A rare bird, a networking dude who also gets the technical side of things."

Philip de Lisle

"One of the warmest people I've met in a long time, and great fun to be around. A networking guru who is well worth getting to know. Highly recommended."

Kenneth Mortimer

"An unselfish, giving person with a fine brain and broad strategic outlook. "

Fraser Hay

"Solid Professional chap. Follows through, and delivers ! Rating: 9 / 10"

Edward Nash

"This is not the first testimonial that I have given to Andrew, and I doubt it will be the last. He recently ran an Ecademy Trainers course with us in Manchester which was one of the more inspiring sessions that I have yet to attend. His quiet focused style inspires everyone and makes me quite aware of my own inadequacies. Long may it be so! "

Hélder Falcão

"Great networker, a pleasure to connect! All the best, Helder"

Eva Davies

"Simply the best - master communicator, fabulous team player and a really good laugh. I love working with this man. "

Heather-Jane Gray

"Andrew is a kind & considerate gentleman (in the true sense of the word); who's company you'll adore. He also has a fabulous family, which reflects his integrity & love of life - food - sport - cars etc! He's experienced, knowledgable & understated - and it's a pleasure working in partnership with him. This is a man you can trust - a must for every network. A natural giver - and hence a great success. Thanks for all your patience, teaching, support and hard work - you're valued as a friend & colleague. Heather-Jane Sears. Change Leadership & Effectiveness. Synergy Transatlantic."

Giles Palmer

"he saved us money, introduced us to a great person and gave off a feeling of total zen!!"

Dean Carlton, MIBC

"Andrew is a true giver - from the heart - and with only good intentions. Nothing is too much trouble and his support is given freely at both the business and personal levels - this I know from my own experience whilst he helped see me through a personally troubled year. If I had to limit my network to one other person, it would be Andrew. :) Get to know this man - you will not regret it."

Jan"NetworkingCoach" Vermeiren

"Andrew is a man with a mission and a passion. Help him to get networking in the curriculum of colleges and universities ! You have my support ! Jan Jan Vermeiren Your Networking Coach Discover more networking secrets in my networking blog "The Networking Coach's Opinion""

Bjørn Guldager

"Why can't you rate someone "very very good" - because that'd be the appropriate rating for Andrew. Who else do I know who combines an excellent inner attitude, stamina and a deceivingly youthful apperance? Hmm, not many ... but Andrew is one! "

Ronald Wopereis

"Hi Andrew, you will be pleased to learn that as a direct result of your inspiring speech about how you built up the regional clubs throughout the UK, Tosho and i have started the regional club of Ecademy Twente, located in the eastern part of Holland. Andrew it was great to meet you and to learn about your wonderful attitude towards life. Best regards, Ron"

Maurice Watts, the Marketer

"Tireless, supportive, helpful, concerned, and a really nice chap with it. He has been helpful in so many ways and certainly practices what he preaches. A good example of a networker in my book Regards - Maurice"

Janos Abel #2

"Hello Andrew, I came away from the workshop (April 6th) confirmed that I am in the right area of cyberspace with Ecademy. Your references to emotional wealth, marketing as opposed to selling, thinking in terms of helping rather than striking business deals, etc., put my mind at rest about being here even if I am not actively involved in business. In short, I am not here under false pretences. Thanks, Janos "

Cliff Jenkins

"Opened my eyes to what is possible by using Ecademy in all its different facets. Absolutely stunning software and an excellent presentation. Thanks, Andrew."

Andrew Hughes

"An enlightening experience! Thanks."

Neil Davidson

"Andrew has a clear, gentle and giving approach to all his communication and I have learnt a lot from him."

William Buist

"Just been on the 'Widgery' workshop - A great course - if you get the chance to go then take it. Thanks Andrew."

Judith Germain

"Andrew ran an excellent Widgery workshop. It was informative and fun. He is also very encouraging."

Cynthia Mensa

"Andrew is a supporter who finds time amidst busy schedule to make sure others are not stuck in the twist."

Jayne 'Corsets & Lingerie' Lainé

"A really nice guy ! Pleasure doing business with you Andrew.x"

Aernout Fabius

"Andrew has been very helpful during the final stages of research and development of my new business concept. I look forward to working with him and his colleagues now and in the future. "

Lisa Bakker

"Love for people! A humble man, allowing others to shine bright, knowing how to take the burden off of peoples shoulders. Reassuring and encouraging through his immense love for unleashing the human potential. As a teacher/trainer one of a kind, yet at the same time an exceptional rolemodel for trainers/teachers & coaches. A blessing and inspiration to know you!"


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