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Michael Oon

"Chosen on the recommendation to build a web/blog site One of the simplest and straight forward delivery of a job that I have ever commissioned. After a brief instruction of the work, it was delivered to the specification on time and on budget. What more can you ask for. Michael Oon "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Andy as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Lesley Morrissey

"Andy stepped in to help my client with a couple of really rush jobs and not only delivered on time, but was totally flexible working around my words - the client is really delighted and is giving both of us more work. Thanks Andy!"

Mark Lee

"I thought this would be my second testimonial for Andy but on checking it seems I have omitted to post one previously. That's bad as at least one of the other people praising him below initially used Andy on my recommendation! When I created the Tax Advice Network in 2007 Andy took time to get a full understanding of what I wanted to achieve. His contributions on branding were invaluable. He's been responsible for all my printing since then and always gives great advice and terrific service. He always gives the impression of wanting to help and often suggests lower cost solutions. Last Friday I realised I would need a new style leaflet for an unusual event this Thursday. It had been a last minute booking in my diary. Andy and his team worked on the design work over the weekend - after giving me the pricing options and suggesting alternatives to ensure the project was cost effective from my perspective. The new leaflets arrived dead on time this morning and look fab. Andy's advice re the weight of the flyer was also spot on. It always is."

Steve Bradbury

"Andy provided me with an excellent branding service as I developed my new company; Genesity. From the name, to the logo and branding schemes, Andy understood my vision and values and turned them into an excellent brand. His work is to a high standard and the quality excellent. I highly recommend him for all of your branding needs."

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Andy on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

nick tadd

"Andy took the time out to meet me and hit a few golf balls of an evening, his in-site into ecademy and business in general was exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending a 121 with Andy, I for one would be happy to do business with him. Thanks Andy. Nick "

Daryl Oster

"Andy took the time and initiative to do some computer artwork relating to my company and sent it to me as a gift, what a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. I look forward to getting to know him better. "

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Andy is a warm, excellent professional, jolly young entrepreneur with a lot of experience. "

Fraser Hay

"I really should be doing more business with Mr. F. I hear such good things about him. Who knows what the next 12 months will bring. One thing for sure if you need promotional merchandise or print for your business, then call Andy Today. 10/10."

Richard White

"Since being a member of BlackStar I have come to know Andy quite well. We even shared a tent together on a trip to Peru in June 2007. Andy is a very savvy businessman and when you are with him you forget that he is actually quite young! He is certainly passionate about what he does and especially branding. I would have no trouble recommending his services to people"

Mat Tyler

"Andy is a delightful guy. The moment I met him during our recent 121, I knew I was in good hands. Andy's inherent desire for creative fulfillment in his life is evident within his language, passion and work ethic. He really does operate outside of the square, which is extremely refreshing to observe. What a terrific point of difference to posses! Great listener and takes the whole conversation in, to analyze where he can help. It's just the kind of guy he is. Onwards and upwards is inevitable for such a giving bloke. "

Judith Germain

"Andy finds, maintains and enhances your corporate identity. I had a 2hr consultancy session where he asked me some key questions about my business. Those questions helped me define the values that I wanted to express as well as how I wanted the business to be seen. Andy came up with an excellent visual representation of my corporate identity, first time! Thanks Andy."

Derek Watkins

"Andy is extraordinarily talented for years, with excellent branding and stylish outdoor wear. He has a natural eye for style and design. Having spent a few weeks in the depths of Peru I also had a an insight into Andy the person, and realised that not only is he immensely creative he is also a great guy, a true supporter and giver with the added bonus of have a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend getting to know Andy"

Dean Williams

"Andy is a great guy, he listen's, very enthusiastic, passionate about his business and looking at opportunities for other businesses owners like myself to work together! He's certainly worth talking to, give him a whirl! Dean Williams "

Richard Beaumont

"I met Andy at a Guildford event and he was extremely friendly and helpful. He has given me some great feedback on logo design for my new company. Much appreciated."

Victor Marques

"Networking is about farming not Hunting! One single seed can give to us so many forests! Andy is one of my great connections! A true giver in the real sense of the word! A contact that you cant miss! Victor Marques "

Julie French

"Andy has a rare talent for connecting with people. I had the good fortune to spend an awesome two weeks with him in Peru and he was a delight to be around. He has exceptional listening skills, a lovely sense of humour, an engaging personality and a solid head for business This man is going places! Connect with him and enjoy the journey Julie French Director Academy of High Achievers"

Wendy Makepeace-Browne

"Andy is the epitome of what Ecademy is about, he looks like he does what he does, he's passionate about it when he talks, he's very well respected and he is very happy to help people. Anyone would do very well to have him in their network; he is a pleasure to meet. Wendy x "

Tony Burgess

"Andy is a guy that you want to have around you. Positive, fun, professional, easy going, supportive, enjoyable company..... I had the privilege of spending a fortnight on a Peru adventure with Andy as part of the group. Andy also provided a very efficient and cost-effective service in producing Tshirts for the trek and I would certainly advise people to buy from Andy Andy is someone I value greatly Connect with him and benefit! Tony Burgess Director Academy of High Achievers Ltd "

Claire (Bombshell) Dobinson

"Having spent two weeks trekking in Peru with Andy I can quite confidently say he is a brilliant bloke! His zest for life and yet cool, calm nature make him someone I would heartily recommend to do business with. He would deliver exactly what you want, when you want it without a doubt, and he'll make you a friend and supporter in the process. Claire Dobinson Kiss The Frog "

Glenn Watkins

"Andy is a true talent, a great connector and professional, always willing to help and learn while stepping up to lead when needed. I've spent two weeks with him on a very special journey in Peru, one that I will never forget and thankful to have had the time with him. Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy"

David "stretch" Hyner

"Andy is the pro-active, professional and creative mind you need to sort out your small business branding and image. A man of integrity, fun, challenge and action. Open to new ideas, ready to challenge the "norm", and passioante about his clients businesses. I know this to be true from spending quality time with Andy and getting to understand how he relates to his work. He is well worth connecting to, and is a core-driver here on ecademy. Contact him ! ........... you will be gald you did !"

Mark Eaton

"Having spent two weeks trekking with Andy in Peru, there are few words that can truly describe the breadth of his talent. Andy is wise beyond his years and brings sound reason and sense to the most complex of situations. A great communicator and connector with the humilty to accept advice and to act on it, whilst also being able to offer astute advice at the right time and in the right way, Andy is an asset to any team. Reliable, charming, intelligent, ethical and competent, Andy is someone I feel privileged to know."

Bob Apollo

"Andy has been really helpful in helping me get the most out of Ecademy - he's a great guy!"

Christine Clacey

"Thanks to Andy and Aspectwear producing fantastic posters for the Crossroads charity concert last Saturday, record numbers turned up on the day and the charity raised considerably more funds than it has ever done from similar events in the past!! Many many thanks Andy to you and Aspectwear for sponsoring the event. An excellent example of the highly professional and flexible customer service that you provide - and of your generosity too!"

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"Andy is articulate and enthusiastic, a great connector who constantly exceeds expectation. You need Andy in your network. Eric "

BJ Cunningham

"Like your style Andy, a young man going places Much Love BJ "

BJ Cunningham

"Like your style Andy, a young man going places Much Love BJ "

Lesley Hossner

"Andy was very helpful in sending me names of his contacts who could be helpful to my business. Hope to work with him as well soon."

Guy Massey

"Andy and I have met a number of times socially. Yesterday, we met to discover business connections, and immediately you can see that Andy is a business dynamo! I was so impressed by his ability to engender enthusiasm into a number of new projects. He's a MUST CONNECT person here on Ecademy, an asset to BlackStar (I think he's the youngest) and he is very supportive whilst remaining thoroughly genuine. I'm looking forward to working on projects with Andy in the future."

Peter Wild

"Andy is a great guy. Open, good listener and very sharing with ideas and connections. His business has some great ideas (and I am determined to help him somehow). He offered a 1-2-1 meeting on the back of the briefest of conversations at Beermat. A really good networker. I recommend him to you (the reader). Peter"

Peter Wild

"Andy is a great guy. Open, good listener and very sharing with ideas and connections. His business has some great ideas (and I am determined to help him somehow). He offered a 1-2-1 meeting on the back of the briefest of conversations at Beermat. A really good networker. I recommend him to you (the reader). Peter"

Laura Jones

"Andy is an absolute star. He has great ideas, is very enthusiastic and is a really nice bloke to go with it. He gave up his time just to help me out and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Michael McNulty

"Andy is an instantaneous giver - a guy who is brilliant at giving you short cuts into solutions without any ifs and buts...MEET THIS BLOKE "

Marc Cherrie

"Andy is someone you want on board any think tank you have in progress. He is articulate and forward thinking. We have been trouble shooting ideas for the past several weeks and its been good fun and productive. If your stuck with anything speak to Andy and make sure he is in your network you have no idea what your missing if you dont. Thanks Mate"

Christine Clacey

"Andy and his company have very kindly offered to support a local charity, Wokingham Crossroads Caring For Carers, helping them to promote themselves and so generate more funds. This action is typical of Andy - he is a great person to network with, has a sense of fun and adventure and is a real giver. I definitely recommend you take the time to connect with Andy many thanks once again Andy"

Tom Evans

"Andy is a rare person who shows both maturity and intelligence well beyond his years. He has a five year plan to build a business and exit and he's one of those rare people you meet who you just know will do it. Andy, if I can help supply any thermic energy to get you there - just ask."

John F Galvin

"Andy make me feel at home in Ecademy from the moment I met him at my first event and since then he has gone out of his way to introduce me to people. He is one of he most helpful people I have ever met."

Brian Ballard

"I met with Andy recently in London and found him to be a honest individual who genuinely wanted to help me with my visit to the UK. He put me intouch with a couple of people and with luck we should expand on this contact. I gladly recommend anyone to talk with Andy and if you have any need for Corporate clothing, he has a great range of promotional products to select from. Go to it Andy, I really enjoyed your company and input into my needs. Brian Ballard"

Keith Whitney

"Solved laptop problem in five minutes, most helpful"

Manoj Patel

"He is co-operative. Listens to words. Keep in touch."

Simon Graham

"Andy is a great guy. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Hiran de Silva

"I met Andy at a Beermat sales morning. We then had a 1-2-1 that continued for 10 hours! So much to share. Rated excellent. Hiran "


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