Andy Coote

Andy Coote


Writer, co-author (with Penny and Thomas Power) of A Friend in Every City, published in April 2006 and launched in May 2006 in London. I am co-Leader of the Ecademy Writers and Publishers Club and an Ecademy Buddy. Make contact with me HERE, by email at or by Skype at andycoote.

Profile is in process of revision. Watch this space for changes. Meanwhile, do browse the profile below - it still gives a good flavour of who I am and some of what I do. Oh yes, and do connect with me. I look forward to talking with you.
Update 26th June 2005 - Spent two exciting and energetic days in Earls Court on Thursday and Friday last week learning more from Roger Hamilton about Wealth Dynamics. Wealth is not about money - it is about value and leverage and can come in finanacial, emotional or spiritual forms. Roger introduced us to the concept that wealth is actually what you have when the money is gone - your ability to recover and start again. The networking was brilliant and the difference between the Wealth Profiles was clearly displayed by their different approaches to a problem. I am a Creator with Mechanic and Star secondaries and I look forward to working with some of the people who were there this week to build business and to have fun. Remember, it's all really a game - learn the rules and play it to your best level. As the content percolates, expect changes - here and in me. My Wealth Profile Ecademy contributed over £13,000 to the Asian Tsunami appeal, mostly in the early stages after the disaster on Boxing Day 2004. Thank you to everyone who supported the appeal whether you did so through our page or another route. Roger Hamilton commented that the Yin to the Yang of passion is compassion - long may Ecademists show that quality in abundance. Visit my Blog at - Writer in Residence - Cornwall. I am a Creator with Mechanic and Star tendencies. The Wealth Profile adds a dimension to Myers Briggs and shows me why I've always been uncomfortable with a MB Introvert classification. In the WP, I have equal Introvert and Extrovert characteristics. My profile picture was taken in Brittany (near the Carnac Alignements) in June 2008. I will include below pictures that I have taken in the Cornwall area. More of my photos will be found on flickr. A seal taking the sun off the Manacles (The Lizard, Cornwall) I am a freelance writer and magazine journalist based in Falmouth, Cornwall with a background in IT, retail, B2B communications and sales. My CV is available by clicking on CV at the top of this profile. I'm now successfully relocated in West Cornwall where I'm writing and developing a local network. With Robert Rush, I started Ecademy Cornwall which is growing in numbers and in variety of members. Ecademy Cornwall celebrated its third birthday on July 17th, 2007. Here's to another great year! One of my primary activities in 2004 was to develop, as part of a team of people drawn from Business Networking Groups, the Test Valley Business Awards. In our first year we had over 130 entries from over 100 companies for our five awards. The awards dinner - held at Chilworth Manor near Southampton on October 13th - was a great success. We had around 150 guests in a night of celebration for the five winning companies. Exhausting but great fun! My change of direction in 2002 to become a writer rather than a consultant and trainer was helped by networking. I had a regular writing gig with SC Magazine on a freelance basis. That arose when I bumped into some people from EEMA who had been sponsors of my E-Commerce Scorecard Project (which went down with the dot coms) in 2000. They invited me to their conference on Web Services in Prague and from that I was able to pitch my first piece for SC. A later conference, also run by EEMA, gave me the opportunity to meet with and interview Whitfield Diffie, one of the pioneers of cryptography for computers with the Diffie Hellman Key Exchange and the basis of Public Key Cryptography. Networking was of great value in that situation and worked out to be a win-win for all concerned. A calm -- and very blue-- sea off the north coast of Cornwall, May 2005 Networking has occupied a lot of my time in the past few years. I was secretary of the Andover Mutual Business Group in 2003 and 2004 and was the Newsletter Editor for the Alliance of Business Consultants in 2004/5. I joined Ecademy in November 2003 and immediately found the combination of online and offline networking to be a winning combination. I threw myself into a hectic schedule of visits to Ecademy clubs across Hampshire and Surrey and in the process volunteered to set up Ecademy Test Valley with Nadine Taylor. The Test Valley club is, sadly, no longer active. Business writing should be the means by which I gain the time necessary to work on more creative writing projects. I submitted 10,000 words of a novel to the Lit Idol competition in early 2004. I didn't make the long list but the exercise was interesting and I learned a lot about putting together a piece of fiction of that length. My short play "Nobody Really Gets Hurt" was shortlisted and performed in the Basingstoke Haymarket Theatre's Write 2 Stage competition in January 2004. As co-moderator of Ecademy Writers and Publishers club with Nick Keith, I have the pleasure of meeting (so far mostly online) an amazing group of writers in many different genres and areas who inhabit Ecademy. Writing is a lonely process and Ecademy provides the coffee machine around which random conversations can happen. Ecademists are my workmates, really. As a small business, I am always on the lookout for business opportunities and for people with whom I can work when opportunities come up that are bigger than just me. It's that second category of people that I mostly meet in Ecademy. We may not have worked together yet, but there are a number of people with whom I hope to work in time. We only haven't done so yet because the time isn't right.
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Tina Jonasen

"What a GREAT pleasure to meet Andy IRL, at the BlackStar event in Belgium on the 9/6!! I even had the fortune to sit on a virtual table with Andy, thus benefiting from his wise insight in matters of life and business! Can hardly wait for our future common work in general, and for his professional help with my upcoming books!! Highly recommended!! ThinkInNewAreas Ecademy Denmark "


"you are welcome to my networks and clubs"

Derek Williams

"It's a privilege and a great pleasure to be part of Andy's network."

Roger Vanstone

"Andy is someone who I really value as a contact. Twice recently, I've called Andy for advice and on both occassions I've got excellent unbiased opinion which I have really valued. Andy is a great networker, wonderful company and someone who I hold in the highest regard"

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

" A big man with a big heart and a great capacity for helping people. From a chance Skype chat, Andy found me a contact within hours, had him contact me and then followed up with both of us. A great networker who I am delighted to be connected with."

Fraser Hay

"He doesnt suffer fools gladly, a straight shooter, and damn good at what he does, and I chose him to publish my first paperback. I rate him strongly 10/10, (and I don't think I'm alone either.) "

Jeff Macklin

" I spoke with Andy for 10 minutes at the blackstar birthday bash and in that time he helped me refocus my mind on the business, and i didnt even realize he was doing it, thank you, "

Judith Germain

"Andy was the editor and publisher for BusinessWise - Amazon's No 2 best seller in the business book category. I was impressed with his stewardship of the 18 co-authors and his ability of making writing and publishing a book very easy. It was an incredible but enjoyable process."

Barbara Dobrinsky Holtzman

"Andy is always a voice for sanity and reason in the forums that I read, and often provides a unique historical perspective. I like the thought that he's a bit of a catherd - I know just what that entails. When I get back to the UK, Andy Coote is definitely on the list of "must see." I only hope he'll have time to spare. [and I'm also fond of the name Andy - it's my middle child/2nd son's name] "

Simon Phillips

"You should call Andy - he's really good at what he does. He's also extremely bright and good natured in the way he does it. Andy edited the Business Wise publication I was involved in and despite the fact that there were about 20 different authors - he did a fantastic job of herding cats and created a brilliant end result."

Deirdre Dee

"I have heard Andy's name for some time now, and finally had the pleasure of meeting him at The Vitality Show down in Cornwall this weekend. I am impresed with his knowledge and the fact that he is very interested in all the latest developments both within Ecademy and in The Business League Looking forward to networking with you more Andy Regards Deirdre Dee"

Victor Marques

"Andy Coote is a great networker and connector! I will be very pleased to meet him again in one Blackstar event with fresh grapes from my land! He is a contact that you cant miss! Please, kindly contact him! A true giver in the real sense of the word! Warm regards! Victor Marques"

Judith Germain

"I have known Andy for over a year and have been impressed with his honest, kind and caring manner. Recently I was a co-author of the BusinessWise book and was impressed with his stewardship of the 18 authors. Andy is a professional, genuine guy well worth connecting with."

Michael Beale

"I've known Andy on and offf for many years and he's someone that I can highly recommend both for his writing skill and his genuine helpfullness. What stimulated me to write this at this particular time was reading an article he wrote for 'Rapport' magazine - which I thought he wrote particularly well. Michael"

Shamus Doherty

"If you have a book related question then Andy certainly is someone to pose the question too!"

Robert Rush

"It's been a pleasure to have got to know Andy over the last 2 or 3 years, firstly as a friend on our local networking circuit. More recently I have experienced Andy's work at first hand. Andy's co-authored book, A Friend in Every City, is an insightful read and a vision of the value of networking for the years ahead and demonstrates the important place of online networks such as LinkedIn and Ecademy. It appears to me that Andy is one of those people who are very perceptive of the world around them, especially accurate with "turn of phrase", more often than not accompanied with humour, knowledge and experience. Everyone needs an Andy in their network. :-)"

Kevin Chamberlain

"One of life's genuine people. There is a depth in Andy that reveals itself more and more with each meeting. I guess the number and quality of his testimonials says it all really!"

Michael Birley

"Andy is exactly what Ecademy is all about. Friendly, welcoming, full of ideas and you should also read the Book he's written with Thomas and Penny - A Friend in Every City. But that's only a little about him. To find out more... meet him. Bestest Andy .. Michael"

Andrew Wilmot

"Andy Thanks for sorting out my book problem so quickly. Andrew"

Jo Thyer

"Andy went out of his way to help me and it was truly appreciated. A great guy who is willing to put himself out to help others. Thanks Andy!"

Timi Ogunjobi

"When I was looking for friends on ecademy; Andy was one of the very few who stood up without fear. Great guy all round !! Timi"

Keith Lawrence

"If you don't know Andy yet, fix it! Andy's not only one of the best connected Ecademists I know; he's also one of the most connected - always available on Ecademy or Skype or Email or landline or mobile and even face-to-face when we can get him out of Cornwall... Better still pop down and see him - there are now roads all the way and he's worth the trip! Cheers Andy, great to know you!"

Roy Law

"Penny, Thomas and Andy richly deserve this joint Testimonial for bringing us the vision of A Friend in Every City. Like many others I am proud to have been at the launch of this inspirational book and to hear their speeches."

David Tragen

"Andy took the time to help me sort out a problem uploading images. 10 minutes of his time saved me much more."

Rosalind Cannell

"Andy, I have completed my Masters dissertation. Special thanks to you for your help with the research. You have great insight for networking and building relationships."

John F Galvin

"I met Andy this at my first ecademy event and probably did what a lot of others do him, start to tell him about the book I want to write. He was open, helpful and a really nice guy who immediately gave me advice on what I would need to do if I wanted to go ahead and write. A sincere person like Andy is hard to find."

Peter Hawkins

"A good and genuine guy - we've met face to face as a result of e-cademy. The virtual world of the net has real people behind it - you can only hope that they are all as sincere as Andy."


"When I was starting to think about writing my first book on networking, I met Andy at a networking event in London. I decided to work with him as my publisher and he did an EXCELLENT job !!! He handled everything from reformatting, printing, setting up the web sales, distribution, ... he even got my book on Amazon. Thanks Andy for a job well-done !!! I recommend the services of this quality connection to everyone who has the intention of writing a book !!!"

Maurice Poole

"Great networker, interested in the success of us all. Ready with good advice. Great leader of Regional Club. Good to meet, hope many more times."

Siang Lin Choo

"A great man, great sense of humour, witty with words and always ready to help. One to meet when the chance arises. Siang Lin CHOO CNC Associates"

Martin Truman

"Welcome voice for a new member - look forward to meeting up and sharing the joys of working in and from the South West, Martin"

Richard Hill

"Thanks for the help. Andy is easy to contact and easy to understand."

Carlos Rios

"A true and complete friend. Warm and generous, not only on words but in actions. Keep it up! Thanks for the sharing in Bali. Carlos"

William Buist

"Andy is willing to step forward and be counted, thanks Andy"

Richard White

"Andy is a man of great integrity and passion. He is also a man of great words. If you are looking for someone to help you write you best seller I can not think of a better person. I consider Andy a special friend and recommend you get to know him"

tim channon

"You want a good guy. He's here. Warmth and generosity? Oh yes."

Thomas Power

"If you want someone to write you a book there is noone better in this place. "

Ajay Sanghani

"Andy is a genius. There is lot more to him than his very good writing skills. He has rich experience, thinks deeply, has a curious mind to keep learning, is a natural giver, very articulate and very committed to make a difference to the world. You will grow and expand in his company Ajay "

David"HolisticPlace" Tucker

"Andy was the quiet, effective driving force behind the Mutual Business Group in Andover and is sorely missed.It was his promoting of the 'togetherness' in Ecademy which encouraged quite a few of us to take a look and of course, join! Cheers Andy and miss our often humorous banter and interesting conversations."

Frank Kanu

"Andy is one of the top copywriters you can find. What I love most about Andy is that he gives the kind of commitment you expect when doing business or looking for true friends."

Ellis Pratt

"Andy is a very generous man with hidden depths. He is willing to take bold decisions, which I admire. "

Anders Abrahamsson

"I appreciate the committment in the campaign Hungry Week! I am in! One of many great initiatives to get this world a more sustainable one. I will try to contribute my part. At least during the week we talk of... ...did it for months in Uganda, by the way :). Peace, Anders"

"UPVC"Dennis Barker

"Absolutely the man for business writing, highly recommended."

Aernout Fabius

"Andy was one of the early responders to my blog on Ecademy this morning. Ecademy is great for connecting to people, because you can get an instant view of how many people are linked in to our/your network. I look forward to meeting him when we arrive in Devon & Cornwall."

Stuart Harris

"Andy welcomed me to Ecad and was one of the first members to step up to the mark for the Hungry Week project. He shares his knowledge, connections and energy generously and is a valuable team player. And a nice chap as well! All in all, a credit to Ecademy in general and BlackStar in particular. Go Andy!"

Suzanne Everson

"Such a friendly welcome from Andy - thanks! And we had a town in common to comment on ... it's a small world! I should know as my maiden name was ... you've guessed it "Small"!!! I'm sure Andy will make an impact on his new home town in particular and the surrounding area in general. But the joy of the internet is that he can still keep in touch and inspire other Ecademists worldwide!! Thanks again, Andy!"

Rob Hook

"Helpfulness personified. Thoughtful, insightful and wise. Andy, thanks for all the help. You open up avenues of conversation where even angels would fear to tread. And I'm better for it."

Adam White

"Great guy, excellent business writing skills. Andy was my saving grace in aiding me with an executive profile. I literally just ho hummed and ahhed during our conversation and somehow Andy managed to convert my unintelligable murmers into a concise, accurate and professional profile. Anyone looking for some marketing literature would do well to talk to Andy first. He's Da Man!"

Robert Rush

"We in Cornwall are extremely lucky to have Andy working for us. As my co-leader at Ecademy Cornwall Andy has given the club a dimension in terms of experience and connectedness that we could not have achieved without him. I have come to know Andy very well over the last few months. I endorse all the other comments below that Andy's other friends have made: he has a great sense of humour, a wonderful turn of phrase and is just an all round solid guy. Thank you Andy for what you have given me, Cornwall and the community that is Ecademy! "

Warren Cass

"I have met Andy on several occasions and he always leaves a very positive impression. Very generous and very modest. A lot of fun too! "

Philip de Lisle

"What a wonderful man. Thoughtful yet powerful. I shall enjoy getting to know him better. "

Patrick Moore

"If it's words you need, look no further; Andy is your man. His command of language, and understanding of its power to inform and influence, are a rare thing indeed! That, combined with his drive and integrity, makes him my top choice for any situation where communication is key. I fully expect to see Andy playing a pivotal role in getting across the purpose and power of both Ecademy and the BlackStar group as they move forward. "

Eva Davies

"If you need someone to give you thoughtful and constructive advice - go to Andy. He is a man of integrity with a lovely sense of humour. I have found a jewel and I look forward to a building a great working partnership with him. Eva"

Penny Power

"Andy, you have written a fantastic guide for our Leaders, you have a great mind and a huge heart, thank you."

Audrey Smith

"YOU ARE A BRICK! :-) As they say in Brum. Will you choose one of the areas to start a club in then Andy? I will put a link to direct people to. If some of the clubs don't get enough support we might have to double up on some, what do you think? Audrey "

Olusola Osinoiki

"Thank you for the work on the relief Sola Osinoiki"

john bancroft

"Just like to say thank you Andy for the help you have given me since I joined ecademy several months ago. Also for the work you have done with the Writer's Club you are a great Powernetworker. Good to be connected to you. All the best, John John Bancroft Knowledge – Communication – Information"

Torsten Kinzelt

"Thank You Andy, And the same to you! Enjoy lots of quality time with yours - Merry X-mas! Speak to you later. Torsten"


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