Angus Whitton

Angus Whitton

Managing Director, Journeyplan Ltd


Currently: Managing Director of JourneyPlan Ltd and you can find more detail about JourneyPlan  here.

Other interests are small business in general and while on that subject - I've enjoyed over ten years as a director in the Federation of Small Businesses in which I've also served as Regional Chairman.

I'm also a board member of the Business and Management Advisory Board of Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy.

I live and work in Fife, and am based in Dunfermline - the ancient capital of Scotland, which is full of history and folklore and also has some thriving businesses.

 Personal Stuff Married, bus pass, but no zimmer! likes : food (plain and plenty), whisky (malt and blend) most animals - especially dogs and cats, real people, real beer and real life. Too many interests and too little time left to pursue them all but hopefully will get my priorities organised before it's all too late.

Dislikes: MLM (Magic Lotions & Miracles), FarmVile,95% of Labour politicians and 50% of the rest, cruelty, micro-management, bureaucracy, pc, tv reality shows, parties, plastic people,plastic pubs, over-population, those with: 1/ no vision, 2/ narrow vision, 3/ vision but rose tinted, 4/ full vision but who cannot will not see, also myself sometimes but that impairment is usually corrected by using whisky/beer goggles. Also, as you may now have gathered I don't like people who take themselves too seriously.:-)



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William Buist

"Nothing 'dour' about this Scot. Direct, accurate, sharp, considerate, and totally supportive Angus has the ability to see through fog to the deeper levels of the things he focus' on, and see the underlying reality. It's a rare talent and something he employs with the comfort of years of experience and skill. Angus is a boon to any business, network, or community. "

Robert Craven

"A dry wit. Sharp sense of humour. Intelligent comments. Listen to what he says."

Martin Dewhurst

"Angus ... thank you for your consistent camaraderie. Your support, encouragement and insights are priceless gifts that validate and empower. At a practical level, I value your experience, professional background and training that provides grounding and savvy to all our conversations. Slainte Mhor! "

Amanda Hamilton

"Angus I can't thank you enough for the support you offered me today. It is a rare business person these days who selflessly thinks how they can support a cyberfriend, picks up the phone and offers wise, challenging but in that way opening and incisive thought and advice - and that is exactly what you have done. It has helped me think outside the box of my own mindset - and that is a gift. Blessings Amanda x"

Nighet Nasim Riaz

"I have found Angus to be a great person to discuss ideas with online. He is sharp, intuitive and to the point and doesn't suffer fools. I have grown to admire and appreciate his points of view and input on blogs over the past months. He is definitely one to connect with and I am looking forward to getting to know him better over the coming months. Thank you Angus. :o)"

Simon Business Film Garrett

"I don't write many of these things as often, I fear, they are produced as a matter of form rather than being based on anything in particular. However, if you read Angus's profile you will see that he is dedicated to supporting local business. Keep up the good work, Angus, and everybody else - buy locally or at least buy British (or from your own country's producers) but don't just thoughtlessly pick up the first thing from the shelf, regardless of its origins."

Tord Sand

"Dear Friend, an honour to be a part of your network! I can feel at this early stage that you are a real intresting and honest personality.... Feel free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think i can do for you? Respectfully yours Tord "

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Angus on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Ida "ethical gifts" Horner

"It's the trust thing Angus:-)"

Gerry Brannigan

"I have known Angus for a very long time. He has helped me through the good, bad and ugly times. He is gives excellent support and advice. He can look at different issues from all different angles which is a great skill to have. I would encourage people to network with Angus as he can only help your business grow."

Nathalie Jamois

" Wisdom. Indeed. A real asset. I read every single bit of stuff Angus writes. Really nice too and someone I know I can trust and I would go to if I need advice. Business and personnal that is. Angus is one of the few awesome people on ecademy. "

Rob Killen

"I've known Angus for a while now and have felt a terrific resonance with his rapport, input, wit and wisdom. Angus is a senior member of the Federation of Small businesses - I can imagine they are thrilled to have his expertise and experience available to them and the host of small businesses they interact with. I plan to move to Scotland at some stage in the future and Angus would be at the top of my list for advice and support for such a move; a real asset to Ecademy and those that network with him."

Mark Guilfoyle

"Angus has been very quick to offer his support to me in getting my new business started. His experience and advice has proved very helpful in these early days."

Melvyn Bird Brighton

"Angus is a good solid down-to-eath sort of guy, who is only too willing to help out. The sort of fellow that everyone should get to know. Melvyn"

Torsten Kinzelt

"I'm glad to be connected with Angus, he is the kind of person that makes the spirit of ecademy, give first. Do network with Angus."

Jenny Young Journey Plan

"Just a litttle thank you for helping me get started in Ecademy, and getting me through the start up process. "

Jackie Walker

"Angus took it upon himself to help out a wee waif and stray not far from his physical door! Thanks Angus, your comments and insights are razor sharp, intuitive and very welcome. You patently have your finger on the pulse when it comes to people and business, so often the two are mutually exclusive, sadly."

Euan Amos

"Angus is an active member of FSB, one who will listen and take proactive steps for the benefit of other members. I find that Angus has a wide range of interests and has huge enthusiasm and vitality. If Angus says he will do something, rest be sured it will be done to a high standard. Euan Amos "

Naz Daud Franchise Business Opportunity

"Angus is a gentleman and a scholar!"

Thomas Carpenter

"Angus has a wonderful business sense and I would recommend him in any endeavor. He is honest and straightforword. His products are second to none and his try before you buy policy is a "breath of fresh air". How can you lose?"

Helen Mays

"I like this bloke, he follows through. Helen"

Martin Pearson

"I met Angus through the FSB about 18 months ago, since that time he has done a lot to help and encourage me with my business. I believe he is honest and trustworthy and would make an excellent networking contact for any Ecademist."

Mike Cima

"Angus has a vision to be fiancially free, and I think using the model he's using, he will achive his dreams."

Filip Hamerlinck

"Angus is selfless, tireless, intelligent and friendly. Generous with his time, and excellent at connecting people. Get to know him, you won't regret it. "


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