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Ann Andrews CSP


After almost 30 years of working in the HR field, I decided to set up a website The Corporate Toolbox so I could put my books and training online in return for a passive income. I am the author of four business books: * Shift Your But * Finding the Square Root of a Banana * Did I Really Employ You? * My Dear Franchisees a contributor to six others - The A - Z of Interview Questions; You Don't Take a Giant Leap Without a Gulp; The Power of More Than One; Mum's the Word; Best of the Best - NZ Entrpreneurs and recently released - Golden Nuggets - thoughts and wisdom for kids leaving home and entering the big wide world and literally hot off the press 20/20. A Fresh Look at Business Growth. I've also written many e-books. Over those 30 years I had noticed the reluctance of businesses to invest in training - if there was a global boom the excuse would be 'we have no time' and during a recession it would be 'we have no money'. Zig Ziglar once said, 'there's only one thing worse than training your staff and having them leave, and that's NOT training them and having them stay!" and stats reveal that 41% of staff leave an organisation because there is no training or potential for development. So if you are a small to medium sized business, thinking right now - we need to cut training! Please think again, and before you decide you can't afford to train your people, check us out. If you are a business author, trainer, professional speaker or even a business coach, we want to talk to you about your products and services. In particular, we want to talk to you about MARKETING your products to a global audience, because marketing is all we do. And finally, if you are someone who wants to write about your business learnings - then we can mentor you through the process. It isn't difficult to get started I promise. I spent a year writing my first book and managed to lose it off my computer. No back ups!! But I decided that I could re-write the book in a week - and I did. The very first 'Toolbox' site was launched in November 2008 - shortly before The Lehman Bank collapse! Initially I planned to feature my own p;roducts, but within a very short space of time people started approaching me to ask if they could put THEIR products on my site. Absolutely. The more the merrier as far as I was concerned. We now have over 250 contributors; we've attained and maintained a Google 4 ranking and have over 8000 pages Google ranked. We have achieved that ranking because we blog daily, we tweet daily and we upload new articles and e-books onto the site 5/6 days per week! The First Stage of Growth Last year (2010), because the site was starting to get rather unwieldly, we split the site into three categories - subscribers can now sign up for two of three categories: • personal development • small business tools and • corporate products As each of these databases grows and we get a better sense of our customers needs, we will be able to 'target' the right products to the right niche market. The Second Stage of Growth As more and more business authors, coaches, trainers and professional speakers found us, we started receiving requests from them asking if we could recommend ghost writers, web designers; cartoonists; copywriters; SEO experts and the like. And constant requests from speakers asking if we could market their webinars and/or live events. Similarly, we get regular requests from businesses who ask if we can recommend great speakers, trainers, coaches and mentors, It seemed that the logical next step was to create a place where people could find each other. Several of these enquiries turned into 'preferred suppliers' which, at the time was the best service we could offer them. As a result of all the interest, we are launching our first Business Services Directory. I started this directory because I joined a supposed global directory (Stanford Who's Who - don't touch them with a 10 foot barge pole!) which cost me $US1700 for one year! My listing was miniscule and bore no relation to my business. I wasn't involved at any stage in what the final 'look' of my listing would be, it had none of my SEO search terms and I spent hours on the phone to America trying to get a decent listing for my investment. They couldn't even get my name right! It was utterly worthless. In the end I had to walk away. I LOST my US$1700 investment. After that hideous experience and their absolutely appalling customer service, I decided that there had to be room in the business world for a directory which gave good value; excellent customer service and a 100% involvement by someone who gave a damn when a listing was being created. That remains my promise. We will always be 100% committed to selling contributor products on The Corporate Toolbox website, and will continue to vigorously market on their behalf, but feel we can add even greater value to this whole business niche by marketing a much broader array of services which will generate even more traffic to the site which will increase sales. A win/win for everyone. WE CONSTANTLY LOOK FOR * Business authors * Authors and professional speakers who have books/cds and would like another distribution channel. * Trainers who have workshops that they can put online * Anyone who has great up-to-the-minute written business material - articles, white papers, e.books, surveys, questionnaires etc. But now we can add to that list. Because we are building a directory we are looking for: * Anyone who offers a service to business - accountants, recruitment agencies, HR companies * People who offer services to speakers, trainers and authors - ghost writers, SEO experts, editors, publishers * People who offer services to the conference sector - venues, meeting planners, speaker bureaux If you'd like more information - please contact me Ann Andrews CSP For more information on The Corporate Tool-Box go to or e.mail me at Check out our latest book 'The Business Survival Kit. 12 x monthly tools to help you kick butt in 2013'. Over 100 thought leaders offer their products for free in this series. Ann Andrews CSP, Dip Bus (Pmer) Published Author, Professional Speaker, Team Specialist, Entrepreneur MD The Corporate Toolbox Ltd



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Sam Borrett

"I have known Ann online for quite a time and feel very happy that she is part of my network. She is one of those rare people who can obviously start a business and finish it even though times get tough. Anyone who has had their own business like I have and do, knows full well it is not easy to turn the corner. Ann has turned the corner as she is successfully building an Online Business/Training Resources company - The Corporate Toolbox Ltd - She is a delight to know and a true and dedicated networker. Good luck Ann for your future plans. Sam"

Robert Oosthout

"Ann Andrews really knows what it is to share her resources and enroll others to do the same. Thank you Ann."

Ismael Kaaya

"Hi! It is an honor to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another. Best Regards, Ishmael Samuel. "

Muchina Thuo

"Warm and honest handshake is the only game changer during this precarious times. What a valuable friend from the Oceanic country. Meet Ann."

Nadir Ali Shah

"Dear Ann Andrews, I am pleased to have you in my ecademy network contacts and also in the circle of my valuable friends.. i wish you success in your life for always and forever.. God Bless You.. Thank You.. Kind regards, Nadir Ali Shah Freelancer Programmer Products / Web Scripts Portfolio | Testimonials | Reviews / Ratings Email: Email: MSN Messenger: Yahoo Messenger: Skype: nadiralishah"

Gerner Petersen

" Dear Ann I am glad to have you in my friendslist. In my mind I alredy rate you god, before I invite you, because of your impressive profile and friendly look. :) Lest keep in touch Kind Regards Gerner "

Tord Sand

"Dear Ann, an honour to be a part of your network! I can feel at this early stage that you are a real intresting and honest personality, and i will for sure recommend you to my network any time you need a good contact or backup in Sweden or International. I also rated you as good! Feel free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think i can do for you? Respectfully yours Tord WellnessCoach Pls add my Facebook: "

Anthony Moell

"Dear Ann, Thank You for connecting with me and reading my profile. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship with hopes that our connection will benefits us both. Cheers! Your EcademyPartner, Anthony Moell"

George Joseph

"Dear Ann, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

Elsie Hagley

"Hi Ann, I have rated you good, but your profile is great. You have not accepted me as a contact yet, but I like what you are saying, very true. Hope you have a great 2009. Elsie Hagley, New Zealand "

Peter"Health and Safety" Hodgson

"Ann when we connected you asked all the questions i would expect from a blackstar, you also added a little bit more regards what might be helpful to my business, you sowed the seeds. On still falling behind when i asked the right questions you helped with more. A real giver and i apprecaite it thanks Regards Peter"

Bodea "85K/Mt Profit Online" Sergiu

"Thank You for accepting my Connection. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship that benefits us both. I found an interesting Website that could help You find People, Friends, Family or Business Partners all around the world together with their phone numbers, street address and e-mails and would like to Share it with You. It's about a Free People Search Finder biggest Data Base in the World. Try it and bookmark it to your favorites, cause you don't know when you might need to search for somebody. Your EcademyPartner, Bodea Sergiu Constantin ; ; ; ;"

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at "

Abdul Ghafoor

"Ann is all about Quality, I feel. A person with fertile mind and kind heart. Good to be in your network Ann."

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Ann, Let me tell you my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'll try to do my best to be good enough here like you! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my help, and that you have a friend in Budapest!Come as a VIP, simple or dental tourist as you like it. I wish you good health and very prosperous happpppppppppppppy new year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi "

Dwayne Brisbourne

"Hi Ann, Open your heart to your dreams in 2009, your destiny awaits. Dwayne"

Zbigniew J PISKORZ

"Hi ANN Thanks for connecting Have a Good New 2009 Thank you for connecting up with me, looking forward to networking Kind Regards Zbigniew J PISKORZ INDIGO Meble indyjskie Marketing Manager sMs 697 077 267 All the best from WARSZAWA POLAND"

Ryan Zhao

"Thanks for sharing the article "15 ways to beat recession". Wish you a successful 2009! Regards, Ryan Zhao"

Said Samammi

"I am very happy for be connect with you here in Ecademy Thanks Said ↑ Grab this Headline Animator"

Ramesh Shankerlal

"Wish you a very Successful journey thru' 2009! ……….. It is great to be connected with you Ms Ann Andrews I look forward to network with you for discussing any type business that is legal and profitable as well as mutually beneficial and learn from your Business experience Best Wishes"

Gaynor Polirer

"I thought Ann's message re- this recession or rather this non recession was brilliant. Gaynor Polirer"

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

William S. Wilkinson, P.A.

"Thanks Ann for that great Post on recession. Keep up the great work. William S. Wilkinson, P.A., Florida Keys Realtor "The residential waterfront capital of the world" Website: email:"

Tord Sand

"Proactive, progressive, forward moving personality makes a contact with you like a very pleasant journey, so thank you for being in my network here! Warm regards Tord G. Sand WellnessCoach"

Daryl Oster

"It appears that Ann's company offers many elements we would like to co-develop and/or license. I look forward to searching her website, and the possibility of more synergies. "

Carl Willy Carlsson

"I have met Anne here on Ecademy and found her to be a professional networker ready to share with you. She is a good contact for anyones network. CWC"

Martin Gray

"Ann made time instantly to meet me and invite me to join : VERY helpful, friendly and pro-active in helping connect people to what they need : Thanks Ann !"

Ryan Zhao

"Ann friendly offered me books link for self-improvement and business. I wish her continuous success!"

Jeremy "Open Source" Tarrier

"Anne is a truly dynamic person with a wonderfully friendly personality. I had the pleasure to meet her in Singapore when she was launching "The Corporate Toolbox". Hope to see you back in Singapore soon Anne! - Jeremy"

Sharon Hess

"Ann is very prompt, effective and an important source for valuable information."


"Great entrepreneur, really positive, warm and friendly. I look forward to work with her and I highly recommend her. "

Pierre Leonard

"I re-read Ann's book "Did I Really Employ You?" before hiring my new project manager two months ago. As a result I have found a gem who constantly overdelivers and goes beyond my expectations. Ann - I'm definitely your fan."

Rolf Kellner

"Ann, thank you very much for being an active Member of The Amazon Rainforest Club"

so Mary

"Hello,I have rated you good,could you please do the same for me,thanks a lot. Good luck. Mary Sellbestgoods stock online"

Roger Brady

"Ann has a wonderful business model with the Corporate Tool Box and is a person of high ethics and integrity. I would recommend that anyone looking to publish IP via the internet make contact with her."

Angela Proud

"Thank you for sending details of your books, I am sure I will be returning to the website"

Joanie Kirk

"Ann has been so helpful and kind in our connections. She is obviously someone who has a lot of care and compassion for humanity. An asset to Ecademy and those in her charge. "

Georgeanne Lamont

"I really appreciate the way Ann has been so helpful and responsive, taking the time to put me in touch with people and doing the work she does. A really good networker Thanks Ann."

Thomas Power

"Massive contributor to Ecademy New Zealand. Huge respect for Ann's deep insight into human change. Much more still to come I sense. Highly recommended. "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Ann is a kind and helpful lady, a fantastic communicator too. It's great to network with her! kind regards Michael"

Don Cooke

"A great contact on Ecademy and the catalyst which is seeing closure on a long - drawn out eBook project... Thank you so much Ann "

Penny Power

"We live in a complex and terrifyingly fast world, grasping what is happening in this world from a technology, business, spiritual and emotional point of view takes a rare person. On Ecademy we can spot these rare people, we can see what they give, how they help others and how they achieve their own life purpose and income. Unconditional thought and connection, intellect, intuition and friendship, that is what is needed, Ann brings this into Ecademy and is a pleasure to know, she is one of these rare people. Thank you Ann, we appreciate all that you do."

Manoj Vijayan

"Haven't interacted over a very long period with Ann but I found her very responsive, thoughtful and willing to help. I like the way she thinks. Hope to work with her someday!"

Sally Mabelle

"A great, inspiring lady...full of energy and good ideas...brilliant networker, glad to know her! Sally Mabelle, The Empowerment Coach, NZ"

Toni Akabogu

"I do not know Ann very well and she does not know me as well, but the sermon that i continue to hear in most social networking sites & most especially Ecademy that your profile tells people who you are is and will continue to be a load of bull to me hence we need to be in touch with reality. What I say is this, the true you is only emasculated by you and you alone when no one is with you in the confines of your room, you paint your face to look as if you 're good to be trusted but you know who you are. Internet is a faceless community, having your picture for the whole world to see doesn't move me b'cos you can put up whatever you like people to see but i see dignity here and i will tell you why. Ann is such a dignified person, truthful, sincere but harmless, i am pretty sure we do not have people like this any more. Always put ego aside and say it like it is, do not be cunning or crafty even when you know that the person you're trying to impress understands who you are by your antecedence. As this is not a testimonial yet, but words of encouragement to say that i am so proud to be associated with you and above all you are much grounded. Keep it up and make sure you continue to be yourself because people like you who are sincere in this crazy world of today are rare to find. "

Judith Paterson

"Ann is a very special lady and I feel honoured to have known her since April 2006. Ann inspires all that are lucky enough to know her by her very presence, and her thoughtful and generous support demonstrates a genuine friend and mentor. I hold Ann in very high regard and aspire to emulate her achievements. "

Paul King

"Ann is a real treasure and as tenacious as a terrior, it's been a pleasure to know Ann over the last few years and I look forward to working ever more closely in the years to come. Paul"

Ian Stirling

"I have not known Ann long but it is nice to have someone who replies (short, sweet and to the point) quickly. I wish her luck and budding authors should look at her profile."

Thomas Power

"One of the most delightful ladies in BlackStar let alone Ecademy. Charming, persuasive and thoughtful Ann is one to watch coming up in this place. A talent for asking questions, listening intently and adapting accordingly I recommend Ann to everyone. "

Angi Egan

"How refreshing! Someone with others' interests before their own. Ann was honest & encouraging about how we might work together in the future - and she introduced this luddite to skype calls - cool! Angi Egan "

Alan Gee

"Ann continues to inspire me and keeps focussing my efforts - I will win! People like Ann, who walk the walk and who practice what they preach are great to find - they make life easier to live. "

Pierre Leonard

"Ann is a fantastic lady with a great track record, and she definitely knows what she's talking about! Her books were incredibly helpful when it came to recruiting the right persons ("Did I really Employ You?") and building a good team spirit within my company ("Finding the Square Root of a Banana"). Ann - thanks."

Robert WoW De Souza

"I am so glad I am in Ann's network as she is a very caring and warm person ready to help. I look forward to sharing more synergy projects with her. I wish Ann every success. Robert De Souza"

Lars Hilse

"Very nice contact! All the best to you Ann!"

Tom Evans

"Ann is a testament to everything that is good about Ecademy. We have never met but, boy, have we connected [just 2 mins ago actually - so the ink isn't even dry on this testimonial]. This level of connection just wasn't possible on the planet without the Internet, Skype & Ecademy. Mostly though it's not possible without people like Ann's sensitivity, insight and innate intelligence. So glad to have you in my network Ann & a distance of 12,000 miles isn't going to stop us changing a few things on this ball of rock. In fact, it just means we have more of it covered !!"

Rajan "Mind Money Meaning" Ramchandani

"Anything said about Ann Andrews will be like showing candle light to the sun. I have yet to come across such a motivated, spiritual and giving person. She is fulfilling her purpose on this planet in more ways than most people. Thank you Ann for sharing your time with me, sharing kind thoughts and words that I will never forget during your visit to Singapore. I look forward to being of service to you in any way I can. Thanks a LOT."

Mehul Patel

"Ann is extremly focused and positive I have personally experienced her speed of communication and its great. I am more then happy to know her."

Brenda James

"I've know Ann since joining National Speakers a few years ago in NZ, yet I'd never been to one of Ann's presentations / talks. On Monday 10th July I was privileged to be in the Audience of the Global Coaching Summit in Auckland. WOW WOW WOW WOW - Ann is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. Without giving too much away to those who are yet to hear her - my 5c coin has not left my pocket and reminds me of her heartfelt messages each time I touch it. Thanks for being you Ann - it's awesome to be in your company. Brenda Kirk"

Denis Gianoutsos

"Ann is an Awesome person. Has a lot of experience and passion in the field of training, writing books, motivating people and speaking. Ann is someone that everyone should be getting to know!!! If you are able to attend one of Ann's talks make sure you go. Ann - you are an inspiration."

Thomas Power

"Solid, reliable, steady and productive. Ann is someone you will want to spend time with. Connect."

Filip Hamerlinck

"A highly motivated and multilingual business woman with a keen eye for business and detail.Great person !!!"

Paul Gordon

"Great communicator and very happy to connect me in NZ, which was much appreciated! Thanks very much, Ann"

Mike Turner

"Swift to connect, Ann is a great lady to know. I wish her all the best with her current and future ventures and can't wait to read her book. Keep it up - ALLCALMA"

Moonshi Mohsenruddin

"Ann is very warm and friendly. She is prompt to reply my messages and even offered her books to me! A great contact to have. Thank you Ann. Keep it up."


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