A taste of augmented reality

Yesterday I was at the Olympics - the sailing event in Weymouth.

The whole experience was fantastic from the subsidised train fares to the welcome from the volunteers to the speedy security arrangements to the weather and the setting.

Part of the icing on the cake was that having had a knee operation last monday I was hobbling around using a crutch and a steward came up to me in the line and told me to get a wristband for entry to the accessibility area where I had the privilege of watching the event from the top of the mound and seeing Ben Ainslie get his Gold.

So where does the augmentation come in.

Well I'd come particularly to see the windsurfing. Me and the kids used to race. The kids were very good - Emily represented the UK with Nick Dempsey the Team GB competitor as an Under 19 in South Africa and I also know Bryony Shaw. However they were racing in the harbour and all the attention was on the medal races in front of us so there was no reporting on the windsurfing at all.

Because the boards move so fast it's very difficult to follow what's going on through binoculars - you can only just about see the flags going round the marks.

However thanks to the combination of the iPad and the excellent BBC website you could follow the standings of the race pretty much as it happened.

This meant that we could really follow what was going on while seeing the action as well.

On the way back on the train I was thinking that this is my first taste of augmented reality where accessible digital information is enhancing a real time experience.

Apart from the usual 15 rounds with the Satnav has anyone got any other interesting examples?


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Sue Searle


A taste of augmented reality

Not another use but in the same vein, I've used both mobile and ipad to keep track of match commentary when at tennis matches. It's really amazing what you can do especially if matches you wish to see conflict.This helps when out of the UK too and you can use apps to follow things which have no coverage in that country or are broadcast in a language you don't speak. Modern technology is a real boon ;-)


Jo Berry


A taste of augmented reality

Hi Alan How exciting that you and your kids have raced at windsurfing, must have been so much fun for you all. I have watched my youngest windsurf on a windy Cheshire lake and I thought if I was younger I would like to try. Does your knee operation mean you can windsurf again? Wishing you a speedy recovery Warmest wishes Jo


Robert Craven


A taste of augmented reality

Sounds like a great day out and so nice to see a blog that is not about Ecademy... RC