Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

With the Tanker Drivers decision to move ahead with industrial action, why is it they feel hard done by? With a salary of around £45,000 they are now sitting in the higher tax bracket, not loosing thier child tax credit, so are looking fairly comfortable.

With a declining economy, with retailers going to the wall on a weekly basis, they have a steady job with a decent salary! With hundreds of thousands of people especially 20 somethings looking for any kind of job, plus hidden millions who taken reduction in hours or salaries to stay in their work or gone part time to stay in work, they have a steady reliable future.

I think the public will like me have little sympathy for these workers who are throwing the country into chaos, with panic buying at the pumps, with unhelpful comments from a number of members of the Government we already have people queuing, maybe even filling up Jerry cans for the garage.

So please sort this quickly stop the panic, think differently and for the good of Society and the good of community get around the table and resolve this.

What steps are you taking not to be impacted by this rumour of a potential problem?

Let me know your thoughts?


Dave Food

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David Food


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

It seems to me that the rumour of disruption caused as much trouble as the disruption tself may have done. Some Petrol Stations will still be running out over the Easter Weekend. I guess over this last week, there has been plenty of opportunities for overtime for the drivers involved. Happy Easter Dave


Zara Lockwood


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

When round 2 of cuts kicks in, I am expecting more civil unrest in this country in the form of strikes, criminal damage etc. Greece is a good mirror of what to expect PREPARE, BUY GOLD! hmmm, who knows really, its all speculation til it happens.


Stephen Harvard Davis


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

I agree with Alan that the dispute is NOT primarily about pay and that it's in fact about other factors such as safety and job terms and conditions. It's also a dispute that's rumbled on for many years and the drivers aren't militant as a group. At risk of really placing my neck on the block: This risk of this strike is just the beginning of a series of disputes from civil service, firemen, ambulance people, teachers, tube drivers and so on. Most of these will be for different reasons such as Pension benefits, pay, overtime etc. The potential to damage the economy is huge. The Government seems to be driving their own agenda very fast down a one way street whilst a big lorry is coming up towards them! The problem is compounded by the the perception that the Government seems to be filled with people that are too rich, live in large houses and have NO IDEA how ordinary people live! (Look at any front page today to understand this) In fact the cost to the economy of such disputes are going to be greater than the costs of the RIOTS earlier this year! In my opinion "We ain't seen nothing yet!"


William Buist


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

They are having the impact they want anyway, prompted at least in part by the governments rather back handed way of creating a crisis out of a drama. Locally our Tesco's Shell and Texaco stations are all out of fuel this morning. Don't panic, just panic buy. The game here appears to be to transfer the countries strategic fuel reserve into the tanks of 26 million cars. The tanker drivers must be loving the overtime.


Mick Say


Tanker Drivers are complacent

Hi David Tanker Drivers are complacent followers of their union masters. They think their jobs are safe and that the odd strike will not affect them in any way but there is a small chance that they will benefit from the disruption of a strike. They are praying on the ordinary citizen and they should be ashamed of themselves. I have no sympathy for them... Regards - Mick


Julia McDaid


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

They aren't asking for job security. They are asking for a little more stability. Some have been forced to change employers six times in ten years. Ummm, they still have jobs. Isn't that the way the economy is going generally? More change, faster change. I honestly don't think anyone can expect jobs for life these days. As an example my brother changed employers something like 4 times without leaving his workplace, the company kept changing hands, and that included the staff having to reapply for their own jobs.


Alan Stevens


Are the Tanker Drivers really that badly off?

Firstly, the tanker driver dispute is not over pay, It's over terms and conditions that have seen safety standards eroded for years, with quicker turn-round times at refineries and delivery points, and contract working removing job security from many drivers. Secondly, drivers have been raising these issues with employers for over a year before an impasse has been reached. Drivers for Tesco, Sainsbury's, BP, Shell and Esso, backed the call for strike action by an average of 69%. Turnouts across the five companies averaged 77.7%. That's an overwhelming vote any politician would die for, from a body of workers not known for their militancy. I do agree that negotiation is the key to solving the dispute, which is what Labour leader Ed Milliband has been calling for. However, government ministers have been strident in their condemnation of the strike, which is no surprise given the government's current embarrassment over the "Cam dine with me" affair. Anything that can push their troubles off the front pages is a godsend for them. Best wishes Alan