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Jet Rotmans devant un leporello de sa composition. (© D.R)
Dans le village, l'église, le jardin de Marja et Paul, la salle de musique, l'atelier, sont agrémentés de nombreuses œuvres de plasticiens, sculpteurs, peintres. Neuf artistes aux talents très différents se partagent cet espace.

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Jet Rotmans before a Leporello of its composition. (© D.R)
In the village church, the garden of Marja and Paul, the music room, the workshop are enhanced with many works by visual artists, sculptors, painters. Nine very different talented artists share the space.

In the church, on the occasion of the opening, Paul Versteeg, president of the association Tharaux arts and music, the artists presented.

The public could see the works of Jet Rotmans, great Dutch painter. With humor, she designed tables with their composition can change its position, shown from another angle, while maintaining their originality and finesse. Ocher, lightness, her works are based, nothing assaults the eye. These tables follow one another form of books that can unfold. Beautiful portraits and all the tenderness of a mother holding her child in her arms.

In the garden, a miniature village where houses have walls plasticized pitched roofs.

Further, many mailboxes appear laminated odd shapes, but sympathetic. That evening at 22 hours, the windows of this charming village light up, sound escape, life is there, away from the walls. On grass, lovely forms have arisen, mushrooms in this heat? But yes, they escaped from the imagination of Alain Platet. Nearby, the sculptures of deer, cow tail horizontally are the work of Van Amstel Catrien.

A beautiful iron gate, very ornate, horse sculptures are signed Leo Van Den Bos, faithful Tharaux, author of the wooden arch 7 years ago. Orpheus and Eurydice Thijl Wijdeveld, talented sculptor, Jens Boettcher, it exposes a beautiful sculpture Head of a Man.

Anne-Marie Fischer presents portraits full of delicacy, portraits with collages quite amazing. Bettina K. plunges us into a special world, a nod to the prehistoric world? Finally, we are in the world of childhood with rabbits Dominique Lonchampt along a tortuous pipe.

The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 12:00 and 4:0

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Danielle de Valera


art in tharaux

Dear Jet, Beautiful as always. My best wishes to you, Danielle


Maki Kosaka


art in tharaux

Dear jet hope your exhibition went very well. wish you a happy summer time, jet. love love Maki


Stella Holman "The Connector"


art in tharaux

Wonderful, a lesson I have learnt this year, the right people will see the real you and support you, those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind ;-) See you soon.. Love Stella xxx


Marc Shaffer


art in tharaux

Lovely place. Be nice to visit sometime... It obviously impressed you Jet ;) Marc


Gordon Wheaton


art in tharaux

What a great blog Jet and love the flowers Regards Gordon


Elinor Palm


art in tharaux

Dear Jet, So nice you share your experiences, the beautiful oleander and mobile tunes. My Frensh is poor but curious as I am I clicked the link: PAGE NON TROUVEE it says! A lot of best wishes for your flowering the world and a great rest of the week with Lots of Love and Happiness :)


jet rotmans


art in tharaux

dear alan well it is nice to show what we saw an what were our experiences we send you good wishes for today and lots of love jet


Alan Bowman


art in tharaux

Hi Jet Glad you are well and still flourishing with the Art you see and help us all see in our surroundings and have a great week. Kind regards Alan