The more good, no excellent quality contacts that we have on our database, the more and the better is the business that we will do.

To do this, we all have to "join the conversation" out there and for Jane, second generation daughter, of the nurseries' founder it is all too much. She has spent most of the last 35 years working in the business and as MD she knows just about everything there is to know about plants.

But business is in decline because there are newer, faster and more effective competitors out there that are simply doing things differently. And Jane doesn't want to write blogs, put videos on YouTube or attend business breakfast meetings. "Ideally someone else" could do these things and she could carry on doing what she has always done.

Jane sits in her office behind an immaculate desk that has nothing but a blotting pad on it. She tells me that wishes it could be like it was twenty years ago when the business just grew of its own accord.

But I'm off on a training course today, just because I believe that if we run any business in the land, and we want it to grow, then we have to be absolutely committed to our own growth and development too.

Tim Kidson
Transforming organisations, transforming lives

Robert Craven



I like "To know and not to do is not yet to know" RC


Mike Turner



Nice blog Tim No matter what business you're in there is always someone bigger, faster, newer, cheaper, etc or any combination of these and a whole load of other superlatives. It's more essential than ever to keep moving and stay ahead of the game no matter what your game is and that means being informed, connected and educated. Like most of you I get offers of courses and cures on a daily basis. We could all very easily become seminar junkies or shelf help addicts but the problem is that all that knowledge just isn't enough. "To know and not to do is not yet to know" whether attributed to Stephen Coey, Guru Neem Karili Boba or Thomas Power is as true a statement as I've ever heard on the subject. Growth can only come by acting upon knowledge, either doing things oneself or sharing the knowledge with others so that they can take action. Either way we need to "join the conversation" and the more we improve the quality of our conversations the better the outcome for all. Have a great day on your training course Tim. Don't forget to come back and tell us about it ;) Mike


Julia McDaid



I agree, we are always learning. And things are always changing, so we can only keep up by finding out about new stuff.