Describe your cooking skills and your favorite thing to cook.

Hi fellow ecademists,

Now we are talking.......for those who know me and the few that lived to tell about it, I love to cook.
It gives me relaxation, clears my head......
I love being in the kitchen chopping away on veggies or meat.........then cook/bake/bbq/grill it and the nicest part.........eating it of course.
What I really enjoy making and eating is Rissotto. It all takes about one and an half hour to prepare and make, very simple but....hee here's the but again.....;-) very tasty and filling......

If you like to have the recipe i will post it.........
How are your cooking skills and what do you cook when you cook?

P.S. Having FUN in Serious Businesses

Warm regards and a hug,

Marco van Velthuisen
Manager Services van Velthuisen

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