Does belief influence our knowledge ?

What the bleep do we know ?

Where does knowledge come from ?

Dear ecademists,

Different threads were dealing with similar topics. Belief, Reality, Quantum Physics, Leadership, Banning, Truth . . .

. . . Let's talk about knowledge !

Almost daily I come across statements like . . .

I know . . .
I know exactly . . .
I know exactly what you mean . . . and my conclusion is . . . you are . . .

What do ecademists think, are those persons right or wrong ?

Where does knowledge come from ?

Where does knowledge lead to ?

What's your opinion, how does belief and knowledge effect your business ?

Example: Just imagine a situation you are in trouble or sure about an issue and your customer/provider comes up with his/her knowledge . . . claiming: "I know . . . " . . .

How would that resonate with you ?
Where would that potentially lead to ?

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Does belief influence our knowledge ?

Knowledge is tailored and used very much according to belief. For example, Creationists know about evolution, but as an article of faith choose to ignore evolution theory. I am not picking on them; they are an example of how belief or faith discounts other knowledge and sometimes sets out to dismantle an opposing view rather than just look at the evidence on merit. However, that is human nature and most of us do it to a greater or lesser degree. Jon Stow Jon Stow Consulting - Tax Solutions Exemplary Consulting