Generic Names - Important or Not - Getting An Earn From

Generic Names For Entrepreneurs
Business or Entity -
With millions of businesses around the world it is a good idea to get your name registered before another entity with the same or similar name gets in first - ( Making sure that you do not infringe any trade mark of local laws) best if in any doubt that you seek local legal professional advice -

Search Strategy Option, Can We Get An Edge & Earn
With many excellent search professionals working in various search engine optimization strategies many offering an excellent service. We ask? is their another option to enhance the way you are found & can enhance the value of our web site as well as making a good investment in quality domain bar optimization (DBO) names -
Why a generic strategy ? It gives the owner control of their own search domains & can have good investment potential -
I had my first DBOput in place back in the 1990' using four auto directory domains -
around - I recognized the importance of domain bar optimization as a professional strategist -
I recommend two to four names around the main site -
keep in mind that generic directory names are drying up, however, it still surprises me that many are still available - directory names give you the opportunity to add other businesses to advertise on your directory - personal names & numbers are another option redirected to your site -
I have incorporated into my network, this gives me superb search presence & 100% domain bar optimization DBO -

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Generic Names - Important or Not - Getting An Earn From GenericD

Good advice Gene, that's what I try to do. Cheers Sam Sam Borrett Master Mentor, Entrepreneur, Facilitator Mentoring4Change Jupiter Properties Pty. Ltd. EastWest Property Investments Club Freedom PO Box 241 Brunswick Heads, NSW, 2483 Australia