How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on Tom Perivolas


We have just achieved 100% of our target - £100,125 from 944 donations
which enables the building work to commence at Tom's parents house in London.

Many thanks again to everyone for sharing, supporting and donating which helps Tom to move towards an independent and fulfilling life.

A note to say thank you to everyone for their support thus far with Tom which encourages strength and inspiration from a dark accident that happened to a fantastic young man and friend.

Tom's Story

Tom is 24 and had been studying at Nottingham Trent University, tragically a terrible accident down some stairs in October 2011 has left him paralysed. Tom is very special, someone who gives warmth, energy and a smile to everyone. Amazingly he is very positive and is working incredibly hard at rehab.

We have the immediate challenge of creating a living space with the right equipment ASAP to enable Tom to enjoy a future life that is independent and fulfilling. Although getting some support from the government, there remains a multitude of costs arising from adapting to his new way of life, first and foremost is the adaptation to the cellar (quotes are in the region of 100k as it's a big project) at Tom's parents (Jan and Yanni) home in London.

We set up a Just Giving page and a web site in March this year and what's amazing is the amount of messages sent to Tom and the sharing via Social Media on Twitter (135 Tweets) and Facebook (835 Likes) just from Tom's JustGiving page alone (I've not tracked the wider sharing - I know it's been far and wide).

This has resulted in the donations to date reaching 69% of our target with 6 weeks left to go - that's £69,000 through almost 800 donations.

We asked everyone to share and also made it easy for Tom's friends (a lot are at uni) to share and donate small amounts via text using the following message:

Please donate now or send a text to 70070 with the message TOMZ99 followed by the amount between £1 and £10 (i.e. TOMZ99 £5) and please Facebook and text this to everyone. Let's give, get vocal and go viral!

*Thank you*

Support has been global - from people who I have met here on Ecademy, on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, such as Gene @gdeems who's been particularly engaged. I asked him to send a message that I'll read out at the big fund raising event (see below) we are holding at the end of the month - I want to share it here as well, he writes:

"Technology and social media has made the world smaller and connected more people than ever before. When I found Glenn on Twitter and heard about his efforts, I felt immediately connected with Tom and wanted to help, even though we had never met and I'm on the other side of the world in Arnold, Maryland.

Life is so precious and we each get out of it what we make of the cards we are dealt. The key is keeping a positive outlook on life, enjoying each day and trying to make a difference in the world.

That's my philosophy. It is fantastic that so many people have rallied behind Tom and want him to succeed. We are counting on Tom. With each tweet I make, facebook post or email I send to friends, strangers and anyone who will "listen" Tom's success and what he does now and will do are my inspiration. Blessings to Tom and everyone who is supporting this effort."

Gene in the United States

I find this support very moving and inspirational - thank you Gene and to everyone for sharing as well as donating as this makes such a huge difference.

We're on the last big push, with the premium raffle draws happening and a number of events this month with the big one happening in North London on June 30th.

The fundraising team have done an amazing job of securing some fantastic high value unique items which have kindly been donated for the charity auction being held at the 'Summer FUNdraising' event on Saturday 30th June.

Please join us!

If you'd like to have a great night out as well as supporting Tom please register at the Facebook event page here >

We want to maximise the fundraising potential of these very special 'lots' by offering anybody that is unable to join us at the event the opportunity to bid for the lots before the event takes place so please take a look:

A few examples:


First edition hardback copy of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' book signed by Roger Lloyd Pack who played Bartemius 'Barty' Crouch Sr in the film adaptation of the bestselling book

Helicopter Tour for 2 people over London's landmarks including the Olympic Park

Signed & Authenticated Arsenal Pennant 2003-2004 - 28cm x 40cm
Signed by 23 of the Arsenal 'invincibles' team

We've also got *lot's* of fantastic art:

'Weeping Willow' - Mark Entwisle 110cm x 120cm oil on linen

'Forest' from the 'Peripheries: British Landscapes' series - Jo Syz
C-Type Print, 20" x 24" mounted and framed

untitled' - Barry Reigate 110cm x 147cm oil, acrylic & oil pastel on canvas

We'd love to see you - please register at the Facebook event page here >

The help and support so far has been overwhelming - thank you - we are at the start of a long journey together and many thanks to the charity Aspire to enable them to help Tom through our donations at

Best regards


(I know I don't blog very often and when I do it tends to be very long - thank you for getting to the end if you are reading this!)

Glenn Watkins


£15,000 raised at the auction

We had a great event - raising £14,950 with the auction alone. The total currently stands at £94,215.00 with admission and raffle ticket proceeds to add we will be very close to our target of £100,000! Many thanks for the support -Glenn


Glenn Watkins


How Social Media is really making a difference - 76K!

Wow, we have gone through the 75k mark! £76,610 to date for Tom with the big event to come this Saturday! Many thanks for the shares, support and donations, Tom is doing well with work due to start in 3 weeks time which is fantastic as he's stuck in one room at the moment. Best, -Glenn


Glenn Watkins


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

We've hit 70% of the target this weekend! £70,000 is incredible, thank you so much for liking and sharing here and to everyone for their donations. Best wishes -Glenn


Jeff Mowatt


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

@Lucas, Doug Wolfgram asked an interesting question about the survival of those less able to compete in the Social Age. Would this young man be any less deserving if those helping hadn't been as able to marshall the same support? Consider the Kenyan man, who draws my attention on Facebook to those afflicted by drought


Nachum Katz


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

Well doneSuggestion Post the story of Tom right at the beginning, as one needs to reas a lot before understanding why you fubdraise at all Nachum


N Bhashyam


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

Thanks for sharing Internet has force multiplied the reach,penetration and power of social media and is increasingly influencing policy decisions.plans and programs affecting the life of common fact it holds the key for the future ......the shape of the globe will very much depend upon the guidance and direction it will be providing... N Bhashyam


Glenn Watkins


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

Hi Lucas Thank you - well said! Best wishes -Glenn


Carolyn Williams


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

Hi! Glenn, Lovely to SEE you on The caring power of social media Have retweeted Tom's story ☀☺☀ ta 4 sharing ☀☺☀ Sing C:)x


Lucas Wyrsch


How Social Media is really making a difference - an update on To

Dear Glenn, Thank you so much for your great article and for sharing! If we can say that social media is open, random and supportive, direct bottom-up communication, we have to admit that mass media was indirect, close, selective and controlling, top-down communication! I see in social media an irreversible basic democratic bottom up process that empowers each and every citizen and may break down corrupt lobbies for ever! Have a great and happy weekend! Best, Lucas