Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

Hurricane Sandy - all we have heard about is the devestation of the US. Check out the devastation in Haiti

Casualties by country:

United States: 113 Fatalities/1 Missing
Haiti: 54 Fatalities/21 Missing - third major national disaster in two years!!!!
Cuba: 1 Fatalities/0 Missing

And all we hear about is the US...


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Alan Stevens


Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

There's a blog on exactly the same topic in Prospect Networking on Facebook, Robert. You're a member of the group, and it's worth taking a look at, since the responses are relevant to your post. In fact, Haiti has been mentioned a number of times in numerous media outlets. The US is the bigger story because it's a bigger country with more media, and a larger global news footprint. Nothing sinister about it at all. Best wishes Alan


Lucas Wyrsch


Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

Dear Robert, If there were no mentions of hurricane Sandy's deaths in Haiti, you wouldn't know about them! Also hurricane Sandy's deaths in Haiti are, of course, mentioned, perhaps less by mass media, but certainly more by bottom-up, direct democratic and people centered social media! All is a question of attention! Have fun and take care! Best, Lucas


John Murray


Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

RC I was going to post a blog about this but had a trip from Asia to UK to deal with. I thought the same - the US storm is/was all over all channels. Not the case with others, including Haiti. I was going to ask whether some lives are worth more than others. ......or is it that because there are more commercial interests in the USA that the effect globally is more severe than the effect globally from '3rd world' countries. I think the USA storms should be reported and that any life lost is a tragedy. It is equally the case (for me) if those lives are in other regions. Lives rather than business are of more value.....surely? Regards JM (sorry John :-) )


Robert Craven


Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

But... 1/3rd of all deaths came in Haiti and virtually no-one mentions them!!! It doesn't make page five...!!!! RC


Fraser Hay


Hurricane Sandy Deaths - why no mention of Haiti?

Perhaps the US dont want too much media attention on the 500 m barrels in oil reserves that Tahiti has/had ?