Increase Communication Between Your Colleagues

Increase Communication Between Your Colleagues

The pace of work is increasing, we have less people to do the same, if not more work, and the irony is that it is in times like this that we need to spend more time on smarter communications between our people

In basic terms people throughout organisations do not communicate with each other very well, be that managers, employees or the senior managers/ leaders.

For a business (or any organisation) to run efficiently and effectively, people need to know certain information. that information needs to be available "on demand".

It is said that it is not necessarily for more communication, but more effective communication. This may mean face to face, electronic or data communications.

We are entering into a phase of running businesses where collaboration is the name of the game, and increasingly we need to realise that there is no one single tool for the job - and that each individual needs to have the pick of the toolbox if they are to be effective.


Mike Morrison

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