Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

Who got rich during the gold rush?

A few miners, certainly. But the vast majority of those who made good money weren't the miners and prospectors; it was those in the middle of the supply chain, those who sold the picks and shovels and all the products the miners and prospectors needed!

Is this an analogy for internet marketing? There are some people who have made serious money selling to the end user. However, it's interesting to me that most who have profited to the extent of making a full-time living have been those who've sold "how to courses" to internet marketing wannabes.

I am starting to make money from showing traditional businesses how to increase their sales by using internet and social media marketing but it's taken a long time and a lot of effort; hence not being in here too often recently!

So the question is: how good a business model is selling internet marketing/social media marketing services for the majority of people? And how many members of ecademy have seen their businesses grow as a result of internet marketing/social media marketing?

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Robert Craven


Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

Nic It works for us... using the internet so that clients find us... RC


Mike Morrison


Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

Hi Nic - yes another gold rush - the money is for those that try to make it 2special" and charge for saying the blindingly obvious (well often, but not always) its just a channel, like any other, but much like early on in our career we learned the basics at college, this is new, and to learn it people need to "trial & error" or but the experience from people that have done it - the real problem of course is many that say they are experts have never done it! great blog - thanks for starting it


Nic Oliver


Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

Andrew, It's perhaps worth noting that Lee McIntyre has since moved to the "Make Money Online" Niche although he does it differently from others. His focus is on encouraging people to create a sound and sustainable business and to not chase the "Internet Lifestyle overnight millionaire magic bullet crowd". For me, the key has to be to see IM and SMM as tools - they are a means and not an end. There is no doubt in my mind that handled properly, they can lead to business growth. Thanks for commenting Kind regards Nic


Andrew Horder


Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

That's a question that's concerned me for a long time - there are a lot of IM people out there whose proposition is that you can use IM to sell IM "products" to people who just want to do IM. Horribly circular (a bit like bankers flogging ponzi debt to sort out their debt, but that's another story ...) We shouldn't just look at whether IM or SMM is a good approach for traditional businesses, because the web has the capability to create whole new business models that the old brick-and-mortar world could never have thought about because of the economics. Probably the best example I can think of amongst IM'ers would be Lee MacIntyre - his first IM venture was selling lesson plans online to teachers (we was a teacher himself at the time). So I'd extend Nick's question to include who has created a real business selling something of real value to people, using SoMed or IM as the marketing and distribution channel?