Logging into Ecademy with your Yahoo ID

We've now got Yahoo OpenID fully working to log into Ecademy.

1. Go to My Settings, Manage OpenIDs

2. Type in "yahoo.com" into the "Add a new OpenID" field and hit "Sign In"

3. After a moment and perhaps an intermediate screen, you'll be presented with a Yahoo screen asking if you want to log in to Ecademy.com. Click on the "Let Me In" button.

4. You're returned to Ecademy and your Yahoo OpenID is associated with your Ecademy account.

Now when you need to log in to Ecademy, the process is very similar.

1. Go to the login screen at Ecademy. Scroll down to the "Login with OpenID"

2. Type in Yahoo.com and click Sign in.

3. You're redirected to Yahoo asking if it's ok. Click "Let Me In"

4. You're back on the Ecademy home page and logged in.

Julian Bond


Logging into Ecademy with your Yahoo ID

Great Intro to OpenID http://www.consumingexperience.com/2006/12/openid-introduction.html


Voice over" Philip Banks


Logging into Ecademy with your Yahoo ID

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Nadia Choudhary


Logging into Ecademy with your Yahoo ID

Julian sorry but what is the benefit of this? Nadia :)