London Bloggers Meet Up: Women in Business

London Bloggers Meet Up: Women in Business

London is full of opportunities to network and meet people socially and in business, and last night was no exception, when I attended with Maurice Watts the marketer, the London Meetup of the London Bloggers group, under the spotlight, and it felt very much like going to a gig to see a band in the Star of Kings pub in Kings Cross, and though this image / movie is rather dark it reflects in part the social engagement of the meetings, to which around 60/70 bloggers attended.

Three blogging stars were speaking, Jonathan Bird creator of the Singles Warehouse, Sarah Arrow creator of Birds on the Blog and Julie Hall creator of Women Unlimited.

Three videos were recorded, but only one was clear enough to publish:

I recorded this video on my ipad mini and Julie Hall gave me permission to publish it.

All three sites mentioned pull in about a million hits a day, and Birds on the Blog gives it's revenue to support a village in Uganda, and Ida Horner has played a major part in organising this initiative.

The question came up, Can you make any money on blogging? and Do the bloggers who blog on your sites make any money?

It's all about PR and advertising, and what your audience wants isn't it?

What do you want? Money, wealth, PR and influence or something else?

Most of us want recognition don't we - we want the audience to know us, and we want to change the world, don't we?


About the Writer

Lawrence Perry is a blogger and uses this platform for blogging, contact and networking. He is  a member of the London Bloggers Meetup and writes for Catch Friday Media. He is a journalist with Wire News. He is on twitter @catchfriday

He also is an Unfranchise Product Broker with Market UK who launched in the UK in March 2012 and this is going to be a very  profitable line.





Suzan St Maur


Made me smile...

Was interested in what Julie Hall had to say, thanks for sharing that, Lawrence. But I was gobsmacked when she said her site gets about 15,000 visitors a month. My little niche site does twice that. Maybe I'm doing something right after all...LOL!

Suzan St Maur,