#Lyndon - Haste mal'n Tempo ? . . . OEM*

Haste mal'n Tempo ?is common use in German since many years and stands for . . . Do you have a paper tissue for me ? . . . and goes back to the perfect positive branding of Tempo paper tissues.

It is even used when you only have other brands at hand and everybody understands it.

There's even jokes around it as 'Tempo' also stands for 'Speed' in German vocabulary and even when you need to clean your nose desperately . . . some naughty will start humming a 3/4 beat and keep you waiting before they hand you the tissue . . .

Xerox is another fine and very positive labelled example to represent a copy. Based on the originator Xerox photocopiers if I'm not totally mistaken.

So recently I came up with #Lyndonized to express . . . yeah, what ?

Today I got a reply that is potentially could be mistaken as . . . cloning as in Borg and thus cause grief . . .

To which I replied . . .

By #Lyndonized I mean to get blown away by positive spirits and attitudes . . .
(without avoiding conflict and having balls when needed, don't get me wrong there).

What do you say . . . how does the use of #Lyndonized reflect with you ? Keep it or dump it ?

A 'why' might be helpful too . . . hehehe . . . do what you do with . . . Love&Passion :-)

This too is OEM*. It is as it is. Says love.

Love, peace and poetry.

53/60 to go to see 200 million children smile :-) - Noch 53/60, um 200 Millionen Kinder l├Ącheln zu sehen :-)

Have fun, Andreas Wiedow

* Own Erudite Musings

mark wing


#Lyndon - Haste mal'n Tempo ? . . . OEM*

Andreas is clearly looking to understand what this might all mean for the Ecademy brand. Is that right Andreas? It is really nice to be reminded of that Madness track by the way. Great song ;-)


Danielle de Valera


Lyndonized - keep it or dump it?

Dump it, Andreas.


Robert Craven


#Lyndon - Haste mal'n Tempo ? . . . OEM*

And here's the Borg logo - It's OK...


Fred Rutgers


#Lyndon - Haste mal'n Tempo ? . . . OEM*

Andreas, Lyndon, Wouldn't it be great if ecademy would mean networking just like tempo equals a tissue, perrier means water in a bottle, a xerox means a photocopy, etc. Let's go for it! Fred Rutgers