Murdoch closing News of the World Journo's Twitter account #DBBM

I have just read that apparently (just been challenged on this point so want to leave some ambiguity!) Murdoch has closed the New of the World reporters own Twitter account. See the news link below

'Former News of the World journalists' silenced on Twitter

I say 'own' as this is a grey, controversial area that is very close to my heart, when you create a Twitter Account and your are employed, who owns it?

As part of the Manifesto for Digital Business Britain, I state that individuals should be allowed and encouraged to create their Social Capital'.

There is no such thing as a 'job for life' and anyone in a job in this climate of employment change will be feeling very uneasy and unsure of their future. 2 weeks ago the staff at News of The World believed they were working for the biggest newspaper in the country' - now they are without a job.

I am not getting into a debate here about what is happening with the terrible and shocking revelations about the values and ethics of a few at this newspaper, what concerns me is the fact that their 'social' networks may been cut and a way of them finding more work or being able to do contract writing.

I am campaigning to have Social Capital Creation as a right for individuals in companies, I know this is idealistic and very tough to achieve, but we have to look after the individual and thier future, how will they feed their families when they are laid off?

This week I am working for a very large company helping their Part-Time staff learn how to 'start- a business' - my respect for this company, which I can write about very soon, has grown enormously, they have little to gain directly, but they are spending a sizeable amount of the future stability of their staff by giving them the skills to learn how to build a following and influence online.

A changing world with lots of ways to adapt and to become passionate about. We have to protect and care for people, who ever we are and whatever challenges we face. It is all out responsibilities as human on this planet.

I guess this will have all sorts of opinions and the tweeter at NoTW was about to release fairly damaging information, but, it does make me wonder what this may do for the legislation of twitter account ownership within some Social Media policies.

I wonder what the legal firm thinks that have been hired to represent the redundant people from NotW

Liverpool law firm to help News of the World staff maximise redundancy pay

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Penny Power


Murdock closing News of the World Journo's Twitter account #DBBM

Thank you Alan, I think you and I see this world differently but I always appreciate your counter arguments. I never enforce my opinions, just provide them and people can make a choice on their own view and values. I will always try to shake up the older values of Corps as I don't think they always serve the needs of the public or their staff, some exceptions however and I celebrate those too. warm regards Penny Power Founder of Ecademy and Ecademy Digital School Helping you build social capital in your business and life Follow @pennypower Follow @pennypower I support:  


Alan Stevens


Murdoch closing News of the World Journo's Twitter account #DBBM

Penny, I'm not sure that the account you refer to was closed on Murdoch's instruction, or even belonged to a former News of the World reporter. That's information from someone I know who used to work at the paper, with whom I just had a very interesting phone conversation. Tweeting from within an organisation is an area subject to internal policies. I don't believe there should be an over-riding rule. I'm currently writing social media policies for two global organisations who take different views on the issue. I think that's fair enough, and should form part of a contract of employment. Best wishes Alan Alan Stevens, President, Global Speakers Federation, 2010-2011 Communication, PR and Reputation Management Author of Ping! Presenter of Media Coach Radio Show Follow me on Twitter