My Ideal professional networking platform

Over the last few days I have been increasingly thinking about what I would want from a platform. I know that my own business has highs and lows, and with it times when I need more support, and times when I don't. This means there will be times when I want different facilities.

In basic terms I want a site where I can connect with like minded people, and have a tool that can help me raise the profile of me and or my business as I need it.

I see several parts of a site:
1) a place I can ask open questions without all my customers knowing I am asking such things (a private discussion area - or the ability to start a question as an anonymous post)
2) a place to showcase my knowledge - this may be both public and to other members
3) I want to buy features as I need them - high profile blogs, advertisements, promotions, press releases
4) the ability to track the number of member & non member reads
5) the ability to see the percentage of traffic my social media activity is generating verses the site & its members
6) the ability to generate revenue from my content (adsense or amazon)
7) the ability to post blogs FROM my site
8) that the site tweets & g+s all blogs/ articles that are "business" or "articles" (i.e. the site proactively promotes its content rather then the "passive" approach many make
9) introduce a "category" called "image" where such posts are sent to a pinterest account
10) run online events, if a network is truly global, then webinar style technology could be used to have virtual meetings
11) have "home pages" for different "disciplines", now this could be the "50 key words" or things like - consultant, sales, pharma, beauty, therapy etc - where members of the groups have their blogs shown, this means theme relevant content for our potential customers - much more appealing than a "generic" home page. Such a page should not overtly promote membership of the site
12) archive are that - archives, make them accessible, or find a way of making sure they are "up to date" if highlighted

Some want "clubs" but at the present I have those elsewhere at the moment

That's is enough from me - what would you want on your ideal site?

Mike Morrison
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Mike Morrison


My Ideal professional networking platform

What about pages that collate news from around the world on a range of separate topics: seo, HR, marketing, technology etc i.e. ecademy becomes a one stop shop for members


Gordon Wheaton


My Ideal professional networking platform

Good blog and question Mike. I think Ecademy gives me everything I want from a professional network Regards Gordon


Lyndon Wood


My Ideal professional networking platform

Mile and Tim we have bookmarked your ideas and will incorporate as many as we can into the new platform. The wireframes (site plan) is being done and developers will refer back to here. Always good to listen and take on feedback and ideas. Thanks everyone L


Mike "Freddie" Gordon


My Ideal professional networking platform

Tim, Mike, Robert and Andrew ... Assuming the site that Mike and Tim describe would gain you profile, route to market, revenue and "success" etc .. how much would you be prepared to give (including VAT) ? Answers in £GB and Lira are acceptable ;)


Andrew Priestley


My Ideal professional networking platform

Mike really like your stuff.


Robert Craven


My Ideal professional networking platform

Ahh - out of the fog comes the sense... RC


Tim O'Donnell


I would want

the site to contain information that was reasonably up to date, accurate and relevant. 1. I would want the number of users limited to those people with profile and a presence. I would not mind if this was just a passive presence so they were reading blogs but eventually I think that to be considered a user they should be made/encouraged to blog or comment or tweet at least once a year. This might mean no automatic renewal for free members. They could be send reminders abut the need to perform an action or they will be eliminated. I would much rather know that there was a paying population of 3,000 members and a further active 17,000 members and have the possibility of segmenting these members rather than being told there are 656,000 registered users. 2. I would want a serious and professional testimonial system so that I could evaluate members from a business point of view. What we have at the moment is often a wishy washy system where someone writes something "I like MM because he is so nice" . I would also eliminate the call to write testimonials when they are not merited from a business reason. I do like the system where I only get to write my testimonial after having booked a room in a hotel and stayed in it. 3. I would want people or business banned NOT for what they say but MORE for what they DO/DO NOT do. Anybody who is involved in a shakey or illegal business deal should be flagged up and suspended or banned. I would hate to see this place full of bad businesses just like in Italy we have many politicians who are undergoing trial for corruption or mafia affiliation. 4. I would like to see people's profiles linked through to such services that Companies House and Duedil offer so that I can see the company information without having to leave Ecademy. 5. I would like to see a second Marketplace created dedicated only to request for tenders. I would leave our current marketplace as it is, a great tool for the outside world and SEO. I also believe that a separate inivitation to tenders page would satisfy all those members who are here looking for business. They would be able to contact directly those members who are looking to buy service or goods. Many times over the years I have seen new members come and be frustrated by marketplace because they think it is where they should be selling themselves to other members, I hope these are clear enough. Mike, if you and Lyndon want to fly down for pizza and a chat I'll pick you up at the airport.