Owning a business can be hard, lonely work!

Owning a business can be hard, lonely work!

OK, no one said to would be easy, but hey, if I'd have known in advance that incorporating and building my own business would be so hard I may have never taken the leap. (But I am glad I did).

I had held director level positions in various companies before getting off the greasy poll and to be honest I was a bit over-confident with my abilities to start and build a new business from scratch.

Whilst being the dominant figure in several boardrooms in corporate life I was a master delegator, I treated everyone with respect and I lead from the front. I got the best out of people because I gave them the best of me.

I was once too proud to admit that I needed help!

All the Trimmings

Company Car, Company Credit Card, the best hotels, life was good but I wanted more.

So I took the plunge and, you guessed it I spent nearly 3 years screwing things up in a big way. No longer did I have experts in finance, human resources, sales, business administration, etc, etc to delegate to, I had to do it all myself and it was hard.

Then about three years ago I joined an Ecademy boardroom. The boardroom was a physical meeting where business owners at every level would come together once per month to confidentially discuss their business issues. This was a fantastic learning experience for me as I participated as a board member once again helping other people with their problems and they helped me with mine.


Each member was aware that what was discussed in the boardroom was confidential to the members who were there on the day and individuals problems may not be discussed, written about or disclosed in any way. This gave all members the confidence to really open up and lay themselves bare in a trusted environment.

This was the turning point in my business as I could now rely on a group of experts to help me with my problems and to help me mature as a business owner. 

The Boardroom

Does any of the above resonate with you? Are you a small business owner who feels a little lost or possibly, like me you just need the ear of other business owners every now and then?
Our boardroom continues to support small business owners to this day, and I have been the chairman of the board for two years. We are porting the boardroom to SunZu and are in the middle of building the group.

If you would like to join “The Boardroom” and share you experience with other less experienced business owners or if you need support of more experienced business owners we’d like to invite you to think about joining the boardroom.

There is no fixed membership subscription; each member pays £60.00 each time they attend. Whilst the SunZu boardroom group is still under physical construction please pop over and take a look at The Boardroom

Please don’t apply to join The Boardroom until you are committed to attend your first meeting. Dates and locations for future meetings will be posted soon. 

For more information please contact Anna Figiel or Mick Say.

Kind regards

Mick Say.

Peter H. Claes


Would love to attend

Wow ... tahnks for sharing, i know the feeling.

I would love to attend and take part in the boardroom but i'm afraid i can't attend often due the distance.

Looking forward to see you and have the interesting discussions with a beer on the side on the next international meeting :-)

Grtz from Belgium