Pot holes in a drive...!

......This maybe the most strange and unusual blogg request for help BUT, it is serious!

My sister & brother-in-law have a rough, gravel/ flint/ soil, pot-holed one eigth of a mile 'drive' to their equally 'rough', basic, abode.......and not enough money to pay a huge price for Tarmac.....

........any advice, ideas, help would be very appreciated here and I hope that Ecademy can come up trumps again......?
Oh, nearly forgot, I have a vested interest as my sculpting studio is at the end of this 'mine-field' and I have just bought a little car with low ground clearance.....enough said!!

Have you heard of a pharmaceutical company that really wants you to be well & healthy....?
Is there a complementary, alternative health way ahead?

Mike Danford


Pot holes in a drive...!

Being in a similar position to the poster, can I ask why scalpings are recommended? Will the newly prepared surface start to break up as vehicles move around on it (our drive includes a sharp turn and vehicles park on it which drags and shifts the surface). Would a larger stone work as well? I was thinking about dropping in a much larger stone (such as the type found under railway tracks) so if it was dragged out, it could more easily be pushed back in. I have seen this sort of stone used regularly in car parks and it seems to hold up. In the past when myself or my neighbours have used a smaller grade, it eventually just comes back out leaving high spots that become compacted and need hacking down.


TØny Hine


Pot holes in a drive...!

Hi David, Fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm not sure really! This is my field of expertise! I don't recommend filling potholes in with concrete, as most people use a very strong mix of concrete, the surrounding area wears down leaving a "tit" of concrete which is likely to do serious damage to the underside of your vehicle. The best material for filling potholes is "scalpings" you could use a more traditional material generally known as "hoggin" I don't recommend the use of hoggin for manual filling, it's OK if you have machinery available. It's probably best if I speak directly to whoever has taken responsibility for the job, and I would be happy to speak to them anytime. My phone number is 01635 522233. cheers Tony... Contact Details: E-mail me: mail@tonyhine.co.uk. Tel International: +44 1635 522233


Robert Zarywacz


Pot holes in a drive...!

The road I lived in in Windsor was unadopted, so a lot of residents got together, concreted in the potholes and covered it with gravel. It was fine and drained well while everyone respected it, but when some people started tearing down it and braking hard (it was a cul-de-sac so there was no point), it started breaking up again. This could work depending on the number and size of your potholes. Our resident construction expert advised against a layer of tarmac, saying that without proper foundations it would just wear away. Hope this is of help. »»» ROBERT ZARYWACZ ««« copywriter & business communicator @ www.z2z.com. Meet me @ North Devon, Paradise! gardening, sensible exercise & What a performance! clubs.