Should personal beliefs and convictions influence business decisions?

I was asked this question recently while attending a conference where we were providing the content recording and web streaming. For me the answer was a resounding 'yes' and I'd like to share why…

Back in March we were privileged to sponsor the recording of Peace One Day Insights in London. These events provide the opportunity to network and most importantly, connect with some of the most successful and brightest minds in business. They take place twice a year in central London and all proceeds from ticket sales go to support the tremendous efforts of Peace One Day and it's Global Truce campaign. For those of you that aren't aware of Peace One Day and its extraordinary work I urge you to visit the site at and read and watch all about it. Then get involved!

It is the most exciting and worthwhile 'cause' I have come across in recent years and is gaining real traction, as its visionary founder Jeremy Gilley and his team of supporters and patrons work towards institutionalising a global day of non-aggression on the 21st September every year, so that it becomes as established in the world's calendars as Mother's Day. Having met Jeremy for the first time, I was supremely impressed and equally moved by his energy, enthusiasm and unwavering passion for a cause he began creating fully 12 years ago.
Aside from Jeremy's energy and dedication, the thing that struck me having attended the event and later reviewing some of our recordings, was how much synergy there was between all the speakers and the cause the event was designed to support. Sounds obvious that it should be the case, but it shows great skill and sensitivity on the part of the person who researched and developed the day's programme and also underlines the power of a truly worthwhile cause to draw in people who are naturally aligned with its objectives.

As I write this I am in Derry ~ Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on a drizzly Thursday morning, setting up to provide a live stream onto YouTube from the Peace One Day concert here at 7.30pm tonight. I feel privileged and humbled to be working with this incredible group of people. Was it an easy decision to 'give' our support? Absolutely yes! ... because if we don't allow our personal beliefs to influence our business decisions, how else are we going to make them?

So, please watch the concert at and, if you can, give your support.

Martin Shepherdly
BeThere Global
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Martin Shepherdly


Should personal beliefs and convictions influence business decis

Thanks for the comments Jeff, Gordon and Julia. The live stream of the concert went off without a hitch last night. I am very proud that BeThere Global are associated with this immensely important cause.


Julia McDaid


Should personal beliefs and convictions influence business decis

Should beliefs influence business decisions? Well yes for me. These days the world wants authenticity, you can't be authentic if you are doing business in a way that is against what you stand for, there will always be conflict at some level.


Gordon Wheaton


Should personal beliefs and convictions influence business decis

Great blog Martin and what a wonderful way to give your business support Regards Gordon


Jeff Mowatt


Should personal beliefs and convictions influence business decis

Well yes, Martin that's entirely what a social business, by which I mean a business for social purpose is about. In our case for example the approach is to leverage policy changes as in this initiative for a former weapons research establishment. it began by suggesting business could be deployed for major social impact rather than returning.profit to shareholders. "Substitute personal greed with compassion, and the balance sheets will still work out just fine. Profit/loss statements take on a whole new dimension and meaning. Greed and capitalism are not one and the same thing. "Social" capitalism, social enterprise, is perfectly doable. This is the most effective sustainable strategy available for alleviating widespread human suffering stemming from poverty and all that comes with it -- up to and including terrorism."