The Dark Side of the Network

The network is strong in this one. I feel its power all around me.

I'm a big fan of LinkedIn. I generally take LinkedIn's advice and only connect with people I know. I'm not the most conservative LinkedIn user, but I am not nearly as promiscuous with my connections as many people are.

Because I've been participating on mailing lists for discussing how to use LinkedIn for networking, I get a lot of invitations from the more promiscuous folks. It's usually easy to decline them with my usual form letter. Not only does it clearly say in my LinkedIn profile that I won't connect with strangers, but I discuss in detail on these mailing lists why I want to get to know someone before I connect with them. So, blammo, they're declined.

But I've been talking with some of these guys lately who are sending the invitations. I mean, I'm not opposed to meeting new people. Talking to them about their networking strategies helps me better understand networking in general. A few of them give pitiful pleas for me to accept their invitation. But many make seductive arguments for going for the big numbers of connections, for taking a positive and accepting approach with people. Some of their reasoning make sense. These are real people now, not just boilerplate invitations that I can toss aside without a thought. Oh no! I'm being drawn toward the dark side of the force, I mean, network!

I'm holding my ground. Reading Scott Allen's writings helps to bring me back on the straight and narrow. But I feel like I'm losing my grip on the quality side of the quality vs. quantity debate.

Don't let me go over to the dark side! I don't want to have pages full of connections and not know who any of them are. Someone save me!

Christian Mayaud


The Dark Side of the Network

[Cross-Posted on LinkedInnovators on Yahoo!Groups] Well ... as the "Darth Vaader" of LinkedIn, I once was a good Jedi Knight and follow the ancient teachings of my elders and, like a true believer, believed in their "fear of the force" ... then I started challenging the vercacity of assumptions made by Scott Allen and others on this forum and others ... truth be told, even Scott has moved his position a bit closer to the "darkside" since his early writings that you refer to ... The reality is that "quantity and quality" just aren't related concepts -- Quality is a property of the relationship ... Quantity is a property of LinkedIn search engine performance It's just muddled thinking to related them (at least when referring to LinkedIn) But then, I, a former Jedi turned "Darth Vader of LinkedIn", believe that "The Darkside" is pure propaganda to preserve the ancient, and largely irrelevant, religious code among a bunch of has-been sheep-like believers You are not stepping towards Darkness -- you are steping towards Light Darkness is just a metaphor for fear ... don't be afraid -- Step towards the "True Light" Christian Mayaud | Managing Director | The Verticom Group | 914/239-3733 | Skype ID cmayaud "Intelligence is like Four-Wheel Drive ... It just gets you stuck in more remote places." -- Garrison Keilor


Alan McBride


The Dark Side of the Network

Because I've been participating on mailing lists for discussing how to use LinkedIn for networking..... Having spent a lot of time on Ecademy , I've only put my toe in the water with LinkedIn. Where can I read more about how to use LinkedIn to good effect? Alan McBride Helping businesses improve their Financial Management. Supporting Finance Directors through Networking