The Most important Human Characteristic regarding Mental Health.

The Psychology profession maintains that the quality of resilience is by far the most important quality any human can have when it comes to the issue of mental health.

By that, they mean not only the ability to bounce back from adversity which is often hard enough, but to come back without bitterness, resentment or malice. This calls for an almost superhuman effort as life really extracts its pound of salt so to speak.

Everyone has their share of misfortune and adversity and some have had it in large doses. I cannot say that about myself, although in life most of us are our own worst enemies and I certainly can say that, LITERALLY.

Personally, I am not sure as I would say that it is difficult to be resilient as long as we do not have peace of mind. Of course to call it "peace of mind," is existentially inaccurate as mind can never be silent, although people think that the mind can be silent. Actually mind means turmoil, trouble and disease at its worst or a perfect instrument of man at its best.

Naturally, if the mind cannot be silent, then it stands to reason that when there is silence there is no mind. For me, resilience is easier if the mind is not operating at its usual speed and throwing up to me all sorts of troubles and problems that may not even be there in fact.

Therefore, it is better to say that there cannot be any silent mind, just as there cannot be any healthy disease. If we remember that then we will have the recipe for a resilient nature.

At least, that is my take on it in a few words. We have to use these words "mental health" together although they are diametrically opposite in existence.

What human characteristic do you feel to be the most important for mental health?


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Leo 'Mr. Networking' Petrik


The Most important Human Characteristic regarding Mental Health.

I feel that the most important human characteristic regarding mental health, is compassion. Compassion can only come from the heart, and having dealt with sufferers of mental illness, the greatest support that they can receive is compassion and understanding from the people around them. Having a mental illness is not something that is chosen, and can often be very debilitating to the individual and to the family who suffer the consequences. Today, thanks to social media, we all expect and participate in an environment of greater openness. Many sufferers of mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder, are, for a better way of putting it, coming out. However, the greatest challenge we face is not being understanding enough of the sufferers of this illness. A new advertising campaign regarding bipolar disorder has just been aired. It evidences a very strong reflection in human reaction, similar to opening Pandora's box. At the end of the ad one of the girls workmates recognizes her by name, rather than for of illness and as such honours her as an individual. I believe that we all need to develop a greater understanding of the people in our midst who are sufferers of mental illness,and with greater compassion we can start to reconnect as a community to bring about a more positive conceptualisation of mental health. Cheers, Leo Petrik Chairman and Founder Leading Entrepreneurs Organization Website: Website: Website: Your Hidden Goldmine Blog: The LEO Blog Club Leader: Centre For The Lion-Hearted Club Leader: Ecademy Gold Coast Business Club It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. --- Alan Cohen


Sam Borrett


The Most important Human Characteristic regarding Mental Health.

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