The Mysterious Investors

I have heard this story from many people over the years.

After being involved in raising finance for eight years now for large companies, small companies, my own companies, start-ups and everything in between I thought I would share a story that I don't want anybody else to have to experience.

Imagine if you would...

Simon Dixon
Founder of Benedix
Author 'Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust' & 'Student To CEO: 97 Ways To Influence Your Way To The Top In Banking & Finance'

Fred Rutgers


The Mysterious Investors

Dear Simon! What a perfect video! So true! I also have been fu€&@ed by big investors and it killed my business! I very much believe in the future of crowd funding! This concpt needs to come to Holland and the continent soon! Screw the banks and the greedy big venture capitalists! I wish you so much success with bank to the future and all the luck in the world! If ever I can help, I will! Fred Rutgers