Today Is "Cover The Night" Kony 2012

Today cities around the world will be taking part in covering the night - putting up posters to make an internationally wanted criminal a household name.

In the lead up to this event there has been lots of debate about the role of the charity Invisible Children Inc. My question is


Charitable giving is big business these day, and is also topical in the UK with the the proposed cuts to tax relief on charitable giving. What is the way forward, is there a better model of giving we should be aware off?

Do charities deserve the reputation they are getting?

Christopher Babayode
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Christopher BABAYODE


Today Is "Cover The Night" Kony 2012

I love your comment Beth. I think it points to the fact that we can all make a unique contribution to society and charities without it always being about cash. Intrinsic value is a really good way to contribute. This is a good thing! Thank you.


Beth Burgess


Today Is "Cover The Night" Kony 2012

That's a really important question, Christopher. I think people don't mind giving to charity if they really support the cause, but I don't think people like being bullied into it by chuggers, cold calling or door-knocking. I have my favourite charities that I already support and I tend to give my time rather than my money because I like to actively get involved. The only time I tend to deviate from my main charities is if someone I know asks me too - like sponsoring, or petitions. Maybe charities should take that into account more - get people involved rather than just asking for money, and then their freinds and networks will be more likely to get involved too.