What, How, Who or Why. Which are you?

I have spent the past several days working with a group of independent consultants on aspects of the Herrmann Whole Brain model.

In discussing Leadership, for example, it was fascinating to note how each person's attitudes and contributions aligned themselves to the four personality types, represented by the colours blue, green, red and yellow. These are not the same as the IMA colours, by the way.

Blues concern themselves with the What, Greens focus on the How, Reds connect with Who is involved, and Yellows look at Why and the big picture. You can just see how each type would approach a task -- factual, sequential, feeling or creative.

A dispute arose over the listing of "Inspired Driver" behaviours. There was an argument about what constituted behaviour and what was simply a characteristic. It puzzled me because I thought the list could be either very short or very long.

The short version might be something like this: "Everything that expresses the Leader's fundamental purpose (the Why)".

The long list would be everything the leader does, every action, every utterance, every request or instruction that reflects or projects the leader's purpose.

When you understand the leader's Why, you will know how to recognise what is consistent with it. And those who align themselves with it will form the tribe.

Simple, isn't it?


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Phillip Khan-Panni


What, How, Who or Why. Which are you?

It's not tools for the job, Katie-Ellen, but personality types. Where is your focus, on the What, the How, the Who or the Why?


Katie-Ellen Hazeldine


What, How, Who or Why. Which are you?

Tools for jobs, no one operational mode. Show me the problem, give me the context.