What is your business and why do you exist?

I would love to hear some people's responses to this, so please feel free to contribute below.

The most potent (and fun) question you can answer for yourself as a business owner is: Why?

If you can answer that in a sentence, you have a mission statement. And you have the fuel for winning your game.

So, what is your business and why do you exist?

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon


What is your business and why do you exist?

OK, you want responses. My response is exactly this: "Who the hell are you to be asking high handed questions?" That's my precise response when I read it. Honest as always. I wouldn't dream of engaging with a question posed in such a grandiose coaching style posture. It's not sharing at all, in my book anyway. I look at your picture and your profile next and my thought is: "This young chap's got a great deal to learn about how to address people who are not his inferiors and do not need his input. Who does he think he is?" Well, you asked. That's the truth. I had no other thoughts and so I passed on to the next execrable "blogg". Sorry, but you did ask. You don't find stuff out by demanding answers. You find stuff out, if that really is your intention, by observing and noticing what you observe and looking for the spaces between the image and the reality. If there are very few space you have located an interesting person.


Mick Say


Why does my business exist?

Hi Alex - Nice question. I think you should break it down like this: What do I do? I am an Online Business Development Consultant Whats does my business do? The Online Marketing Academy provides Online Business Development consulting, resources and training to businesses based in the UK - We help business to leverage the WWW. Why does my business exist My business exists and prospers because there are many UK businesses and marketers who do not know how to leverage the internet for business benefit and they seek out the man that does! Thanks - Mick