Whiner Or Winner?

Whiner Or Winner?

It isn't hard to distinguish the whiners from the winners. Whiners spend their energy finding reasons why something didn't work. They have an excuse for every time they are not successful. Nothing is ever their fault, the blame is always laid elsewhere. Winners don't waste energy blaming others. They look for ways to make things work and look at the positive side rather than dwelling on the negative. Winners take responsibility for their lives and get one with creating.

You can tell the winners from the whiners. Whiners spend their time complaining. Winners are too busy doing.

Coaching Question
Are you a winner or a whiner?

Daily Action
Pay attention to the people in your life and notice who is a winner and who a whiner. Observe the differences in their approach to their lives.

Winners don't whine and whiners don't win. Unknown
"Whiners make excuses; winners just get the job done." Unknown

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