Who are these people?

Who are these people?

they always know better than you

they often say "what you need to do is"

they ask questions that they know you can't answer

they invariably give advice, whether you want it or not

they eat the right food and they know everything about health

they talk in sharp and clever catch phrases

it's clear that they know so much you might just as well not exist

they think you are a primitive life form

they know the world owes them everything, right now

they invent improbable business scenarios that somehow work, maybe

it's hard to tell what if anything they believe in

their feelings are too complex to be understood by anyone

they rarely stop talking

they are always confident, even when they are a bit off peak

Just who are these people?

they are not bubbling European optimists frothing in garbled English about optimism

they are not multi-faceted Antipodean know-all gurus

they are not women with lying avatars who must be better than men

they are not purveyors of strange, occult business advice

they are not professional but bitter home counties suits

they are not menopausal wiseacres trying to turn superiority into enterprise

they are not tyke clever-dicks with too many jokes to hand

they are not saviours of the world via social media

they are not dumb-headed techies pretending to be consultants

So, just who are these people?

Bob Dylan almost describes some of them once in a blue moon.
This book catches a slight hint of who they might be.

This is a test of your observation skills. This will establish whether when staring at a huge forest you are able to see any trees. Do you know who these people are? Answer later but do have a guess.


Beth Burgess


Who are these people?

Oh please don't say something like 'coaches' Steve! I want to know now though. There are only three things which really push my buttons. One of them is people saying: "You need to____" Rah! I don't NEED to do anything! You THINK I would be best doing something, but I don't NEED to do anything. Make of that what you will. Oh and if you do say 'coaches' you'll push the other two of my buttons...Guess what they are?


John Amy - Graphic Design


Who are these people?

Sounds like my Chinese doctor


Martin Dewhurst


Who are these people?

The insecure?


Richard J Francis


Bob - meet the late Lady Di

I don't know - but I will read about bobo's when I can - I'm always interested in human on human observation. For now though - as we bimble about between life and death ant-like on the earth - here are my two favourites: "You have to serve somebody" - Bob Dylan "As long as when I turn out the bedside light before going to sleep - I feel sincerely like I've done the best I can with my day - I feel happy" - The late Lady Diana Spencer Yep - those about nail it for me.


Alan Rae - Business Communicator


The Eloi (People for whom nothing has ever gone wrong)

This book is about us before the fall (ie 9/11) A more useful book to read might be The Spirit Level which is all about how inequality produces dysfunction. The kind of facile behaviour that you're always banging on about is a response of former bobos (which in the yuppie era proper used to stand for burned out but opulent) to the rich systematically rolling up the wickets. But that's just what I think. ;)


Lucas Wyrsch


Who are these people?

Dear Steve, I like Martin's question "our younger selves?" There is a strong ambivalence found in perspectives on the reality and future of youth that they want immediate happiness rather than working hard and economizing. They prefer to enjoy a relaxing life with their friends, using what they have already acquired, rather than aiming for a happier future. Such a lifestyle may be unavoidable in a mature society. More than half of young people are happy but also feel anxious at the same time. The truth could be that they fluctuate between fulfillment and anxiety. Are these people whose emotions fluctuate between fulfillment and anxiety our younger selves? Have a great and happy day! Best, Lucas


Katie-Ellen Hazeldine


Who are these people?

I don't drink lattes, drive an SUV or any car with status or cachet. I loved my Ford Fiesta, and despised my (pesky) Vauxhall Corsa. I have never purchased a titanium spatula. A mobile phone is on its way to me, I have been without one for a few years. I am a purveyor of esoteric business advice when it's asked for, but this is less strange than it seems in practice, and people easily get used to it, as for those who wouldn't...they wouldn't come near so that's all fine. I may be menopausal and too fond of jokes but I don't think you're a primitive life form....you're not violent to people and cruel to animals, with a skull and crossbones tattooed on your cheekbone. I daresay in someone's classification I'm a something-or-other that I would rather not be, so are you, but I don't think I'm a bobo. I do now and then, buy local cheese. I'm mildly tempted to get this book and read it for the toe curlingly awful gen, but the blurb is too good...it gives too much away.


Martin Dewhurst


Who are these people?

Our younger selves?


Andreas Wiedow


Who are these people?

@ Who are these people? I'm one of them . . . primarily sharing what I am up to (self-development and all that) - no intention to heal others when not asked or paid for. Unintentional. And at the time of posting mostly already 2 miles ahead of myself . . . And you, steven ?


Danielle de Valera


Who are these people?

Steve, The book looks interesting, but I'm drowning at the moment, in e-reviews for struggling emerging writers, can't take on another read.