Working like Billy-o! What does it mean?

Having a conversation yesterday about one thing and another, and someone said to me

"Yeah I've been working on it like Billy-o; whatever that means"

This set me thinking yeah what does it mean? I know I've used this saying myself quite often.

For me it mean's

Fast - Hard - All the time!

Am I right in thinking this?

Is other peoples understanding of this saying the same?

Does Billy-o mean anything?

Bernard Ramsden


Working like Billy-o! What does it mean?

I haven't heard this for years. Trevor it means exactly what you thing. It's the first time I have ever seen it written down. Here's Chambers definition. It's the 2nd out of fashion word I have come across this week, the other one was twerp. Regards Bernard Business Modelling Leeds Excel PC problems Safe Online