Bard Chodera

Bard Chodera


Consulting, outsourcing, call center, BPO Bard Chodera has spent the last 28 years of his career as a high level executive within the contact center industry working for such companies as Vertex Business Services, Vision-X, Willow CSN, SITEL, and TeleTech. He has developed sales processes, acquired key clients and dramatically increased brand recognition throughout various targeted markets -- and has been the driving force in quickly growing these companies into successful, global corporations. His experience has been both strategic and tactical as a hands on industry expert with various sized outsourcers. Particular strengths in understanding the outsourcing model, when and how to integrate into brand strategy. In depth knowledge of multi channel integration and technology, multi cultural marketing, home based agent virtual model, and international markets, with specific experience in Europe, Philippines and China. Bard has been directly involved in the acquisition and integration of companies as well launching new products. He and is adept at strengthening client relationships, formulating marketing, sales and business strategies and building sales organizations. His clients have ranged from the Fortune 500 to direct marketing start ups. Bard has authored numerous industry articles and has spoken at national and international contact center conferences. He is active in a number of industry associations and is currently the President of the West Coast Chapter of the American Teleservices Association. Specialties:Business Process Outsourcing, telemarketing, call center technology, internet marketing, multicultural marketing, vendor procurement, sales and marketing outsourcing, business acquisitions Contact: Bard Chodera,



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