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Barry Nutley


Viridis Energie Consultants offer an independent advisory service for both domestic, and commercial users, on the applications of renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind and rainwater harvesting. We provide a report on cost benefits/implications (including grants and tax benefits), and enviromental impacts, so clients can make clear decisions as to the suitability of a, potential, project for their individual situations. We provide environmental reports for businesses. We also arrange EPC's for both domestic and commercial properties. If you're looking at saving money, or reducing your carbon footprint, then we can help. We are, recent, members of Cleantech. Recent projects include: Advising Environmental Group on renewables for their premises. 5 KWH solar PV for factory. "Eco" holiday cottage developement. "Eco" barn conversion. "Domestic" wind turbine. Assisting architects on planning. Consultancy on solar thermal and rainwater harvesting for care homes. Solar farms. In an every increasingly difficult market place, businesses need to be "one step ahead" of their competitors. They need a USP, they need to appeal to more people. Many businesses pay for their PR. How about you paid for a product that saved you money, and enabled you to get some "free" PR as a result?! How would you like to reduce your tax bill? Renewable energy can provide this! We offer free telephone consultations, preliminary site inspections (to assess suitability), full reports (detailing cost benefits, funding opportunities, tax breaks, environmental impacts), environmental business reviews (looking at waste and energy etc.), and EPC's.



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Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Barry Me as a leader of theWorld - Protected Regions - Movementand the International Vitoria Koi AmbassadorThe commetted member of the Ecademy Zwack Fans Club :) :) :)thought, I do not know him at all, but I think that his profile is the mirror of him.Which is clear and correct ! Good to know him in my friend yard here insidethe Ecademy. He should be only recomanded by me !I am proud to know him as my friend here within the Ecademy. He is a kind and helpful networker :)Don't be forgotten: We Have To Breathe ! Hope, he will Hear Me and we willgo ahead one day by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE,down the road and live through... Thank you Barry :)Gyula (Julius) The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Simon Hamer

"In a world that is spiralling out of control we need people like Barry to champion the cause of using Green technologies."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Proactive! I like that! :)"


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