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Birgit Speer

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Hello everybody, - welcome! I like Ecademy very much. It is such a warm network with so many nice people around to meet here and to get to know! For the moment I pop in only once in a while, - but I am going to come here more often again now. Something about me: After coming back to Southern Germany two years ago, I started to reorganise my life and am happy to live in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany with my children now and to work in one of the nicest companies you can imagine. Last week I have changed my name back to my maiden name after my divorce, and that´s why I decided to take a look on my Ecademy profile and to change names... Now I see it isn`t up to date at all! It will take some more time and I´ll be back here, okay? Two things for the moment: In case you are a Java expert, looking for interesting projects, have good softskills and talk a good German, please contact me or at least visit our website Plus: I am involved in a very interesting non-profit organisation, "Artists in Action - Culture unites Cultures for Humanity". Even here: please take a look onto our website :-). Either or I enjoy very much business and social networking on the web, which gives me the possibility to get in touch with people from all over the world. I love to travel, and I have been around Europe even by interrail many times. I have enjoyed that type of travelling very much, because we got to know so many nice people everywhere! I like reading, canoeing and skiing, and I love a good glass of wine... If you want to know more about me, please visit even my Xing profile! PS: I do not like the "autoconnect" thing....

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Twitter: @birgitspeer
Skype: birgit.gerlach
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jet rotmans

" a very kind warm hearted true, honest open woman and great networker what is the best became a friend very nice to correspond with a great asset for your network warmest regards jet "

Victor Marques

"Thank you dear Birgit for being a great friend. One of my poems: When things go wrong and you can't pay the bill,, Lost everything even your true will, Just look at the sky… blue sky. Make your last try… Life is a secret in every sense, The moon and the sun are intense. We plant seeds to grow.. Please make another blow. Life is a constant fight, You will see the light sometimes you feel not so good, down, Next day you have a golden Crown... Life with clouds of doubt, and you never know what comes about. It may be near when you think that everything goes away, You just discover peace and God in a true way. Warmest regards. Victor Marques "

Azhar Sheikh

"Smiles to Birgit, the wonderful friend...a great ecademist...kind hearted, well mannered, social and highly impressive personality.........I am proud of her...."


"Welcome to my networks all the best PINDARE may need YOU, YOU may need PINDARE Beautiful Women Club is expecting your vote"

Kenneth Payne

"Dear Explorer, Knowing by intuition is such a fine feeling - like honey - the glue of the universe. Putting it all together what seems to be pulling apart is Birgit with golden purse. Put your trust in her for she is everywhere, the silver you invest in her will go far. Sealing the feeling that we are not really apart Birgit will keep us together as our star. Godspeed! Ken"

Radwan Algafir

"It is my pleasure to connect with Birgit SHE IS all the best Radwan Algafir "

Azhar Sheikh

"I have no second opinion and thought to what I have said about her already!!"

Rajesh Khandelwal

"She is a great personality and is an asset in any one's contact list. A person with Kind & big heart. I am impressed after meeting her. Raj"

Azhar Sheikh

"Just feeling ....she's been my friend for ages!!!!"

Torsten Kinzelt

"Birgit is besides a top professional a very warm hearted person, I strongly suggest to network with Birgit. Torsten Kinzelt"

Lee Westwood

"Birgit is kind, supportive and an excellent networker to have in your contacts. Many thanks Birgit for the little red man, your a star ;o) Lee "

Martin "Winetrainer" Straus

"Birgit is charming an effective networker, with a questionning approach. I have just met her but already feel she's a friend. I commend her to all you serious networkers out there!"

John Smith

"Birgit is keen to help build other peoples businesses up, a pleasure to have her in my network and I hope we can do further business in the years to come."

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Birgit is one of my trusted friend She is very nice, warm, friendly, kind person I am glad to meet her here on ecademy and be in her network You missing out to not to be connect with her Wish you lots of success love Radka"

Azhar Sheikh

" _________________TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ________________ :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) _____:-):-):-)_____________:-):-)__:-):-)_______________:-):-):-)_____ ____:-):-):-)________________:-):-):-)__________________ :-):-):-)____ ___:-):-):-)__________________ :-)_____________________:-):-):-)___ ___:-):-):-)_______________AZHAR'S__________________ :-):-):-)___ ___:-):-):-)________________________________________ :-):-):-)___ ____:-):-):-)_____________CERTIFIED_______________ :-):-):-)_____ _____:-):-):-)_________ __________________________ :-):-):-)______ ______:-):-):-)____________FRIEND______________ :-):-):-)_______ ________:-):-):-)____________:-)_______________ :-):-):-)________ __________:-):-):-)__________________________:-):-):-)__________ ____________:-):-):-)______________________:-):-):-)____________ _______________:-):-):-)_________________ :-):-):-)____________ _________________:-):-):-)______________:-):-):-)______________ ___________________:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)________________ _____________________:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) :-)__________________ ______________________ :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)_____________________ ________________________ :-):-):-):-):-)_______________________ __________________________:-):-):-):-)________________________ ___________________________ :-):-)_________________________ :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) Its hereby certified that the holder of this certificate is a true friend of Azhar ___88888____888888___888888____88___8__ ___88_888___88888888_88888888__8888_8___ ______888___888__888_888__888___88_8____ ______888___888__888_888__888_____8_____ ______888___888__888_888__888____8__88__ ______888___88888888_88888888___8__8888_ ____8888888__888888___888888___8____88__ "

Jelena Milak

"Brigit have high personal integrity and open heart. I am very happy to have her in my network. :) "

Sandra Avilla

"I am so happy I connected with Brigit as she made me feel like I had met an old friend. She sent more than just the thanks let's be connected message, she told me something about her life and I told her about mine. She's great to be networked with. I highly recommend her. "

Al Errington in Canada's Wilderness

"Birgit is a very helpful and friendly networker. I especially appreciate all the advice and support on German networks. It is helping tremendously. Have a Good Day! Al Errington Errington's Wilderness Island Resort Northern Ontario Canada "

Ahmed Shareef

"Brigit comes across with the honesty and integrity of someone who truly cares. We have not had much contact, but these are the qualities that impressed me about her . Cheers Brigit"

Rolf Waeber

"Hi Birgit I am very thankful for your tip to join ecademy. You opened me new doors. Without you - I wouldn't be here! If I were a magician I would give you FOUR WISHES for free! They always give three, but you deserve four. My best wishes and greetings from Switzerland, Rolf"

Rolf Kellner

"Birgit, thank you very much for being an active Member of The Amazon Rainforest Club"

Lingaraj Ra

"Birgit is a fine,nice, free minded individual social nerworker. I am happy to be connected with her. Birgit may get to be Bright in future; all the best. Kind regards, Lingaraj :)"


"Birgit has proven to me to be sincere, loyal, persistent and very warm-hearted."

Abdelrahman ("Abdo") Magdy

"Birgit is Friendly, Kind & Helpful. her messages in German is much more helpful for me than the trainings i had. beside her helpful spirit always directing to offering help. Someone like Birgit. is highly recommended as a friend, and as a business partner as well I'm so grateful connecting with her. and wishing all the best."

Dragica Kejic

"See what we women are able for : to be worried mothers , to be true wives, to be diligent workers and to have so nice smile on our face. Go on Brigit , my fate is same , and I am not tired , I know you are not too. Proud to have you in my contacts , Dragica Kejic"

Saravjit Singh

"Bridigit is interested in learning about new things all the time - a most admirable quality."

Victor Marques

"Birgit is someone that you need to have in your networking team..Have a fantastic life with great feelings and thoughts... Thanks a lot for being a master of people.. Kindest regards from the best region for Port Wine! Victor Marques"

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"I'm happy I've met Birgit in Ecademy. She's sincere, kind, warm-hearted individual. :=)"

Carrsten Johan Thessen

"Hi all friend ! Need a very sweet friend in cyberspace ?? Birgit is serious about her networking, and very nice to have as friend. She are defining the standard for online networking... and its high !! Kind regards Carsten Thessen "

Andreja Lajh

"Birgit is a wonderful lady who opend her soul and her heart and quickly became a good friend. A lady who knows to find the right balance between business, family and the joys of life. Connect with her and enjoy in wonderful conversations with this very special person."

Akhtar (make it happen) Khan

"Birgit is an excellent networker. She is very alert and proactive. We have only met recently on ecademy, but have exchanged several messages and connected on FaceBook. She has even introduced me to her husband for a business transaction. I am sure we will go a long way in our business and social relationship, as she comes across as a very friendly individual."


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