Ty "Blackturtleneck" Tyson

Ty "Blackturtleneck" Tyson

Managing Director, Blackturtleneck Ltd


Blackturtleneck exists to serve the Apple community.

Our aim is to provide the best resource for empowering both home and business users to fully utilise Apple products and services.

We provide expert Consultancy services, working with you to develop the ideal IT solution for your needs.

Blackturtleneck provides both On-site and Remote Support for clients.

We offer bespoke Training on Macs and iOS devices from beginner through to full certification.

Blackturtleneck also hosts a vibrant Forum for all things Apple.

Our work is dedicated to the memory of Apple founder Steve Jobs who, as well as changing the world many times, was infamous for wearing a black turtleneck sweater…

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Twitter: @appleconsultant
Facebook: Profile
Skype: ty.tyson
Website URL: http://www.blackturtleneck.com
Blog URL: http://www.blackturtleneck.com/blog/

Charles Cockburn

"Couldn't do without Ty and what he brings to the AppleMac party. Why is this important? No AppleMac, no Portcullis Public Affairs! Yes, it was Apple that enabled me to start the business that today is thriving and from which 15 people are now taking a living."

Amanda Hamilton

"Flipping brilliant on all things Mac - a great support, gives his knowledge freely and is very persuasive!"

Graeme Spice

"If you want a balanced objective view of the Mobile or Personal Computing Industry then Ty is absolutely not your man. If you already made a purchasing decision to buy a Mac, iPad, iPod or iPhone or related product or service the Ty is the man to get the most out of your investment. Resistance is futile!"

Demos Flouri

"If its Mac you need to know about then this is your guy! I have known Ty online for over a year now and this man is always so helpful and friendly. It is a shame we have never caught up over a coffee and it has all been virtual. Ty has helped me immensely in setting up my new iMac. Thank you Ty, keep up the great work. Maybe one day you will convert the world single handed haha. Demos "

Zahir shamsery

"I am pleased to write this testimonial on the last day of the first decade of twenty first century. Happy New Year 2011. It is hard to find a gentleman who can welcome academic criticism. People look for praise and love to be surrounded by sycophants. It is very hard detect scrupulous hypocrite behind the mask. But Ty is different, You are kind, generous and true supportive, random and open. Let the next decade become joy full to you. Wish you all the best. Zahir shamsery. Dhaka, Bangladesh. "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You Dear Ty, :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques I'm glad that he like the Yeah, Who I am ? ? ? blog :) He is an openminded and kind person, can be only recomanded by me... The Openeyed Daydreamer's prevision :) The Social Sphere Healing ! :) :) :) The Ecademy Holistic Club :)On Facebook :) & Twitter too :) HELPING PEOPLE TO SHIFT... With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Ecademy :)With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Facebook too :) The Ecademy on Facebook :) :) BE MY FRIEND on Facebook too :) :) FOLLOW ME on Twitter too :) Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

CharlieTheCoach Robertson

"I would be happy to personally recommend Ty as one the most giving people I have ever met. His knowledge of all things "Apple" is amazing and his enthusiasm is pretty engaging. I would never have taken the step of buying a MacBook but for his constant blogging references and I have to say it has made a tremendous difference to the way I now work. Ty doesn't just recommend Apple and leave it there. When I made my purchase I was given more support than I could get in an Apple store (and they are fantastic). Numerous issues, not the MacBooks fault I should add, have been solved by reference to Ty. There is nothing he likes more than researching something that I ask and the answer isn't immediately obvious. Keep up the good work Ty and don't let the PC pushers get you down. Kind Regards Charlie"

Mark Sinclair

"Wow. Today is the first time I've spoken with Ty. Sunday, I go onto a Mac. Ty just spent half an hour with me on the phone, gave me incredibly good advice, and asked for nothing in return. And he's offered to help me further once I am up and running on my Mac. What an awesomely giving guy. Thank you Ty. Brilliant."

Rob Killen

"Ty is one of those guys who has it all. Probably. All the same, you can't help but warm to his acerbic wit, straight forward dialogue and witty repartee. If I ever cross over to the dark side of desktop computing, Ty'd be the first person I'd call and I'd call him because he's an expert and very well informed. Always up for a laugh and yet seriously professional with it. Ecademy's Mac Guru and resident expert."


"I 'switched' from a PC to a Mac 2 years ago ... and then last week switched form an HTC (windows based phone) to the iPhone Yes - Ty is just amazing - Day, Evenings or Weekends - Ty has been on line and available to help, coach and mentor me in ALL aspects on learning and mastering the use of my Mac as well as the iPhone .. to help me benefit from the different things these machines can do to make ones life easier Ty has also taken and moved the Mac Users club to new levels - every Mac or iPhone user should become a member and learn from what Ty has to offer us all Thank you Ty for ALL you do for us 'non-techies' - your advise and support really helps us benefit from these Mac products. Ketan "

Juliet Robertson

"This is a long overdue testimonial for Ecademy's MacMan. Ty gives clear advice, help and support and only talks Mac-Speak when Apple stick another product on the market. And for this he is forgiven as at least I then know whether I need the up-grade, down-load or whatever other computer surgery required. So if you're needing a new computer, ask Ty about Macs before you make the mistake of buying yet another inferior pc. Oh yes - Ty runs the Apple User club on Ecademy which is a handy source of info when Ty's watching East Enders. Thank you Ty. "

Georgina Doran

"Ty is amazing, generous with his time, patient and wont stop until the job is done. He was very helpful and fixed a problem I was having for almost three months! I hope that I can return the favour....Thank you Ty Much appreciated Georgina xx "

sonia BH-SAIDI

"I am really honoured to have a contact like Ty on ecademy, I wish you Ty a good continuation and beautiful life for you. my best greeting- sonia"

Sasaseesaorrn Saksansaat

"Dear Ty "Mac-Head" Tyson, Thank you so much for connecting with me and great to meet you on Ecademy. I feel happy to rate you "Liked". I'm sure your business and yourlife to be successful forever. IF I can help you for anything please let me know. Best regards, Sasaseesaorrn,"

Dean Grimshawe

"How Ty hasn't been directly employed by Steve Jobs is almost a mystery to me. I've never met a man so energetic and passionate about apple products that wasn't paid vast sums to think that way. I don't have a techie bone in my body but after speaking with Ty I was almost excited enough to run out and buy a mac! Well, if it hadn't of been for the fact that I already have a computer then perhaps I would have anyway. I met Ty for a one to one and he was a genuine guy with a lot to offer. He makes a valuable addition to my network and I thankful to be in touch. I'm sure we'll stay in touch and catch up for a drink again soon."

Sajith Vijayan

" Dear Tyson It is a great pleasure to have you as one of my contacts in my network. He is a gadget-freak, loves fast cars, home cinema and hi-fi, high-fantasy, animals and nature. Wishing you a lot of success Kind Regards, Sajith Vijayan .............................................................................. Sajith Vijayan | Consultant - Marketing & Business Development SBL (Sai BPO Services Limited) Email: sajith@sblinfo.com Skype: marketing1_sbl Web: www.sblinfo.com "

Mark Lee

"Ty has been impressing me for a while with his helpful nature and wide knowledge of Apple products and features in the Apple user club here on Ecademy. And now I have benefited personally and directly. I posted a puzzle/problem in the club forum and Ty solved it for me with a simple suggestion that I would never have identified. And this was after I'd looked online to no avail. Many thanks again Ty"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Ty as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark Club Leader: Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) YouTube Fans Come join me on some of the best business/social portals as well: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter XING "

Claire Louise Hegarty

"Ty is extremely professional, helpful and experienced in his field.....he gave me hours of his time during both working hours and evenings which I appreciated so much, he is extremely kind, genuine and a true expert in his field - thanks Ty!"

John Amy - Graphic Design

"One of the most helpful people I know. Should be made an honorary Blackstar. And he's got good taste (in computers and phones anyway)."

Chey Mann

"Hey you good connection to you!"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Ty is in the top 10 contributors to the Apple User Group - thanks Ty for your help and support in making the Apple User Group on of the most active on Ecad."

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"I meant to do this ages ago, appologies for not doing so. Ty has provided great support for all users of the Mac OSX club on Ecad, despite making a living from this professionally he's helped us all free, for gratis and for nothing. It was with pleasure that I was able to buy a new disk drive from him. Thanks Ty."


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