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Are you looking an Internal Communication, Employee Engagement or Skills Development approach that delivers an immediate and sustainable improvement in the performance of your teams..? If so call me on +44(0)845 003 7292. Do you want to give birth to your ambitions in the hearts and minds of all your people and create a top-down and bottom up avalanche in your organisation? Then visit Be More Effective Ltd here for more about our approach or Be More Effective here for our on-line brochure or to read my blog go to Be More Effective publishes it's first book..! Read the first chapter here ~ Download activities here Before we get too fair into business talk - here is one of the things I am most passionate about As one of the people who started this crisis intervention charity I'm committed to help raise around £75,000 each year to enable this organisation to function. Foodbank uses a ground-breaking concept to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food until the appropriate agencies are in a position to assist. In 2007 Swindon Foodbank received 1079 referrals from the Professional Care Agencies in the town and provided those people with food until the State Benefit kicked in. It can take between 7 and 33 days for fresh or altered benefit claims to come through and Foodbank fills that void. Since early 2009 we have been seeing over 300 applicants each month. The financial crisis really hit many parts of the UK badly - poverty is right on your door step - there are now over 200 Foodbanks in the UK and more are needed. Previous fund raising included In 2012 we are organised a series of events such as... West End Musical Evening Join us for a great evening, while raising funds for Swindon Foodbank with a delicious three course carvery meal at the Marriott Hotel, Swindon, while being entertained with excellent music. Between each course our five fantastic performers from London's West End entertained with show stopping classics, from shows such as Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. The 2011 Masquerade Ball - Guess what we did..? Fun - food - dancing and fund raising = Yes..! The Coast to Coast Cycle Ride - - A short peddle should have been around 107 miles...and ended up as 120 miles as we occassionally went the wrong way The 2010 Strickly Foodbank Ball..! - This ball was a sumptuous meal, followed by a chance to learn to dance with local dance teacher from Pawlan Dance School ~ the generosity of the people and businesses of Swindon helped make the night a great success with over £6000 raised - The 2009 Black & White Charity Ball @ The DeVere in Swindon raised some £3600. The Ball was a high quality event but the show was stolen by "Bubbles" who made a surprsie appearance... January 2009 ~ I ran around Futrventura; not much employee engagement on that trip~ see the whole album on Facebook 170K in 6 days 2008 ~ I only ran the occasional half marathon; not worth mentioning really... Between internal communication projects I am normally running in four 1/2 marathons a year, or a few full marathons 2007 was the first year since 1999 that my health let me down and I did not run beyond the end of my street..! Didn't do much internal communication or employee engagement that year either... On Sunday 15th October 2006 I pushed a shopping trolley 13 + miles in the Swindon Half Marathon. Why? Why do I do all this running..? Not to boost internal communication or employee engagement... The BIG idea is to raise awareness for the charity The Trussell Trust, which is spearheading a new initiative called The FOODBANK: this aims to help individuals and families in crisis. In particular to fund the SWINDON FOODBANK Donate on-line here Almost 1 in 5 people in Swindon and 1 in every 3 children live in poverty. And Swindon is no different from many UK towns. Bristol for instance 1 in 4 people live in poverty. Across the whole UK, 13 million people officially live in poverty. The running is an attempt to highlight this and do something positive about it. Foodbank is a crisis intervention that will provide emergency food for those in need. The foodbank principle and concept introduced to the UK by the Trussell Trust is already making a serious impact in 45 UK Towns including Salisbury, Gloucester, Redruth and Milton Keynes. The FOODBANK, through The Trussell Trust, are looking to make a significant difference to the lives of those in crisis, and have already made a notable impact by opening Food Banks in Gloucester, Redruth and Salisbury. We are now extending this reach by opening a FOODBANK in Swindon. Regular giving option SWINDON FOODBANK needs £3,000 per month, this enable us to provide crisis intervention for nearly 100 people each week, In the first year of operation we feed 1600 people, of which over 700 were under 16 years of agge. Donate as little as £3 per month on-line here Yet more crazy fund raising included In October 2005 I ran 6 marathons in six days through Death Valley to raise awareness and funds for Foodbank. Not much internal communication or employee engagement…just a seriously hot, very long and extremely tough run. And even though I managed to run through it ~ believe me Death Valley won. I fell in love with the place, the people and have the greatest respect for anything: man, plant or beast that can survive there... Principle = Know your "enemy" as well as you know yourself. 30 degree heat, starting at over 3000 feet above sea level reaching some 200 feet BELOW sea level before climbing back out to over 3000 feet above sea level once more. Business interests = Internal Communication, Employee Engagement and Enriching Talent

  • Are you looking an Internal Communication, Employee Engagement or Skills Development approach that delivers an immediate and sustainable improvement in the performance of your teams..?
  • Do you want to give birth to your ambitions in the hearts and minds of all your people and create a top-down and bottom up avalanche in your organisation?
  • If so - guess what Be More Effective does..? Be more effective is a business improvement company committed to doing exactly that - enabling everyone in an organisation to become more effective. Whatever you need or have to be more effective at, we have the solution ~ enriching talent along the way. We design and deliver customer and business centric solutions for immediate and sustained improvement. Solutions which drive tangible benefits. Benefits which enrich you personally, professionally and most importantly your business results. Be more effective solutions develop high performance, address specific business challenges, achieve agreed objectives, improve key processes, enhance employee involvement and develop skills which are relevant to the business and environment you're in... Some insights into what we do What does internal communciation mean ~ Read more about that and my speech at the 2010 Teneo Excellence in Internal Communication Conference in Barcelona here For more on Employee Engagement read my 2009 address to the Conference in Ghana For a definition of internal communication read my blog here For some thoughts on the barriers of internal communication read my blog here For some thoughts on the benefits of employee engagement read my blog here Read more about the real opinion formers of internal communication here Some organisations that are giving birth to their ambitions: SEB Merchant Banking Potted History of Bob and Business Development I love selling, training, facilitating, coaching and speaking. I have been heavily influenced by the work of Eric Jensen on Brain Based Learning and Dale Carnegie on HR and presentation skills. I am energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and believe in commitment and ownership. The whole democratic approach we have to internal communication and employee engagement fits very well with my essential value and beliefs. I started my career within the National Health Service, before moving into a field sales role with Reckitt & Coleman. I then developed a great career in the specialist employment agency field. Joining as a Temp controller and Tele-sales person for Hospital and Commercial Personnel Ltd, a small London-based medical secretarial agency, I created the nursing and paramedical divisions. Within four years I was made Sales and Operations Director of the whole group with a turnover of just under £6 million. I took over as Managing Director at Standby Staff Ltd, in 1989 with responsibility to develop a new high street brand. In 1992 I joined Dale Carnegie Training, as a member of the South West Business Leadership Group. I ran programmes in areas such as leadership, management, presentation skills, team and personal development. During this time I also trained as an assessor in The European Foundation for Quality Management Assessment Process and in Jack Phillips ROI methodology for measuring the "return on investment" from training and became immersed in Eric Jensen's work on Brain Based Learning. In 1997, I set up Assessment Coaching and Training Ltd with Andy Collett to apply best practise in talent selection, alignment and development three vital areas for any business. He majors in the design of project specific high impact interventions. I love uncovering hidden potential in teams or processes and turning into actual business performance, which is why the whole internal communication and employee engagement process from OPC attracted me. In 2003, I bought into a Swedish Corporate Strategic Internal Communication tool developed by Bengt-Arne Svennberg and Kent Fälth to improve employee engagement through enhanced internal communciation in the 1000+ employee corporate organisations. And so OPC (UK) Ltd was born. In case you were wondering… OPC Stands for the Optimum Process of Communication. We use strategic internal communication to engage twice the critical mass an organisation requires to ensure an initiative is launched successfully in less than four hours, We create a top-down and bottom-up avalanche and give birth to the organisation's ambitions within the hearts and minds of every individual. I get involved with the research, design and delivery with Bengt-Arne and have shaped a number of mission critical internal communication and employee engagement projects for British, Swedish and Global companies since early 2003. One of the reasons the OPC approach is so effective as an internal communication or employee engagement tool is combines theories from both the logistics or semiotics schools. If you want high levels of employee engagement you need to consider the methods and system used to facilitate the exploration of meaning of a clear robust message as wells as how those methods and systems enable feedback. OPC does this better than any other solution I've ever seen. But then I'm biased… In 2005 I closed ACT and separated out some of the more successful brands and given them their own companies and e-commerce sites; one such brand covered time management; The Timepower Workshop which I placed inside a company called Timepower Ltd In 2010 following many projects for clients large and small I've brought the two companies together to reflect the range of internal communication, employee engagement and training programmes I keep being asked to design and or deliver. On the personal side; Working with Nick Heap recently enabled me to gain further insight into my purpose. This I now understand as Oozing Light Apart from my work on internal communication and employee engagement, my one greatest passion is being a source of l.i.g.h.t. ~ love ~ inspiration ~ growth ~ happiness and truth to others especially my family and friends. I am married with four children (oldest born in 1980 & youngest in 1987). I live in Swindon, run the local Alpha Course at the Church I attend ~ St John's ~ and in 2005 I helped start a Food Bank for the 1 in 5/6 people in this great town of 180,000 who are "income deprived." Have a look at what the Salisbury Food Bank is accomplishing. Read the latest up date on the Swindon Food Bank here While I love all of the items I've listed in the 50 words (outside of internal communications and employee engagement), in addition to my wife Julie, I especially love Spurs my football team (land of my birth), Lord of the Rings (best book outside the Bible/best film since Star Wars), and running ~ preferable half marathons upwards. In 2001 I ran from Land's End to John O'Groats in 40 days (33 marathons ~ 3 shorter runs and four days of rest). This was to raise money for a boy called Podge who was very severely burnt (60+% 3rd degree burns) by another 12 year old. Take a look at the whole story on ~ the site has not been updated recently but it does describe what happened to Podge and most of the lessons I learnt of the run. I could go on but hey ~ if you've got this far send me a message or... Follow me on Twitter. Check out all my social sites links on Xeeme in case we share another platform already Which clubs will give you the greatest return on your investment of time, effort and subcriptions? 1. BlackStar 2. Linked In View Bob Hayward's profile on LinkedIn



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    "Hello Bob Thanks for the invitation your website is very nice. I am happy to be in your network Greetings from Austria R;-)bert"

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    safai ozer

    ". Dear Bob; thanks for your contact. This Safai is interested in your foodbank and wishes to add it whatever he can. Since he is a 'rich in heart, poor in wallet' painter; what he can do is to donate you two series of hand-signed, numbered, limited edition prints on archive papers. (Each are worth 150 U.S.D. even in Turkey.) This will make a 52 prints. You pay the shipping from Turkey and arrange the donation exhibition and sale there. The income will be for the foodbank. This may even be a begining for the artists care for that project. Painters, designers, musicians... Please take a look at Safai's web site and his ex-donations at the 'art for amnesty' pages. Hope to hear Best wishes Safai ."

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    "Dear Bob, Thank you so much for accepting me as a network partner. I am happy to have found YOU, as a person not only interested in your life and profession but also interested in the life struggles of others. I am confident that you will one day visit us. In the meantime, please visit our website for a better understanding of my life and work: With much good wishes and looking forward to networking with you in the days to come. George "

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    " ________________________________________ ________________________________________ _______0000000000______0000000000_______ _____000________000__000________000_____ ____000___________0000___________000____ ___000_____________00_____________000___ ___000____________________________000___ ____000_________CERTIFIED________000____ _____000________ECADEMY_______000_____ ______000________FRIEND_______000______ ________000__________________000________ __________000______________000__________ ____________000__________000____________ _______________000____000_______________ _________________000000_________________ ___________________00___________________ ________________________________________ ____88888____888888___888888____88___8__ ___88_888___88888888_88888888__8888_8___ ______888___888__888_888__888___88_8____ ______888___888__888_888__888_____8_____ ______888___888__888_888__888____8__88__ ______888___88888888_88888888___8__8888_ ____8888888__888888___888888___8____88__ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ "

    Bux "Opening Doors" Shayeb

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    "Bob is a super person who has been willing to take time out to reply to me very thoughtfully when asked for an opinion. You would be wise to link up him. Highly recommended! Smiles and best wishes always, Bill Moore"

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    "I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

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    "Bob is a great person to work with and a fantastic person to keep as a contact due to his knowledge and vast scope of contacts. A true networker!"

    Jamie 'Surprise Yourself' Reed

    "Bob is very much out of the top draw. He has been instrumental in helping develop both my geographic and market specific network. He also organises a great event over in Swindon. Well worth the journey even if you are not a local."

    Letitia Stenning managing conflict

    "I'm seriously impressed by anyone who makes time to make a difference in their community (near or far) and Bob's profile demonstrates someone who takes this very seriously indeed. Brilliant effort on your part Bob and good luck with all future fundraising activities. Letitia Stenning"

    Leo Zukov

    "Bob is very busy man. He's a man of integrity. In any case worth to be connected with. "

    Ogo Ogbata: Creative Consultant

    "Bob gave me a warm welcome when our paths first crossed on Ecademy (as well as a few helpful business contacts)! I am glad to be in his virtual network."

    David Thomas

    "Bob is certainly lively in approach & a solid communicator with valuable things to say & personable into the bargain - well worth connecting with."

    Simon Joss

    "Bob was kind enough to give me some sounds advice from the outset. Very useful. Thank you Bob. Simon Joss"

    Mustapha Amnay Bouga

    "Woooooosh Bob!!! You know how to be excited...! Prompt concize and highly uplifting! Thanks for the positive words...A most welcome validation believe me. Ecademy means a friend in every city and in BlackStar we are friends for life. Bob is a lion heart and a fast brain! Connect follow this Man if you want to catch his success train. Proud to be part of your network of excellence gentleman and fellow. Best, MuZ+afa "

    Victor Marques

    " A true giver in the real sense of the word! Bob is someone that loves to help people! So, thanks a lot to belong to a group of very positive and amazing people that love to help each other! Welcome to my humble networking of new friends and new life! Warm regards! Victor Marques"

    Robert WoW De Souza

    "I am delighted to be part of Bob's network as he is a Giver with a big heart. He is passionate about his projects as a Christian walks his talk. I look forward to sharing synergy projects with him and wish him every success."

    Derek Cheshire

    "Bob came to speak to the South West region of the Association of MBAs in Bristol last week. Due to traffic conditions he arrived later than planned. He still gave us the hour and a half he had planned plus more! If you are an individual and get the chance to hear what Bob has to say about selling, or you represent a company that is having trouble with sales then you can learn an awful lot from listening to him. Bob is an honest, straight forward guy who knows his stuff inside out, I would not hesitate in recommending him to others. Derek Cheshire"

    Dagmar Goebel

    "Bob is very helpful and friendly. Good to have him as a contact. Dagmar Goebel"

    Catherine Parker

    "Bob is a really helpful genuine guy - shame about his football allegiance though.. Catherine"

    Vishaal S Shah Website designing

    "Helping hand to newbies to Ecademy. One of those few individuals who believe in farming rather than hunting !!! Keep going and lead a magical life ahead !!! Cheers Vishaal S Shah "

    mark wing

    "A source of inspiration and a light to the world... I recommend you get to know Bob."

    Jørgen Johansen

    "I have only met Bob online so far, but he belongs to the rare breed of genuine networkers, who clearly understand the value of maintaining their network. "

    Steve White

    "Bob was Really helpful, I asked a number of people for advice on a project and he really went the extra mile to put me in touch with the right people who could help, a great example of networking and giving... Thanks Bob Steve White"

    Steve White

    "Really helpful chap I look forward to meeting you at some point in the future Thanks Again Steve White"

    Huw Williams

    "Bob presented to Croydon Ecademy this month, and gave us all a huge treat. In what was one of the best sessions we have ever had, Bob told us about "Simple and practical" marketing and sales - it truly lived up to its billing. Explaining that "simple" didn't mean "easy", Bob went on to descirbe the "Sold!" cycle - unlike many marketing models, this was straightforward and made real connections with everyone in the audience. Bob was also kind enough to stay on a long time after his talk, helping people with individual questions and issues, despite having to drive back to Swindon afterwards. His humanity and concern for people shone through in all he said - one of the few marketing talks I have ever heard that was completely devoid of cynicism and exploitation. I would thoroughly recommend Bob as a speaker to anyone at any event. And I am sure as a consultant he would prove to be one of the best investments you could make. Thanks again Bob Huw Williams"

    Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

    "Have met Bob in a number of different environments & he's always genuine & a great contributor Sally"

    Wayne Harris

    "Our dealings have all been 'virtual' so far, but Bob has shown a clear commitment to providing resources of real value to other members. His leadership of the Christian Business Scene Community is a real blessing. Wayne"

    Trevor Jenkins

    "Bob is an absolute Star. Having experienced his "Black Magic Box" and met his team, I can honestly say he is well worth your time. Trevor "

    Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

    "I haven't had the pleasure to meet Bob as yet, but am looking forward to meeting him. Sincerely appreciate your message and the offers of help & support. Blessings to you & your family. Rajesh +44 (0) 1785 256797 07837 895052"

    Dave Clarke

    "I went to a time management seminar given by Bob at Reading NRG a couple of weeks ago and now I know how he does as much as he does. He walks the talk! As a result of practising what I learnt I have significantly improved the way I use my time (freeing up between 1 & 2 hours every day) and that benefits me and everyone around me. It's powerful stuff!"

    Olu Odeniyi

    "Bob is an energetic chap full of top notch advise and an excellent, exciting speaker - hear ye him!"

    Pauline Crawford

    "Bob is someone who will always be there for you when you need him - come sun, rain or snow - and in business and in life that is vital! Thank you Bob for your words, your support and encouragement, in working with you your energy is fabulous and genuine! "


    "Bob is an exceptional guy! I experienced one of his great products yesterday and I can recommend him to anyone looking for ways to communicate your corporate vision/new product launch/etc. throughout your organisation. On top of that he is a great networker too! Definitely someone to have in your network! Enjoy every day, Bert N E E E D S So, what are your neeeds? bioptimo best in biometrics"

    Daniel Priestley

    "Bob is a business magnet. His wealth of experience and his personal contacts make him an ideal person to know and do business with. He is the perfect example of the "Givers Get" philosophy."

    Rhidian Jones

    "Bob is a generous networker who embodies the giving and helpful spirit we all aim for through networking. Bob is great value both in a one-to-one setting and through looking at this excellent page on ecademy. I thoroughly recommdend you connect with him."

    Patricia Harper

    "Such an enthusiast! I came out of our meeting feeling very positive. Not only is he obviously a terrific networker, he's also involved in FoodBank and hugely committed to helping that too. There should be more Bobs!"

    Louis Sequeira

    "Bob is a greater communicator, well one might say, that is how it should be it is what it says on the can. More than that, Bob is a great networker and with everything else that he does still finds the time to be actively involved with the Trussell Trust and the Swindon Food Bank a truly inspirational person."

    Belen Ordas

    "Hi Bob, I did enjoy reading your market place and wanna thank you for your kind offer to help me as a newcomer in ecademy and in own business. Thanks Belen"

    David Thomas (IT Services)

    "Bob has a great way of networking with people. He is open, gives advice and shares his tips on networking. He is also true to his word.....wanted to know more about my buinses in order that he could possibly find referrals. I'm now in touch with people I would not normally have made contact with thanks to Bob. This guy is quality. Thanks Dave"

    Des Vadgama

    "Excellent guy to connect with. Always willing to give time, listen, and help out whenever he can. Quality questions always get quality answers...!"

    Paul Buckley

    "Bob's approach is excellent, highly professional and effective. I would thoroughly recommend him to you should you have a need to communicate something to a large group of people/organisation. Find out what is in your Magic Box!"

    Lisette Howlett

    "I wanted to add a testimonial for Bob to say that he really is a great networker and very helpful. Hopefully we will find some opportunity to collaborate. Thanks for your positive approach."

    Doug Picirillo

    "Passion, energy, commitment, generosity, clarity. These are just a few of the things that I can sense from across the ocean. Imagine if I had actually met the man!"

    Alexander Holt

    "As a new BlackStar, Bob's advice has been really helpful. Already the pointers are paying off. Well worth having a chat with to get the bigger picture. Thank you. Alexander Holt"

    Neil Ryder

    "I'm looking forward to having a look inside Bob's cardboard box! :-) Neil Ryder"

    Guy Massey

    "Bob - You're a genius. Thanks for everything mate. To everyone else reading this, Bob is a man with the tireless energy of a stallion! In May06 I was lucky enough to be part of a room of 70+ of the toughest business critiquers you could find. Bob held that room for 2 hours! Bob takes you through the windows from the outside going in, encouraging you to see life on the inside of your organisation. Then he hassles you (in the nicest possible way) to be sure you keep up to the mark you set. He is a MUST CONNECT ecademist! "

    Greg Orlandini

    "Excellent. In just 5 minutes Bob gave me a contact which is absolutely brilliant for Sourcing Wizards. Lovely bloke. Straight talker that simplifies processes and is very motivating. Excellent networker."

    Elaine Gold

    "I have recently experienced the 'Black Box'! After working for many years in the area of organisational change, I know how hard it is to get a group of passionate high achievers to work through the vision, values and culture of their organisation - the black box is an innovative tool to guide any team through this process. The materials are fantastic, the high quality of these helps participants to see that this is a serious business, and the company is serious about getting their involvement - far more effective than a couple of flip charts and powerpoint! The whole process was superbly facilitated by Bob, moving the group through to process at a cracking pace. I look forward to hearing the outcomes of the workshop and want to thank Bob and the team for such a professional and stimulating day."

    Gitte Lund

    "I have just "met" Bob i The Red Hand Gang - and after less than 24 hours I seem to have known for long :) He has already given me loads of his time and experience and given me more names and ideas about who to contact, introductions etc. than what I ever would have imagined after such a short time. A great networker that really makes me want to help him during "harvest" time - he has certainly sowed the field well :) If not connected to Bob - go for it ;) Many warm regards Gitte"

    Fraser Hay

    "An exceptional chap who knows how to harness the individual capabilities of each team member, to get them performing like a well oiled engine. Professional, personable and perfomance focussed, Does Bob deliver on his promise - you better believe it. He is a well earned 10/10. Find out for yourself, engage with him today."

    William Buist

    "Bob's Magic Box process is a clear winner at connecting business people with the goals and ambitions of the business, A reat process and a great product which I'll be looking to recommend whenever I can. Thanks for your help bob with the event last Monday - Exceptional."

    Michael Birley

    "Bob ran a great morning on Monday. Fun, zippy, searching and informative. In addition he has been very proactive in introducing me to his connections with other members who he felt might be able to assist me. Really appreciated, thank you very much Bob. Best regards Michael"

    Christine Clacey

    "Bob ran the Blackstar meeting on Monday - and clearly demonstrated his expertise and experience at managing teams and clarifying communication. The professionalism was second to none, the quality of the materials and the split-second timing ensured a well-run event that achieved it's objectives. If you are serious about improving the effectiveness of your organisation, I thoroughly recommend you talk to Bob best wishes Christine"

    Andrew Wilcox

    "Bob has a great (tool) box, full of magic, questions and challenges. His BlackStar day was very well structured and delivered things throughout the session. Questions were raised and answered or parked to be dealt with later as actions. Above all it was fun! I have no idea how his body language compares to Billy Connelly's because I was the other side of the pillar! Certainly his language is very much cleaner. Thank you Bob"

    Cathy Rhodes

    "Bob is a warm and generous guy, who gives freely of his advice, time and expertise. His business techniques are fascinating and very effective. Thanks for sharing these yesterday - we are all richer as a result!"

    Simon Phillips

    "Bob's style is direct, thoughtful and encouraging. If you need someone to engage everyone, and achieve tangible results, Bob (and his Magic Box) is just the man. Fantastic "

    Glenn Watkins

    "Many, many thanks for your outstanding delivery of the BlackStar Magic Box event - the quality of the product, literature, process and your facilitation and communication through out was both practical and inspiring. Awesome. Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy "

    Noel Austin

    "An excellent BlackStar session yesterday, Bob. A fascinating and insightful process, well facilitated."

    Tom Evans

    "Apart from being an engaging presenter, Bob comes over with bundles of passion and does everything with a sense of fun and wonder. What else do you have up your "magic sleeve" and in your "magic box" Bob ?"

    Mark Eaton

    "Well - what can I say. Having returned from a session run by Bob and his 'magic box' - all I can say is 'Wow!' If you not experienced it you are definately missing out!"

    Alex Reid

    "Actions speak louder than words. Bob's achievements both professionally & personally are an inspiration to us all. I'm sure I'll learn many valuable lessons from Bob as our relationship develops."

    Jonathan "Computer Crime" Care

    "Bob very kindly contacted me when I recently joined ecademy and provided some extremely useful suggestions and advice. Many thanks indeed for such helpful insights."

    Simon May

    "Bob is a truly unique character - I have recently had the pleasure of meeting with, and working with him in a creative capacity, and the thing that struck me was not only his ability to communicate HIS ideas with both passion and clarity, but also his willingness to sit back and really LISTEN to what I was saying to him - it really is a two-way communication experience with Bob - his receptiveness, naturally generous nature and ability to take on board new ideas from an external source was for me an outstanding character quality - a pleasure to work with."

    Ann Moore

    "Bob is a top advocate for Blackstar and one of the main reasons I joined. His advice is sound, solid and well considered. He practices what he preaches and he's successful so he's worth listening to. He has a great reputation and he deserves it, he's a thoroughly good man. "

    Jeff Bateman

    "I also really enjoyed Bobs Death Valley talk and I was also very inspired by his work in the community feeding the needy."

    Sally Church

    "Bob is a very helpful guy and wonderful network - I'm delighted to be connected to him."

    Deirdre Dee

    "Excellent website, Bob, clear, easy and powerful stuff, would definitely like to use one of your team exercises as advertised om Market Place at some point! Regards Deirdre Dee, Director, Best Events"

    Chris Mitchell

    "Bob is highly professional as well as being very likeable and honest. He is extremely well connected and goes out of his way to assist where he can. A great addition to anybodies network!"

    Alan Rae - Business Communicator

    "Bob is well connected and able to find and recommend potential partners. He does interesting, grown up work and I have always found him friendly, helpful and above all professional. I would certainly recommend him as a potential collaborator."

    Rod Fraser

    "Bob has been really open and welcoming. His assistance is really helpful. Thanks Bob."

    Ben Boverman

    "Great person!"

    Ebenezer Banful

    "Bob is one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge and join Ecademy. Genuine about the concept of networking and relationship building and also a nice person to throw into the bargain. Definately someone i'd personally look to keep sight of long term. "

    Tara Trower

    "Bob very kindly contacted me when I recently joined ecademy and provided some extremely useful suggestions and advice. Many thanks indeed for such helpful insights."

    Jill Carlier

    "Bob has been very welcoming since I have joined ecadamy! Jill Carlier Rochester, NY"

    Tom Renders

    "I don't know why but this guy is amazing.. Read his profile and you will see ;) :) I'm glad we met each other and am sure we gonna do some amazing things in the future ! Tom (Belgium)"

    Chris Windley

    "Bob and I are communicating, at slightly different levels, but to our mutual benefit."

    Maurice Poole

    "It is great to have found a contact like Bob. Much in common. Great blogs, sharing ideas and direct messages. Highly recommended."


    Totals for Bob Hayward