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As a lawyer herself, Caroline Newman understands the major issues and challenges facing lawyers and law practices today. Caroline has designed a special coaching programme for lawyers at all levels of expertise, including trainees. Caroline has several years experience as an executive and business coach. Caroline was a solicitor in top City Law firm SJ Berwin before setting up and running her own successful practice. She then retrained as an executive and business coach. Prior to this she held senior management positions in Centrica plc and in local government. She discovered she had a talent and a passion for helping people to achieve everything they want in life several yearsago and took the brave decision to devote her working life to coaching and training people to live the life they want. Caroline now works with solicitors, barristers and legal executives to help directors, partners, managers and their teams achieve their goals. Her passion for coaching individuals to the peak of their potential coupled with a broad skill-set means that Caroline's coaching goes beyond the perceived improvements organisations may think their employees need, to make positive sustainable developments in the lives of her clients both professionally and personally. Specialisations: • Barristers who want to be QCs or Judges • Client, team and marketing issues for growth • Surpassing billable targets • Retention of best staff • Communication skills • Networking and presentation skills • Proficient staff appraisals • Client Relationship Management • Building an efficient client data base • Building outstanding relationships • Developing successful marketing • Building of championship-class support teams Websites Legal Gold - Networking and Book Launch Event Legal Gold website Reserve your copy of Legal Gold here
About Caroline   |   Legal Gold  |  Videos  |  Connect  |
"Legal Gold" (£14.99, Ecademy Press, available from 23rd May 2012), sets out to teach the attraction of law and why NOW is the perfect time for coaches to promote their services to the legal profession. The legal profession is going through very radical and unprecedented changes, with many laywers realizing that in order to overcome and survive in this new legal market place, they will have to change the way they do things. Legal Gold helps illustrate how coaches can use their skills to help lawyers overcome many of the problems which small businesses face, whilst also providing insight into the specific challenges that legal firms face that any coach working with the profession will need to know.

Special Networking Event and Launch of Legal Gold

Do you want to network with a variety of interesting and influential professionals in an elegant setting? Would you like to attend a rare and special event to hear how you can grow your practice and weather tomorrow's storms? Caroline invites you to this event on Wednesday 23rd May in Central London where she will share the 3 simple and practical yet effective things you can do today to grow your business and answer many more questions that you may have. If you want to know what you can do to maintain and grow your business using current and proven techniques, you need to attend this high value event aimed at professionals like you. You may not have been lucky enough to get a ticket to the Olympics but to secure your place at this event just click here and a ticket will be yours.
About Caroline   |   Legal Gold  |  Videos  |  Connect  |
About Caroline   |   Legal Gold  |  Videos  |  Connect  |
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Freddy Libois

"I feel the energy in Caroline for realise great Human project, of course its the voice from her heart, i have sincerelly respect for this type people. Nice to meet Caroline. You are human intelligent, communicative and helpfull,with great heart !!! welcome to my network! Freddy"

Christine Clacey

"Caroline's energy and enthusiasm coupled with her professionalism strike you as soon as you meet her. A very experienced coach with a passion for equality and justice for the individual. Caroline draws upon her own experience of the challenges of the legal profession to help those that are struggling with out-dated practices today, to move forward and bring out the best in themselves and their employees. Caroline is also a real giver, someone who clearly walks her talk and inspires others to stand up and be counted and to make the most of their lives by following her example. "

Penny Power

"Caroline packs a punch, a strong, very bright lady. Behind her strength is an incredibly warm, caring and unconditionally giving lady. Her ability to help large groups of people is inspiring, whilst also having a passionate regard for individuals and their right to a bright, happy future. I can imagine Caroline is a strong, demanding and resourceful coach, I would recommend her to lawyers who need a tender but powerful ear that will give them a guiding kick in the right direction."

Stuart Beattie

"Caroline embodies the best aspects of the Star profile and I count myself lucky to know and be able to learn from her. A rare conbination of passion, persistance and professionalism with a willingness to contribute. A fabulous team member. "

Mikael Baghammar

"It's a great privilege to know and deal with Caroline. She is highly professional and very efficient in what she does. I have found that she consistently under-promises and over-delivers. She is also great to be with. You know where you stand at all times and she has a good sense of humour. Mikael Baghammar Results First"

Joel Gazdar

"Caroline's Passion in every relationship and everything she does is atomic, a true star, that lets others shine brighter too, She's so present and dedicated to Life- The Whole Picture, always a pure pleasure to co-create with!"

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have seen Caroline rise and rise to the top as she is so talented. She is warm, caring and a fun person to be with. I am truly delighted to be part of her network and wish her every success. "

Edwin van der Pol PVRA

"Caroline shares something very profound when she says that miracles are in abundance for all of us. She shares her gifts from the heart with her amazing attitude. We had a good meeting together and spoke about how important it is to live from what excite us. I am grateful to be part of her network and wish her every success I can in her work and personal life. Edwin van der Pol "

Rudi (Accumulator) van den Berg

"Great lady with an even bigger heart! Rudi van den Berg"

Eric Edmeades

"Caroline is a powerful woman and an excellent trainer. We studied NLP together years ago and she was definately one of the star students! - Eric Edmeades"

Donnie MacNicol

"Caroline is inspiring and oozes professionalism. Looking forward to pursuing opportunities with her."

Colin Fu

"Awesome Lady.Never give up and persistent! This girl is on-fire for her life dream!"

Steve "Time Saving Expert" Oxlade

"Caroline is a woman of many talents, particularly as a keynote speaker and coach, because she has been trained and coached herself by some of the best in the world. Powerful stuff. Contact her and she might even give you a free half an hour trial session if you ask her nicely."


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