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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead to where there is no path and leave a trail.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Who am I Part 1?

I won't provide a long detailed biography, instead a quick list of tell tale signs so you can sum me up for yourself.

I am a person who: 

  • Rarely talks about himself
  • Try's to cook
  • A good listener
  • Values honesty
  • Values time
  • Loves the Sun
  • Laughs at my own jokes :)
  • Loves Skill & originality in any form


Who am I Pt 2?

My background and education is in design which lead me to form Conceptstore Brand & Design, a creative agency focused on helping you and your business to succeed. After setting up Conceptstore I found that I had a passion and knack for business and also went onto setup and invest in other businesses (mentioned further down). In doing so I learnt that my expertise in brand and design is a huge strength when it comes to business success and it helped me to exceed myself as well as help others in many ways.



Conceptstore - Brand Design

An identity is very important, it represents who we are and what we stand for and that's what we do at Conceptstore. We create innovative brand identities to communicate who you are as a business.


How and Why we do it?

No matter what business your in, our goal is to form an original yet functional brand identity for you that's strong, honest and attractive whislt fusing four psychological selling points to reinforce your business brand:

  • Your trustworthy
  • Your professional
  • Your modern
  • You're a sign of quality

Through experience we've learnt that these four points are key to making your brand identity a successful one. 


  • Have you ever bought something from someone you didn't trust?
  • Would you buy from a cowboy?
  • Outdated means you don't care enough
  • Would you invest in something that won't work?

Of course every business is different. Different in character, style, service and size, so its up to us to make your bespoke brand communication work for you across any possible platforms you use. To put it in lamens terms, your logo is our business. Visit our portfolio to see our work at and feel free to get in touch if you want some advice or just a chat.

Who do we work for?

We are based in Essex but have managed to serve clients all over the globe ranging from startups with £0 turnover to SME's turning over millions. No matter what size business you are, we'll work with you. Our only requirement is that your as dedicated to your project as we are.


A bit of knowledge on your logo

When working on logos I take into consideration the connotations and psychological effects colour, shape, size, and layout have on an audience to gain a successful result. What does your logo colour represent?

Blue = Safety, security, technology, health ( Microsoft, NHS)

Yellow= Exciting, happy, sunshine, new day (McDonalds)

Brown = Reliable (Conceptstore :))

Green = Nature, environment, rich, green (Homebase)

Orange = Familiarity, warmth (Sainsbury's, B&Q)

Red = Exciting, love, danger (Coke, McDonalds,)

Black = Stylish, professional (Next)

Thanks for your time.

If you've read this far, then i'd like to thank you for your time but also invite you to stay in touch. Feel Free to send me a message on Ecademy.



Mobile: 07985423845
Twitter: @Conceptstore
Facebook: Profile
Google+: Profile
Website URL:
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Janice Dongworth

"I found Chaten through Ecadamy. Chaten helped me by initially taking a look at my webpage, logo colours, style etc. He gave me honest and clear, objective feedback and this info resulted in some feedback to my Head Office and some retweaking of our brands logo (somehow it had gone fuzzy edged on the webpages without anyone really noticing the change). He was friendly and helped me get my focus back on where it should have been with regards to who my target audience are. I have contacted him a couple of times and he has replyed promptly. I know where to go when I next am looking for a new logo. Thank you again Chaten"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Chaten as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

George Joseph

"Dear Chaten, Thank you so much for accepting me as a network partner. I am happy to have found YOU, as a person not only interested in your life and profession but also interested in the life struggles of others. I am confident that you will one day visit us. In the meantime, please visit our website for a better understanding of my life and work: With much good wishes and looking forward to networking with you in the days to come. George "

Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

Tetka Rhu

"When you find a person whose skills are developed in the physical and inspired by the non-physical, it's time to sit back and then take action. Chaten's skill to create design concepts which brings forth the spirit of the business is the first step to magnetizing the energy and allowing the law of attraction to step into work. Congratulations Chaten for allowing your creative energy, drive and zest be a support and help to other's succcess. I am proud to know and be a part of Chaten's network. Many Regards Tetka Rhu - Brisbane, Qld, Australia"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Chaten on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Catherine Chalmers

"Chaten took the time to look at my current brand and gave a very honest and professional opinion which was much appreciated. I look forward to doing business with him in the near future. Thanks Again Catherine"

Elaine Davis

"Hi Cool profile and love the way you have used images to express yourself Thanks for making a difference Elaine"

Connie Herzog

"Chaten has been very helpful to me in answering networking questions and giving me good ideas to build my business. I truly appreciate it and look forward to communicating in the near future. Warmest regards, Connie"

Sarah McInerney

"Chaten recently approached me to request a quotation and I found him an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very professional and courteous and prompt to reply with a warm and friendly tone. I hope we can work together in the future: it would be a real pleasure. "

Carolyn Williams

"Clever Chaten!! :) A true networker who is obviously proud of his work skills!!! I would recommend him as a professional, who did not hesitate to come up with a solution. Warmest Wishes for a healthy future career. Shalom, Carolyn Owner - Corporate Wellbeing."

Matt Castle - Promotional Videos

"Chaten is a wealth of knowledge concerning all matters relating to branding. Get to know him. Matt Castle"

Denise Hamilton

"Quite possibly the hardest working man on Ecademy, and yet he stil finds time to help others. I wish Chaten every success."

Debbie Turnbull

"Hello My name is Debbie Turnbull - I was referred to e cademy by Linda Hurr. Chaten took time to read my profile resulting in him providing an incredible logo for the next step in my legacy for my son. I can honestly say, he was kind considerate - extremely professioal at all times and I'd like to say - a pleasure to do business with. But I can't because it was a GIFT from Chaten and for that I am extremely grateful. as promised Chaten I will give you as much PR as I promised. A BIG - THANK YOU Debbie Turnbull"

Michael Crooks

"Take a look at Chaten's logo portfolio and you'll see perfect examples of intelligent design that effectively communicates. I've been in advertising for 23 years ... I look forward to working with Chaten. Michael Crooks Crooks Advertising Alliance"

Lucy Grafham

"Chaten is very professional and has an excellent eye for ideas and design. Friendly and supportive. Talk to Chaten if you want clean, modern, appropriate cutting-edge branding for your company."

Dave Clarke

"Chaten is a real professional and branding expert. I urge you to connect with him and take advantage of the offer he makes to provide a free analysis on your current branding."

Naomi Harrington

"thank you for your assistance, a little always goes a long way. Lovely guy to be in a network with."

Rehan Rafique

"Mr. Chaten is a true Ecademist and a great networker and very nice friend of friends. He Is a very warm, caring person who loves to help others. He is truly passionate about making a difference to people's lives with his amazing mission. I am glad to be part of his network and wish him every success. Rehan Rafique "

Jay Maniar

"Fantastic work on the HTML. Considering the number of requests made regarding tinkering this and adjusting that - i'd say Chatens patience is understated! "

Odille Rault

"I really appreciate Chaten's warmth and supportive advice. I'm honoured to be in his network : ) Love and Light and Magic Odille xxx"

Faith Jackson-Lee

"If you want to work with somebody who is professional, efficient and very precise then Chaten is your guy. He is a real perfectionist and takes pride in his work and his logo design for me is simply wonderful. He is a real creative - he knows how to use colour and style to create a unique brand that sets you apart from the crowd. He is also patient, flexible and a good communicator. Being a lady who is a) A self confessed perfectionist and b) Has very high standards - I would 100% recommend Chaten to create your business identity because he has proven to me how very flexible he is!!! I will be wanting his services again very soon, as I like a lot of certainty that my needs will be met and I recognise that Chaten is committed to the same aim. A pleasure to work with. Faith Jackson -"

Fiona Joseph

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Chaten's design services. I commissioned him for a company logo recently and I'm delighted with the final concept he came up with. If you feel nervous in any way about approaching a designer for help then Chaten's the man for you. He'll work with you and he's very responsive to client feedback and suggestions, so you feel that you're still in the driving seat. In particular, he makes sure he gets beneath the skin of your company brand so he can come up with a logo design that reflects what you're about. He's friendly, courteous, prompt and willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to working with him again. Please check him out - you won't regret it! "

Liz Watson

"looks like here we have heaps of talent !"

Nick Archibold

"Chaten is a pleasure to work with. Very creative, professional & responsive. A great guy & a great company."

Nick Dewey

"Good all round ecademist, historically friendly and welcoming to me. Very helpful"

Richard Derwent Cooke

"Chaten designed me a great new logo and took a lot of trouble ot get it right. I've had a lot of compliments about it and after a lot of work got something I'm very happy with."

Sam Newell

"I have no hesitation in recommending Chaten. The quality of his work is first class and provides excellent value for money. From our first meeting Chaten very quickly understood what I was looking for and has in fact exceeded my estimations in almost every way. If you are looking for brand development, web or stationary design, Chaten is your man. Sam Newell "

Sharon Wyness: Home Staging

"I stumbled across Chaten, his profile, website and 'Branding Box' on ecademy by sheer fluke. I only wish it had been sooner! He is a nice guy with lots to offer - check him out! "

Geoff Rolls

"My business partner and I arranged to meet Chaten with a view to developing some designs to aid our corporate identity. What a great guy, he really knows his stuff and is exceptionally flexible in his offer. He designed, developed, edited and finshed the logos we requested in a very quick time and we are really delighted with the results. I recommend getting in contact with Chaten if you want to develop or review your corporate branding and logos. Many thanks Chaten! I know we'll be using you again."

Chet Thaker

"I got to know Chaten just on a personal basis on Ecademy and we got on very well from the start as he has a very easy-going and fun personality. Since then I've actually been in touch with him for advice and information a few times and he has been very prompt and has been very helpful. I recommend you get in touch with Chaten for the services he offers - he knows his stuff!!"

Ben Boverman

"I am very happy to have Chaten in my network. Thank you."


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