Cheryl Fisher

Cheryl Fisher

Wealth Management Adviser


I am a specialist in wealth management and estate planning. Busy people with extremely demanding careers and lifestyles, often have limited time to effectively manage their personal and family finances. All too often, this "job" gets pushed to the back of the queue with all the other things you mean to do one day. By working with my clients, I help them manage their wealth and plan for the future, ensuring tax advantages are maximised where appropriate.

This Is What I Can Do For You


Everybody is unique and everyone's circumstances are different. By spending time discovering what is important to you, listening to you concerns, goals and priorities, only then is a wealth strategy created, which is tailor-made to achieve your long-term aims.


Wealth management is a continuous approach. We work together to to develop a long-term relationship built on trust and understanding. Regular reviews and updates are at the core of our strategic and personal support. This ensures you are kept up to date on current affairs which may impact on your goals, tax policy changes, market and legislative changes.


One of the biggest threats to wealth is tax. Tax is levied through our working life in the form of income tax, VAT, stamp duty, National Insurance to name a few. And then when we die our hard earned accumulated wealth is potentially taxed again with Inheritance Tax. Unless we are very careful, our families could end up, like many people before them, paying a sum to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Inheritance Tax (IHT)




I am passionate about providing all my clients with exceptional customer service. My clients are the life-blood of my company and I want you to be delighted with the service you receive from me so that you will want to recommend me to all your family and friends.



Whilst a high proportion of individuals protect themselves and their home, many neglect to embrace the benefits of protection insurance in their corporate lives. Failure to protect a company and its key staff could have serious long term effects to the future of the business.

Please feel free to contact me on 01462 615324 / 07971 404787 or for further info.

 A BIT ABOUT ME I have been living in Hitchin, Herts with my daughter, Kristen, my 2 cats, Humphrey & Molly, for almost 13 years, after moving here from Cape Town, South Africa in 2000. SOCIAL My hobbies include: mountain biking, scuba diving and Skiing.

The Partner represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group's wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group's website  The `St. James's Place Partnership' and the title `Partner' are marketing terms used to describe St. James's Place representatives.



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"Cheryl is a dynamic, practical, all-round great lady. She is a pro-active networker, and has taken the time to spread the word about my work and develop business for me. I am so glad Cheryl is part of my network! If you have the chance to make a connection, you'll be sure to find it valuable. Thanks again Cheryl! Jen Tiller REALITY QUEST strategies for well-being"

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"It has been my pleasure to talk to Cheryl recently as I was seeking professional, independent, mortgage advice. With the current financial market carnage in the UK it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay in touch with available offers and deals. Cheryl was not only up to speed with rates and offers available but was extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with. Her recommendation which - after discussion - I totally agreed with, regretfully meant that she was unable to benefit in any way. So if you are looking for excellent independent advice from a sector professional that is not driven by how much money they are going to make and subsequently steer you accordingly, but would rather recommend an option that is far better suited to you, then I would wholly recommend Cheryl. Excellent, impartial, refreshing advice."

stuart miles

"Cheryl is very quick to respond and accurate in her information!"

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"Very professional and great to deal with. A real Ecademy find."

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"I contacted Cheryl for help with a few mortgage queries and found her extremely helpful, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend anyone who needs mortgage advice to get in touch, it may save you a lot of time and money!"

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"At last a truly pain and hassle-free mortgage. Cheryl offers a fast, simple and very professional service. If you are in the slightest doubt as to whether you have the right mortgage I would urge you without the slightest hesitation to contact Cheryl. I have mortgaged and remortgaged several times and can honestly say that the service offered by Cheryl truly eliminates all hassle from the process."

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"Cheryl is a friendly person who likes to help people with their finance mangement. kind regards Michael"

Tom Ball

"Having been a client of Cheryl's, I cannot rate her highly enough. She was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful - and looked after us with some of the best service I've experienced. I felt slightly guilty at the idea of paying (small) fees to someone to do a job I felt I could do myself. However, not only did she save far more than her fees by getting us a better deal and knowing the market - she also saved me MANY MANY hours which I was able to better spend elsewhere (Work of family - it's your choice ;o). And she is a wonderful person to spend time with."

Tom Evans

"I confess that I've not really met Cheryl apart from brushing past like "ships in the night" at a networking meeting but I have had the pleasure of her professional advice with regards mortgages. IMHO, if you are looking for a mortgage that works for you, I would give her a call before you make your decision. Thanks for the advice Cheryl . . . we'll be in touch"

Mark Keenan

"Very professional, knowlegable and friendly person. My clients have nothing but praise for her and often deals with some very difficult cases for us. She has also just dealt with my own mortgage and the offer came though in lightning time and she got me an excellent rate to boot!! If you need mortgage advice, this is the person to goto first."

Simon Clark

"Cheryl is straight talking, knowledgeable and friendly - it nearly made reviewing my mortgage a fun experience - I said nearly!. If you need someone who knows their way around the products, cares you get the right thing, not just anything and will be professional and fun at the same time, you have landed in the right place. Simon"

Mark Baker (speaker )

"Sincere , intelligent beautiful . what else do you need !!!"

Lesley Hossner

"I've known Cheryl for a quite while. She is an excellent networker and always follows up what she promises. She comes up with great ideas and knows loads of people. She's vey warm and trustworthy and has a wicked sense of humour. She's going to help my daughter through the maze of 'right to buy' information and get her a great mortgage deal. She's a mine of information and won't give up till she's found the best deal. Great fun to talk to as well. "

Ricky O'Neill

"Well as predicted, Cheryl DID find me the perfect mortgage and I've now been in my new home for just 3 days! If you are looking for a new or re-mortgage, save yourself some time and go straight to Cheryl... she is always on hand to answer questions and always does it with a gorgeous smile on her face!"

Michael Miller

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Ricky O'Neill

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