Christina Mai Hansen

Christina Mai Hansen


Christina Mai has traveled the world studying, teaching and practicing coaching and self-healing for more than 15 years. After graduating she moved to New York City to study psychology. It was there that her life reached a turning point when he was struck by lightning. This event served as Mai's calling, compelling her to leave her life, her friends and embark on a life long study of coaching, spiritual traditions and learning practices around the world. Christina Mai moved to South America in 1989 and studied ritual, ceremony and healing with Shamans in South America. She now synthesizes her extensive knowledge of Native American, South American, Asian, and European healing traditions with spiritual practices into what has come to be known as Spiritual Pathfinder, a transformative teaching modality. Spiritual Pathfinder aids the participants in healing their wounds, and releasing their fears, freeing them to experience again their love, their life, and their divine joy. She moved back to United States to work with Anthony Robbins as one of his leading workshop trainers and coach. Christina works as a coach, coach trainer, ceremonial leader, workshop facilitator, author and speaker, and her Pathfinder techniques has earned her respect around the world. She has founded TruePathfinder Inc., a company that trains new coaches at Christinas world-reowed and accredited coach training course. She speaks frequently worldwide at coaching events, spiritual events, womans rights events, developing countries events and corporate events. She teaches the Spiritual Pathfinder workshop series, a transformative teaching modality. Spiritual Pathfinder aids the participants in healing their wounds, and releasing their fears, freeing them to experience again their love, their life, and their divine joy. She is a personal coach for a large number of leaders, families, coaches and individuals across the world. She has founded TruePathfinder Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps developing countries training teachers and developing schools. Christina and her core coach team spends 4 months each year with activities in a developing country. Christina was born in Denmark, but moved with her parents to the US and South Amercia when she was one year old. She speaks english and danish. Today she is constantly on the move, doing research, trainings, workshops, coaching or charity work in United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Linkedin Profile Facebook profile Kommunikationsforum Christina Mai Hansen's Facebook profile



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